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Therian Saga 9.5 rate Enter the magnificent and mysterious continent abandoned 700 years ago in search of exciting adventures! Explore the vast lands to discover the many wonders and dangers of the continent! Help the locals and they may just teach you essential new skills that you’ll need to survive in these wild lands in return. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter a magnificent new world, called Myriaden, in Therian Saga and head to the mysterious continent, which was abandoned 700 years ago, on your quest to seek out exciting adventures and to explore! Traverse the vast lands from the plains to the mountain ranges to discover the many wonders and dangers of the continent! Help the locals there to complete their quests and in return they may shower you with rewards or teach you essential new skills that you’ll need to survive in these wild lands. Learn up to 9 different professions, each with around 3 sub-trades that you can level. Gather materials and craft your own equipments or buy them from the market. If you’ve enjoyed games like Runescape as well as text-based MMOs, then you’ll definitely find a home in Therian Saga! Start your adventures today!


You live on a small region all your life... that is until the stories of the settlers who have come home persuaded you to embark on an adventure by boarding the Albatross. The bracing sea air has confirmed the correctness of your decision, though the food on board has not had the same effect. Anyhow, after a long journey, the land you dreamed of is finally in sight. Along with a meddlesome scholar who insists on chronicling your every move on his parchment, you set foot on the new land and started a new chapter in your life as an adventurer and an explorer!


To start playing, you’ll first need to create your first character. You can create up to 5 characters in Therian Saga, though for the fifth character, you may need to purchase “A Crossing” from the cash shop. Customization seems okay in terms of the variety of options, such as face, hair style and color, gender and skin color, for a browser-based MMORPG. Then, you’ll need to choose your homeland. There are 6 different locations for you to choose from, namely the city of Mists, the Hiruldnash tundra, hills of Simal, the Galidja forests, the mountains of High-Kingdom and Lanker plains. Each location has its own rich backstory and description. However, the location should be chosen not only because you like its description, your homeland will allow you to gain a small advantage on the selected terrain. For example, if you’re from the Lanker plains, you’ll gain a small bonus when you are exploring any plains.

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose your main profession from among the choices, namely wood, fashioning, fauna, flora, metal and stone, provided. Each main profession consists of 3 trades. For instance, once you take up “the wood” profession, you’ll also get woodcutting, woodworking and carpentry, while for the “flora” profession, you’ll get horticulture, botany and herbalism instead. Professions are one of the main features in Therian Saga, but you should worry too much about which profession you choose. This is because you’ll be able to learn more during your adventures and that there is no limit as to the number of trades you can learn. As you progress in the game, you’ll also be allowed to take up secondary professions, like sociability, archaeology and science, as well! After you’re done, you’ll be asked to enter a character name and you’re ready to start adventuring!

The tutorial in this game is quite detailed though not as comprehensive. Considering that Therian Saga is a pretty complex game, every little bit of extra info helps. You’ll begin with something every budding adventurer should know, that is the basics of questing and exploring! Whenever you see a location, a place or an NPC with a yellow exclamation mark, it means that there is an available quest. Quest texts in Therian Saga are very important and sometimes, you may miss crucial information (the location of the task, for example) that are shared by the quest giver in a dialogue bubble, so be sure to read all the quest text.

Usually, each quest will require energy (you can sleep to restore your energy) and time to complete. You just need to accept the quest, head to the location where the task you need to do is at, start doing the task, wait for it to complete and you can get the reward once you’ve return to the quest giver! Your aptitude for a given task is based on 4 factors – your character, your companions, the tools and location. If your skill is too low to complete a task, you cannot do the task and will have to choose other tasks or walk away from the place and level up your skills some more. There are also quests that have no requirements. For such quests, you don’t have to do anything as the quest is auto-completed... you just have to turn it in. There are even work proposals whereby you can return to the site and perform the quest-related task as often as you wish to gain some extra coins. You can also easily queue up all your actions so you can do something else in the meantime.

Although there are some special quests that will require you to carefully read the quest text, there are also quests that display a number on the map to identify the location of the quest. For these quests, you’ll then need to head out to the location by clicking on the map and explore. Exploration allows you to discover new regions and sites that are previously unknown to you. A somewhat permanent camp will be set up as well in the area you’ve explored. You can return to the camp anytime you like. However, to make your camp more permanent or perhaps you would like to establish a home, you’ll need to get concession from the authorities of the land.

