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Gomo 10 rate Set off on an otherworldly adventure with Gomo, a cute stuffed puppet, as he tries to rescue his pet dog from mysterious dognappers. Solve various brain-teasing puzzles, be on the lookout for puzzle clues and have fun exploring the wondrous yet oddly nonsensical world in this brilliant point-and-click puzzle adventure. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Gomo is a point-and-click puzzle adventure that has features a cute, but has a permanent “meh” expression, stuffed puppet called... you’ve guessed it, Gomo. In the game Gomo’s pet dog was dognapped and with some help from an alien, he sets off on a journey across multiple locations around, above and underneath the very weird world he lives on to hopefully rescue his furry friend. There will be plenty of challenging puzzles to solve and subtle clues to look for, and Gomo needs your help. Will you lend him a hand?


The main plot in this game revolves around trying to rescue Gomo’s pet dog from some evil dark monster. However, how the storyline is played out in Gomo can be quite as nonsensical as the weirdly wondrous world the game is set in. Gomo often find himself in plenty of new locations that don’t really seem to be directly related to his rescue mission, such as teleporting into a War of the Worlds scene (by the famous H.G. Wells).

The game doesn’t offer any text to explain the story and the characters don’t speak any known language. Instead, everything you learn about the storyline is often hinted at via the graphics, and sometimes, you may not really get what the game is trying to “say”. That said, I find the game incredibly intriguing – so much so that I don’t really mind having a confusing and oftentimes downright weird narrative. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the crazy ride!


Being a point-and-click adventure, the controls in Gomo is very simple to grasp – you just need to click on items to pick them up, or drag and drop the item from your inventory to use them on something. Most of these actions are needed to solve puzzles, but there are also plenty of “extra actions” in this game which is just something you can have fun watching, such as sitting on the bench in the War of the Worlds scene and just enjoying the fun little jingle that is played as battlefield smolders behind Gomo.

Sometimes, you can even get a glimpse into Gomo’s mischievous side via these so-called extra actions. For instance, you can get Gomo to pick up the marker near to a “Z Want You” poster and he will start vandalizing the poster by adding a skirt and a mustache to the man depicted in the poster. It’s all in good fun though!

The puzzles provided in this game are all quite interesting to solve. They aren’t too difficult per se since I believe the game provides clues for most of the trickier puzzles. For instance, for some puzzles, the game may require you to recall something, like a schematic, you’ve seen earlier in the game. For others, you can find clues and sometimes the answers by exploring the place a little, such as going to the loo to get the code you need to open a vault door.

It doesn’t really make sense why you’d find the code in the loo of all places, but it’s there. In some way, I guess the game is simply rewarding you for exploring rather than trying to brute-force your way through that puzzle... though, there are some puzzles that require some form of brute-force.

Gomo is incredibly entertaining in a brain-teasing sort of way, but what I really like the most are the puzzles with really subtle hints. Sometimes, the clues aren’t obvious but if you take a closer look, you might suddenly realize that, for example, the colors on the side of a well correspond to the colors of the pebbles in the atom-shaped puzzle you’re trying to solve. In this case, you should bear in mind that there are 3 doors to open, so you’ll need to use all the 3 color configurations shown on the side of the well.

Another part of the game that I really liked is all the fun little references to popular literary works and the nuances. Most of these references are pretty subtle in the sense that they are often rather tiny and hidden in the background so you might miss them if you’re not looking closely enough. For starters, there’s a reference to Little Red Riding Hood in one of the scenes as you can see a tiny Little Red Riding Hood (because of her bright red hood) fighting off the Big Bad Wolf with a lightsaber.

I’ve also enjoyed the little stick figure that repeatedly climb the tall mountain in the background in another scene and slide down it on a sled – it looked like fun! And of course, the most obvious reference of all is possibly a scene which literally reenacted a section of the plot (mainly the fighting part) in H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds.

In fact, if you’ve completed Gomo but have not noticed any of these, I’d highly recommend you play the game again and this time around, pay attention to the little things happening in the background or around the scene. You may be surprised how many little fun things you’ve missed. Even if you don’t fancy playing the game again, Gomo also offers bonus mini-games, which you can access via the Bonus option on the menu.


As an indie game, the game community for Gomo can be rather small. Due to this, if you’ve really enjoyed the game, you might want to gift the game to your friends whom you know will like it as well, or you could simply recommend the game to them. Leaving a review on Steam helps too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Gomo is perfectly-done. It has a visual novel-like quality and the art style is very appealing. I enjoyed the game’s music as well. It changes depending on the scene and the situation Gomo is in. In a way, the sound helps to set the tone of the atmosphere of a particular scene.


To sum this all up, Gomo is a visually-stunning point-and-click adventure that offers players a wide variety of fun, brain-teasing, and generally not-too-difficult puzzles to solve. However as entertaining as this game is, the journey you get to experience in this game may not really make sense, or even correspond to the storyline. It’s confusing to say the least and you’ll often find yourself just being swept along from puzzle to puzzle.

So, if you’re looking for a game that makes sense, Gomo definitely doesn’t fit the bill, but if you’re looking for a good and somewhat outlandish puzzle adventure, this is most certainly a game you’ll want to buy for the low price of $4.99.

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by Aethyna Nov 8, 2017
Set off on an otherworldly adventure with Gomo, a cute stuffed puppet, as he tries to rescue his pet dog from mysterious dognappers. Solve various brain-teasing puzzles, be on the lookout for puzzle clues and have fun exploring the wondrous yet oddly nonsensical world in this brilliant point-and-click puzzle adventure. Shearing sheep in Gomo Gomo: A new day Solving a puzzle in Gomo Read More
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