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Family Barn 10 rate Play this unique farming game and discover an easier and quicker way to grow crops. In Family Barn, harvesting is easy with an automated feature. Get farming equipment to transform crops into wine, cheese and flour. Unlock great habitats for kangaroos, dinosaurs and pandas! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Family Barn is another farm simulation game that brings something new to the table: automated collection of products. Turn on this feature for all crops, animals and equipment to make your farming tasks easier and quicker. This game may look simple in terms of graphics, but it has a few surprises under its sleeve that will make you like the game even more!


When you start the game, there’s already a few crops, a Dutch Mill, some fruit trees and a cow waiting for you to get started. You’ll enter tutorial mode, which teaches you how to harvest full-grown crops – in this case, clovers -- and feed it to the cow. After a few minutes, the cow produces milk, and you need to click on the milk bottles that appear beside it. You can now add the milk into the Cheese Master to make cheese.

As you follow the tutorial, you’ll see more tasks added on the left side of the screen. These tasks need to be done for you to level up and earn proper rewards. The currency of the game is Coins, and the premium one is called Ranch Cash or RC. RCs can be used to purchase special items like fertilizers, fuel, pets and characters. You will acquire coins as you finish tasks and by selling your products from the Barn. The next few tasks will ensure that you get more than enough coins and experience points to level up.

As you level up, more items from the Store will be unlocked, and you’ll be instructed to add another type of crop, animal or machine. To add to your existing cow, you’ll place chickens, another type of cow and a buffalo. The machines will also be more diverse, and they include a Winemaker and a Juice Machine. You’ll soon learn that some crops are eaten by certain animals, and some machines will only take certain crops to process. The Winemaker, for instance, will only three type of grapes to turn into wine. The basic cow eats clovers, while other cows eat pasture and the buffalo eats cucumbers. You can hover your mouse over each animal or machine to see what it needs.

While completing tasks, you’ll be introduced to the Automation feature of the game. On the top right corner of the screen, there’s a drop down that shows the toggle to hide or show the Automation buttons on animals, machines, groves and fishing ponds. Toggle this to Show and you’ll see the buttons on each animal and machine. You need to click the button until it says “On” to use Automation for that specific producer. There is a limited number of Automatic Operations you can use, and this number is displayed on the top of the drop-down box (upper-right corner). You can buy more Automatic Operations from the Store using RCs.

Automation simply means that when a crop is harvested, it will be fed directly to animals who may need it at that time. If you harvest three or more units of crops (of the same kind), then only the maximum amount of crops that the animal eats will be deducted from the harvest. Animals or machine products are collected immediately and is stored in the Barn when Automation is turned on. There is no need for you to click on the finished products.

This game is great because it makes the farming process faster in so many ways. First, you can get free fertilizers as a gift several times when completing quests. These fertilizers are usually the ones that grow your crops 100 percent without wait time. What’s more, you can purchase Rain, Thunderstorm or Rainbow Rain to reduce crop growth time by 25%, 50% and 100%, respectively. These will cost you a few RCs, so use sparingly. It’s great if you want a large amount of crops to grow instantly or faster than normal.

There are also Super Watering Cans that instantly grow fruits in trees. These are also given as gifts as you play the game, or you can buy them from the Store for a few RCs. If you have too many crops and you don’t want to click on every plot to sow seeds or harvest, you can use the Cropinator. It’s basically a tractor that can sow or harvest all or specific types of crops from your field in just one click. The Cropinator consumes fuel, which is bought using RCs.

Later on in the game, you can build more structures like the Warehouse, Waterwell, Workshop and a Beauty Shop. These buildings require a certain level to unlock, and will enable you to complete bigger tasks and get greater rewards. You’ll also unlock more animals. Ducks, kangaroos and even dinosaurs can be added, but you would have to build their habitat first.

Family Barn may look like just another farming game, but its innovative game features make it stand out from the rest. This game will allow you to play continuously, as there is no limit to what you can do in the game (there is no need to regenerate Energy). This game is cute, fast-paced, very colorful and offers new ways to make farming interesting.


Being a game published by Plinga, you can already count on this game having tons of players. You can add neighbors from the menu bar on top of the game window. You don’t need to connect your account to Facebook to add friends, because there are hundreds of random ones you can invite from the game’s Friend Management menu.


Family Barn is a great blend of old and new in farming simulation games. While the graphics and game mechanics remain true to traditional farming games, there are delightful twists that make the game fresh and appealing. The automation, fast crop growth and cool farming tools are just one of the many nifty features that this game offers. For players who has grown tired of waiting hours for crops to grow, it’s time to check out a speedier way to farm with Family Barn.

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