Sometimes, new tasks or encounters will pop up after exploring while other times, you may just discover a dungeon instead! Dungeons are scattered all over the land and the gameplay changes a bit here. Instead of moving freely, you can only move your character using navigation arrows showed on the ground around your character. After every move, you’ll then need to read the description of the place as well as be aware of any tasks that may be available. Most likely these tasks will help you complete the quest you’re on. If you mapped out the entire dungeon, you’ll also earn a bonus achievement for doing so.

Moreover, certain location has several “sub-places” for you to visit and these “sub-places” will appear as tabs on the location panel at the top left corner of the screen. Places can be visited almost instantaneously depending on how fast can you click on a tab, but to travel to a new location, you’ll need to wait until the traveling is done. New locations also provide vital information to let you know the difficulty there (so you won’t accidentally go into a much higher level area before you are ready) as well as the risk (the probability of being engaged in combat).

While exploring, you may also encounter new people who are willing to teach you their skills for a price... either you have to help them with something or you’ll have to pay. Besides skills, you will get to learn recipes as well. Once you’ve learned a recipe, you’ll then be able to craft the item at the location relevant to the profession of the recipe. For example, to craft potions, you’ll need to be in the laboratory or the herbatorium. If you need crafting materials and are too bothered to go gather them yourself, you can instead access the market and purchase the stuff you need. You can also sell your items there to other players and earn some money!

In addition, companions are a rather important part of Therian Saga too! This is because your companion’s skills, when they have some, will add a bonus to your own skills, effectively increasing your character’s skills. You can only have a limited number of them around with you, so you’ll have to choose them well as some companions will fight at your side while some won’t or can’t. However, companions are not permanent in some cases and will leave you once your common goal is achieved.

Combat in Therian Saga is turn-based and is not at all uncommon in this game. To attack, you have to click on your opponent and select “attack”. The game will then automatically queue up all your available and combat-engaged companion into the 3 attack slots available, and you can modify or finalize your move by clicking “confirm”. The trick here is to ensure your land skills (how familiar your character is to the location where the combat is taking place) is high enough to grant you an advantage over your opponent. If you can see that the outcome of the battle is not favorable to you, you can even attempt to flee.

There are plenty more features in Therian Saga that could fill up multiple textbooks, such as gearing up your character, participating in the PvP arena, joining and gaining reputation for a variety of factions, and many others. These features are for you to discover and find out for yourself! Have fun!


Therian Saga boasts of being one of the most popular browser-and-text-based MMORPG in France under its original name of Fatecraft (yes, the game is originally in French as well). Considering that the game is pretty much text-based, the popularity that this game enjoys is astonishing! However, since it is just released in English, the English-speaking community is not yet as huge as its French counterpart. If you fancy playing the game with new friends, you can try applying for a guild and who knows? Maybe you’ll get some nice friends there!

Graphics/ Sound

The painted graphics in Therian Saga is pretty nice for a primarily text-based game, especially its many dungeon maps. It also contains plenty of animations to keep the game much more interesting than just any text-based game. In terms of music, Therian Saga provides some of the most epic soundtracks for a text and browser-based game. You’ll get to enjoy a huge variety of music ranging from the tavern-like music at the character selection screen to the soothing in-game music. The sounds do really bring out the feeling of being in a fantastical medieval-like period in time.


In a nutshell, Therian Saga is surprisingly a very well-developed and fun text-based browser MMORPG. The game primarily involves plenty of waiting so it is a perfect game to be played while you’re doing something else. The game also feels a bit like a text-based Runescape game as it offers plenty of skills (both crafting and combat skills) for you to level, lots of professions as well as plenty of locations and places for you to explore! There are even PvP arenas for you to test your skills in and companions for you to recruit. Being a text-based game, the quest and storyline are very well-written, drastically increasing the game’s immersion. If you’re a fan of text-based MMOs, or even if you like MMOs in general, Therian Saga is one game you simply must try. Do give it a go today!

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New Game Added: Therian Saga

by Aethyna Jun 16, 2015
Enter the magnificent and mysterious continent abandoned 700 years ago in search of exciting adventures! Explore the vast lands to discover the many wonders and dangers of the continent! Help the locals and they may just teach you essential new skills that you’ll need to survive in these wild lands in return. Enemies in Therian Saga Therian Saga: Village Warrior in Therian Saga Read More
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