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by Aethyna
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Red Tractor Tycoon 10 rate Red Tractor Tycoon is a surprisingly unique, fun and relaxing farm simulation game where you get to design your own farm, plant and harvest a variety of crops, rear several types of farm animals, and even build factories to produce crafted goods that you can place on your farm or sell for a profit! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Red Tractor Tycoon is currently in early access – it’ll be released as such on Feb 19th – and this is simply a first impression review of the game. We’ll update the review if there are any major changes after its official release.


Red Tractor Tycoon is a surprisingly unique, fun and relaxing farm simulation game where you get to design your own farm, plant and harvest a variety of crops, rear several types of farm animals, and even build factories to produce crafted goods that you can place on your farm or sell for a profit!


Red Tractor Tycoon is a pretty simple and fun game where you’ll control a tractor and use it to develop and manage your farm. The game starts off with a short tutorial that I personally believe would be a lot better if it’s made interactive, like in the form of a series of quests with more descriptive instructions.

The tutorial isn’t very clear either, but basically, in terms of its controls, all you need to know is that you use the WASD keys to move; the X key to lower and use any back-end implement you have equipped on your tractor; and the G key to drop all equipped implements.

The “F” key, on the other hand, allows you to perform several different actions in the game, but it can generally be considered as the “interact” key. You’ll use the key to open shops (but you’ll still need to use your right mouse button to actually purchase an item), to place the item you are “holding” with your forklift on the grid your tractor is on, and to sell the items you are “transporting” via the yellow or blue pads. Picking up items is pretty intuitive since you just need to drive over them to pick them up, but if you want to drop the stuff, simply press the “F” key.

You’ll start the game with the default farm implements – the forklift, the plow, and the harvester. Basically, everything you’ll need to get a couple of cycles of plow-plant-grow-harvest done so you can earn some cash to buy more tools. By the way, to earn money in this game, you just need to bring whatever that you want to sell over to the yellow pad and press “F”.

Plus, you don’t really need to buy more “seeds” for a crop as long as you’ve got some extra harvest squirreled away since the game’s farming system is based on the “1 seed, 2 harvests” formula – as long as you keep planting and harvesting everything you have, you should be able to keep doubling your harvests.

Now that you’ve got some cash, let’s check out the shop. At the shop, under the “tractor upgrades” tab, you can buy a wide variety of implements for your tractor, including the small transport, which will let you pick up more than 1 item at a time, and the animal grabber, a tool that you’ll need to pick up and place animals that you can later buy into the pens you’ve built.

The shop doesn’t seem to have a lot of options at first, aside from the numerous tractor upgrades, but this is mainly because the game requires you to do some research before you can unlock more options, be it new crops to plant, new factories to convert your raw harvest into products, and new animals to rear.

All researches are done at the Lab but before you can buy any upgrades, you’ll first need to earn Research Tokens. To get these tokens, you’ll need to sell your harvest, or anything else you can sell, at the blue pad. There is quite a wide variety of game content you can unlock simply by investing more into research, but I’d recommend selling your harvest at the blue pad only after you’ve purchased the “small transport” upgrade for your tractor. This upgrade will allow you to carry a lot more items at the same time, saving you plenty of to-and-fro trips between your farm and those two pads.

In terms of animal husbandry, you can pretty much figure out how you can set up a pen and place the animals you’ve unlocked and bought into them. There’s also a storage building where you can store any harvest you don’t want to sell… yet. It is mainly used to store stuff that you’d want to use for crafting later on.

Red Tractor Tycoon boasts of having a huge map and from what I can see, the actual map does seem rather large. However, you will start in a smaller area with neighboring areas all “walled” up by obstacle tiles like trees and stone. Eventually, you'll be able to, for example, unlock the "saw" implement and chop down these trees to get wood and also to unlock new sections of the map. Until then, certain tight spots on the map may feel a bit like a bumper car game where you'll be bumping into all of these resource tiles - collision works perfectly here.

Oddly enough, the game lets your tractor move through fences like they are invisible though. This is a convenient feature to have, especially if your farm is rather tightly crammed up, but it’s not exactly very realistic.

Personally, I really like how “alive” the map feels in the game. You can oftentimes see deers popping in and out of the forests, and colorful birds flying through the skies. The ambiance provided by birds chirruping feels really natural as well. Not to mention, I also think that the hexagonal grids that the developers used to design their map are a stroke of genius. It gives the game some form of structure and it goes well with the game’s polygonal-like graphics.

Despite being a playable early access game with no bugs that I can discern, Red Tractor Tycoon still needs plenty of tweaks. For instance, I don’t think there’s currently a way for players to remove items they have accidentally placed, such as a misplaced fencepost or gate. I also think that the costs of new farm implements, especially the small transporter should be slightly decreased so that players can easily buy it even though they have foolishly spent loads on buying wheat seeds and fenceposts… yup, I’m actually describing my own first playthrough.

For players who aren’t massive fans of tractor simulations, you may find the game rather tedious since there’s no automation and you’ll literally have to do everything yourself, from plowing, planting and harvesting to selling and storing your produce or harvests.


Red Tractor Tycoon is designed to be a single player game, but who knows? In the future, they might add in a co-op option, turning the game into something like Farm Together, albeit much less hectic.

Graphics/ Sound

I absolutely love the country-themed music (lots of strumming from an acoustic guitar in the background) in this game. They are soothing, upbeat and surprisingly catchy to listen to, and there’s sufficient variety (3 or 4 tunes I think) so that the game doesn’t sound like a looped broken record.

The polygonal-like graphics look really nice in the game as well. Everything looks so bright and colorful, and if you keep an eye out, you can even see shadows of the clouds overhead, moving across the land.


For an early access game, Red Tractor Tycoon is definitely among the rare “cream of the crop”. The game is relatively bug-free, though there are still some aspects that I think the developers can work on to improve their game and attract more players. The gameplay here might feel rather tedious, especially for the first hour or so when you’re just wandering around and clicking on everything while trying to figure things out, but eventually, the game does become a lot more enjoyable.

If you like what you’ve read and seen, and you happen to be a huge fan of farm and tractor simulators, be sure to save the date – Feb 19th – and buy the game once it’s launched on Steam!

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New Game Added: Red Tractor Tycoon

by Aethyna Feb 14, 2019
Red Tractor Tycoon is a surprisingly unique, fun and relaxing farm simulation game where you get to design your own farm, plant and harvest a variety of crops, rear several types of farm animals, and even build factories to produce crafted goods that you can place on your farm or sell for a profit! Red Tractor Tycoon: Getting research points Farm upgrades in Red Tractor Tycoon Red Tractor Tycoon: Harvesting Read More
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