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Dino Storm 9.5 rate Play as a laser-gun-slinging cowboy or girl while you’re mounted on the back of a beautiful yet ferocious dinosaur and explore the dusty lands teeming with wild dinosaurs for you to hunt and kill! Collect materials from the dinos you've hunted and use them to upgrade your own dinosaur as well as your laser weapon! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick question - What do cowboys, super-cool laser guns and dinosaurs have in common? They don’t right? However, in this brilliant free-to-play browser-based MMORPG game, Dino Storm, they are all that matters! Play as a laser-gun-slinging cowboy or girl while you’re mounted on the back of a beautiful yet ferocious dinosaur and explore the dusty lands teeming with wild dinosaurs for you to hunt and kill! Collect materials from the dinos you’ve hunted and use them to upgrade your own dinosaur as well as your laser weapon! You can also gather various gems to purchase a new laser gun or even a new dino mount! Work together to take down a boss dino or against other players at the PvP zone! If you fancy experiencing the life of a cowboy in a fantastical world filled with dinosaurs, Dino Storm is definitely one game you mustn’t miss out! Try it now!


Some weeks ago you heard of a gold rush in a faraway town called Dinoville. You set out to seek your fortune, but the journey was tougher than expected. Finally, using your last bit of strength, you arrived at Dinoville Canyon. With some help along the way, you’ve finally reached Dinoville! You can smell freshly baked bread, hear dinosaurs calling and the streets are filled with hard-working but cheerful people. Saddlemakers, weapon and armor traders, farmers and rangers, even your dinosaur picks up on the excitement! Everything seems possible in this town. You just have to roll up your sleeves and get started!


To start, you’ll need to customize your character and choose the color of your dinosaur mount. The customization options are rather limited, but at least they do provide the option for you to customize your beginner look. Don’t worry though – soon, you’ll be swapping most of the stuff out anyway.

The controls in Dino Storm are not too difficult to learn. There are a variety of controls that you can opt for to move in this game – WASD keys, the arrow keys or even point and click. To interact with people or objects (only those with names can be interacted with!), left click on the person or object and then you can choose an action from the context menu that will appear. You’ll also be using the left mouse button to click on an item and select “pick up” in order to pick them up. The right mouse button functions primarily as a way for you to rotate your camera view/ viewing angle.

Combat plays a very vital role in Dino Storm and thankfully, it is not hard to learn either! You can left click on a creature then choose the “attack” option or you could right click on the creature and press spacebar to start auto-attacking. There are also combat skills (up to 4 of them) in the skill bar at the bottom of the screen. Use them in a fight to inflict more damage or apply status effects to your targets. Another very important skill is the healing skill, which is located on the right side of the skill bar. You can use this healing ability during combat or out of combat. Any attack you suffer while using this skill will not disrupt the healing process.

Last but not least, you may have noticed there’s a bar right above the healing skill. That is the “extra power bar” and it can save your dino’s life if you used it correctly. Every attack you do will fill up the extra power bar and once it is full, it can help boost either your combat or healing abilities, depending on which skill you use next, right after the bar is filled that is. If you’re trying to take down a dinosaur alpha by yourself – be sure to couple the extra boost you get with your healing spell. It does help a lot in preventing you from dying unnecessarily.

Being an MMORPG, the grind to level up is there in Dino Storm. The fastest way to earn experience points is by completing quests. You can collect quests from NPCs scattered around on the map. Quests in this game can be separated itno 2 types – solo and group quests. Solo quests are quests that you’ll need to do by yourself while group quests allow you to work cooperatively with other players who have the same quest. The best part is you do not need to find a group of players by yourself. The game will automatically group every player who has the same quest as you and are currently doing the quest. Awesome, right?

There is even a nifty quest tracking feature that will direct you to the quest location via blue footprints on the ground. If you’re close to your target location, the footprints will turn into a blue arrow instead! The tracker also helps you to identify and highlight mobs that are part of your quest for you to kill! However, the tracker can only track 1 quest at a time although you can pick up more than 1 quest in your quest log. After completing a quest, do remember open up the quest menu to collect your reward!

Nonetheless, questing in this game can get a bit boring as there are many fetch and deliver or kill and collect quests, though there are some special ones, like an escort quest. Not to mention, the quests in this game is all recycled. This means that each NPC has a set database of quests that they will randomly select and give to you when you approach them for quests. Thus, after some time, you will realize that you are getting quests that you’ve done before.

Hunting and killing dinosaurs for quests or for fun is the norm in Dino Storm. Sometimes, the dinos will drop some goodies for you to pick up. You may get lucky enough to collect sapphires, emeralds or any other gems which are randomly dropped from the mobs and when you have enough, you can trade them in for a new dinosaur or a new weapon! Different dinosaurs have different skill sets. For example, centrosaurs are more “tanky”. It has a stun ability and can reflect incoming damage. The coelophysis, on the other hand, is a dps dinosaur and has skills that allow it to play its role efficiently. Furthermore, if you don’t mind the grind, feel free to farm enough of these gems to collect all the dinosaurs and laser guns available in this game!

