The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

by Aethyna
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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human 9 rate Sent into a wormhole in a desperate attempt to save humanity, you’re instead flung into the far future where humanity is all but extinct. Cooped up in your spaceship-turned-submarine with no way to return home, you’ve decided to navigate the frigid waters of future Earth and find out what caused humanity's downfall. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In a desperate attempt in finding your people a new home, you’ve willingly left your world and your time behind, and piloted your spaceship, Argo 9, into a huge wormhole. The wormhole spitted your ship out into the far future, and your ship crashed onto Earth, broken through the surface, and went plop into the frigid waters underneath. You’ll then need to use your spaceship-turned-submarine to navigate through the sometimes murky waters while trying to find out what had happened to humanity. However, there are many dangerous and gigantic creatures that will attempt to turn you into their next hearty meal, as well as a slew of dangerous inanimate obstacles that you’ll need to avoid. Will you be able to remain the last human alive, or will you complete the extinction of the human race? Find out now by playing the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human!


Due to climate change, the water level on Earth grew immense volumes... so much that the once-tall cities of humanity were swept underneath the towering waves. The land mass on Earth shrunk to almost zero while the surface of the immense body of water covering the face of the Earth has frozen over. However, with ingenuity encoded in their very DNA, humanity still managed to survive underwater, where they could still harvest energy and grow food.

In 2971 though, things soon became increasingly difficult as resources dwindled, making sustainable life on Earth almost impossible. Thus, you are sent on a critical and somewhat desperate mission to find a habitable planet for the remnants of the human race. It so happen that a huge wormhole has popped up right outside Earth’s orbit and you’re to put it to use to achieve your mission. Unfortunately, as wormholes are not generally recognized for their predictability, things didn't go as planned. You and Argo9 are spitted out from the wormhole after apparently travelling through thousands of years into the future.... a time when humanity has but all went extinct.

With no foreseeable way to return home, you’ve decided to find out what had happened to the last of the humans and hopefully gain some sort of closure.


The game started with a nice pixel animation depicting what had happened to you, the pilot of Argo9. Once the animation ended, you are plopped right into the underwater world of future Earth and let to your own devices.

The game doesn’t provide a tutorial at the very beginning. This means that you’ll need to figure out yourself how to move your submarine. It’s very straightforward really – you can move by merely using the usual WASD keys. It’s also interesting to note that the game likes to zoom into the scene automatically whenever your submarine enters a particularly narrow spot. It can be disorientating at time, but it’s a pretty useful feature to have.

As you may soon realize, navigating around the waters blindly isn’t going to work out for you or for any player... especially once the boredom sets in. Thus, the game developers added in interesting holotapes that you can find in order to progress the storyline of the game and allow you to slowly – snippet by snippet – gather all the story details and combine them to see the whole picture.

For instance, one of the first things you will uncover is that the location you ended up in is the site for Base 702, one of the new frontiers for interstellar missions... much like the one which has sent you into the wormhole in the first place. That’s enough spoilers for today though. If you’re interested to learn more about the story of the game, well, you can just play the game and find out!

Of course, there are more interesting events that will happen in the game to engage you besides the holotapes. One of which is the various types of dangers the futuristic aquatic world possesses. There are many sorts of dangers, but the most passive sort is the walls that line the paths that your submarine can take. By accidentally scraping your submersible against the wall, you’ll lose a bit of hull integrity. However, if you crash your submarine right into an outcrop or a wall at full speed, you’ll lose a lot more health.

By the way, you may have noticed that your submarine has a “health bar” of sorts called “hull”. If your hull meter went down to zero, your submarine will be destroyed and as a result, you’ll die. Dying is no fun at all as you’ll be respawned at the latest checkpoint. Checkpoints in the game are not explicitly shown, so you may never when how much further back you’ll return to.

Besides walls, there are also dangerous substances that are still being released into the waters... long after all the remnants of the human race have been laid to rest. For example, sewage pipes that you encounter while exploring may still be active and pumping (or leaking) out a stream of corrosive waste. These wastes will greatly damage the hull of your submarine, therefore, you might want to steer clear from these toxic substances and survive to another day!

Furthermore, natural flora and fauna have flourished ever since the extinction of humanity (except you, of course!). However, the toxic substances humanity has left behind had lingering effects on the local wildlife, turning some of them into humongous monsters. There are many such creatures that you’ll encounter in your journey, ranging from an enormous sea worm to swarms of large and ravenous sharks. There are also creatures that seem like a part of the scenery... that is until you came close enough for it to snap you right up. So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any dangers lurking in the waters.

As you’ll be starting off with a pretty much defenseless submarine, the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human scattered quite a variety of ship upgrades that you’ll need to find and pick up. There are many types of ship upgrades including upgrades for your ship’s hull, thruster charges, repair capability and most importantly weapons. Starting from using the harpoon, you’ll eventually come across much better weapons in the game that will prove to be a lot more useful in the increasingly tougher creature fights later on.


The community in the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is pretty sizeable especially if you take into account that the game was just recently released and had already have 34 player reviews. That said, if you would like to discuss about some of the thought-provoking holo-tapes you’ve uncovered in the game, the best way to find like-minded players is via the game’s Steam discussion page.

Graphics/ Sound

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is an old school-inspired game that features pixelated graphics. The pixelated visuals are quite beautiful in their own way (melancholic and yet breathtaking), but as some players may realize, this sort of pixel-based art style may not appeal to everybody. In terms of sound, the game provides very nice underwater sound effects. The sound effects during creature fights are also well-added to the game as the sounds can help you anticipate what the creatures might do, allowing you split seconds to move out of the way.


Being a story-heavy game, the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a very entertaining (in a melancholic type of way) and allows you to explore a beautiful underwater world that future Earth has become. However, dangers lurk at every corner, and you’ll need all the tools at your disposal, along with a huge dollop of wit and skill, to avoid becoming the next sea creature’s chow. If you don’t mind the pixelated graphics or the challenging gameplay, and if you particularly enjoy a game that not only has some depth to it, but also made you think, the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is definitely one game you wouldn’t want to miss! Get it on Steam today!

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New Game Added: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

by Aethyna Jan 22, 2016
Sent into a wormhole in a desperate attempt to save humanity, you’re instead flung into the far future where humanity is all but extinct. Cooped up in your spaceship-turned-submarine with no way to return home, you’ve decided to navigate the frigid waters of future Earth and find out what caused humanity's downfall. Underwater exploration in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human: The worm Satellite station in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Read More
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