However if you don’t like your new dino mount, you could always switch back to your previous dinosaur mount by visiting the dino doctor. At the dino doctor, you can also level up your dino which requires certain number of artificial DNA as well as other materials dropped randomly from mobs. You can even level up your weapons at the dino doctor, but to buy new guns, you’ll need to visit the gun store instead!

Surely you’ll want your dinosaur to be the strongest there is, right? To do so, you’ll not only need to keep it leveled up, you’ll also need to get it that extra edge that it needs! Head over to the dino implant store to buy implants for your dinosaur! There are 6 different types of implants, namely strength, agility, armor, recovery, stability and vitality implants, all of which are upgradable. To equip these implants, you’ll need to drop by at the dino doctor.

You can also give your laser weapon some extra boost by adding tech to it. There are 6 different types of tech, including range, damage, focus, precision, clock (rate of fire) and penetration tech. Similarly to implants, techs are all upgradable and to equip them to your gun, you’ll need to help of the dino doctor. You may also pick up some clothes from item to time. You can combine these items at the triforge to get a better quality item.

Not to forget, you could also further customize your dinosaurs at the dino skin art store. Different skin art give different bonuses, like bonus fame points per day as well as a random bonus attribute, but all of these skins will cost you gold coins, the premium currency in Dino Storm. However if you fancy testing your luck in getting a premium item for in-game cash (Dino Dollars), you can try bidding for the items you want at the auction house (AH). Note that you’ll be competing with plenty of players all bidding for the same item so be sure to have enough cash to outbid them all if you truly want to buy an item from the AH.

Moreover, there are also PvP zones in Dino Storm, such as Goldfields, which require a minimum level of level 5 to enter. In fact, any area that does not have a town in it is open season for PvP. You’ll definitely encounter plenty of higher levels here who are murdering lower levels just for fun. Once you’re dead, you’ll need to wait a short cooldown before you can respawn at the nearest respawning stations of your choice.

However, after you’ve respawn, you’ll need to return to the spot where you’ve died to collect the Dino Dollars that you’ve dropped within 15 minutes. If not, a part of your hard-earned Dino Cash will be lost forever. This is made much more difficult as plenty of the higher levels tend to camp around these respawning stations. Every time you step right out from the small safe circle, you’ll probably be ganged up by the masses of level 10s, 20s and 30s. Thus, to avoid all these hassle, you can use the fame points you’ve earned by completing achievements or by leveling up to buy PvP protection for 3 hours.

If you decide to spend some real money in this game, you can spend your gold coins to buy power gels, which are technically boosts that increases your experience gain, provide wallet guard in case of death and even faster health recovery.


The community in Dino Storm mainly communicates with each other via the in-game chat. There are also almost 400 thousand likes on Dino Storm’s Facebook fan page, indicating the game popularity despite utilizing little promotional efforts! The page is constantly updated with events and contests that provide up to 100 thousand gold coins (premium currency) in prize! If you fancy getting a shot at winning the jackpot, be sure to “like” the page and keep an eye out for more contests!

Graphics/ Sound

For a browser-based game, Dino Storm has simply amazing 3D graphics! The dinosaurs are all very well-designed and their movements as well as animations are fluid. Furthermore, the sceneries are so beautiful although there are the occasional glitches that will cause your dino to get stuck! This problem can be easily rectified by backing away from the glitch location. In terms of music, Dino Storm contains quite a variety of music. At the character selection screen as well as the short cinematic introducing each new location you’ve discovered, you are treated to a rather catchy and upbeat wild west-themed music. For normal gameplay, you’ll be listening to an in-game music that is much more soothing and invokes an inspirational feeling. The combat music is pretty nice as well!


In short, Dino Storm successfully combines the coolness of laser guns with the swag of cowboys and girls, in addition to the mighty and fearsome dinosaurs, into a fun-filled MMORPG! Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as you traverse from the sandy and sparse desert landscape to the humid and prehistoric tropical rainforest on the back of your trusty dinosaur mount! Discover, hunt and kill other dinosaurs to collect materials to upgrade your own dinosaurs or weapons as well as to purchase new dinos or laser weapons! Give your weapon or dinosaur a boost by adding on and upgrading techs and implants respectively! Play with other players in a group quest or fight each other in intense dino battles or duels in the PvP zone! Sounds like crazy fun to you? Well, what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Dino Storm on the double today! Yeehaw!

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New Game Added: Dino Storm

by Aethyna May 11, 2015
Play as a laser-gun-slinging cowboy or girl while you’re mounted on the back of a beautiful yet ferocious dinosaur and explore the dusty lands teeming with wild dinosaurs for you to hunt and kill! Collect materials from the dinos you've hunted and use them to upgrade your own dinosaur as well as your laser weapon! Riding a T-Rex in Dino Storm Dino Storm: Group dino hunt Outnumbered in Dino Storm Read More
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