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Pirate Storm 9 rate Take control of your shabby default pirate ship and start accumulating wealth to fill your coffers. Spend some cash to upgrade your ship into a much faster and sleeker form, or even use the money to improve your weapons – both cannons and harpoons alike. Sounds like just the thing for you? Well, play the game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Earn your sea legs today and set sail in the watery and tropical world of Pirate Storm to forge a path to pirate glory for yourself! Take control of your shabby default pirate ship and start accumulating wealth to fill your coffers. Spend some cash to upgrade your ship into a much faster and sleeker form, or even use the money to improve your weapons – both cannons and harpoons alike. Complete quests, have fun dueling other players in the expansive seas and enjoy the breath-taking sights in Pirate Storm today!


Welcome to Pirate Storm, landlubber! Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to run through the tutorial in a “special tutorial zone”. It’s best to just go through with it since you’ll be introduced to the various controls and some of the features in the game. However, the game doesn’t teach you everything, so you’ll still need to spend a bit of time figuring out what the rest of the buttons on the screen do.

In terms of controls, you just need to point and click to move. Combat in Pirate Storm is pretty straightforward as well. You’ll just need to sail up to the enemy – close enough to fire your weapons – click on it and press the attack button (the first button right above your quick action bar). The button will toggle your ship’s weapons and it’ll keep firing until either you’re out of range or the enemy is dead. Also, depending on which enemy you’re firing at, either menacing sea creatures or aggressive ships, your ship will automatically use the appropriate weapons. Harpoons are used for sea creates while cannons are used to attack other ships. Once dead, the enemies will drop floating boxes of cargo which you can then pick up by sailing over them.

A quick trick that I’ve noticed is that most sea creatures (well, at least for sea creatures without tentacles or superfast speed) in the game are melee attackers. This means that you can easily kite them around without taking any damage. This is a great way to save some cash on repairs. Furthermore, enemy ships have this tendency to flee when their health is low. You’ll probably be spending quite some time chasing after them.

Talking about repairs, you can perform repairs whenever you like while at sea, provided that you have the cash to spend on it and you’re not in combat. Repairs take time, but your ship can still move around while it’s repairing itself. To speed things up, you can always hire handyman from the in-game shop with game cash.

Not to mention, there’s also a few other ways to make killing monsters and sinking ships a lot faster, since you’ll be doing quite a lot of those (hint: for quests). One of which is by filling up all the empty slots on your ship with cannons and harpoons. Each additional cannon or harpoon will increase your ship’s damage but it’ll also deplete your stock of ammo a lot faster.

Besides equipping more weapons, you can also purchase better ammo, namely harpoons or cannonballs, and use them in battles in Pirate Storm. There are 3 tiers of ammo – the basic stone ammo, the intermediary iron version and of course, the premium cash-only steel ammo. Considering that you get a fair amount of premium cash from the start, you can purchase more premium goods if you’d like later on.

For some players, they’d prefer to stick with their shabby ship until they’ve earned enough to buy a new one. Surprisingly, for a game based entirely on ships, there aren’t a lot of choices at the merchant. Out of the 5 ships available (excluding the premium-only event ship), only 3 are available for free-to-play players. These 3 include sloop, brigantine and war brigantine. The first new ship, Brigantine, can be obtained rather easily, provided that you dutifully loot the enemies you’ve destroyed (I got mine at level 3). Also, ships are destructible, so it’s good to have a spare ship at the wharf. You can upgrade your wharf to store more ships (by default, you’ll get 2 slots).

However, if you don’t have the cash to spend, you can instead opt for a cheaper option to upgrade your ship with improvement items. These items include new decks, bulk or figureheads, reinforced anchor or keel and better sails. Decks usually increase your ship’s durability and allow you to equip it with even more cannons while sails primarily help to improve your ship’s speed. The other items may increase your ship’s hit points, improve reload speed of weapons, and even increase gold rewards. Getting improvements is a very good investment for when you have a moderately good ship.

As you may know that the game provides you with a wharf, but where is that wharf located at? Well, in every map, there will be a harbor that is a safe haven for pirate ships like yours. The harbor doesn’t only have the wharf for you to store your ships in, there is also an auction house for all your buying and selling needs, a tavern (to obtain quests), guild hall for everything guild-related and access to the merchant.

The only major downside of Pirate Storm is definitely the quests. Questing is kind of grindy in this game at the higher levels. The quests are usually the “kill x number of sea monsters or sink x number of ships” sort and that number will gradually increase (it can go up to 80 as far as I know) as you level up. Also, you should bear in mind that there are 2 types of quests, namely first mate quest and tavern quests. First mate quest is event-based and a lot tougher to complete while tavern quests are the usual stuff that you can handle. Oh and don’t forget that you’ll need to activate quests in this game before you can start getting kill credits. You can have up to 6 activate quests, which is more than enough.


Community-wise, Pirate Storm seems to have quite a number of trolls (or that I have the misfortunate of bumping into a couple of them) and you’ll meet them as early as on the second map. These trolls tend to enjoy spamming you with duel requests (where the level gap between you two is as wide as the Amazon river) and group requests. They also enjoy stealing kills from you as they stalk you around the map, so you’ll have to spend a lot more time trying to complete your quest. That being said, the game’s community is pretty okay, though rather quiet and shy – there are no chatting going on in the chat boxes. If you want to enjoy the game with friends, well, it might be best to try applying for one of the many guilds. Pick one that is active and you’ll be having fun with your new friends in no time!

Graphics/ sound

The graphics in Pirate Storm is absolutely breath-taking for a browser-based game. The details for various islands, sea creatures, and harbors are exquisite, and the ships are very nicely designed as well. In terms of sound, you’ll be treated to the rather monotonous sound of the sea breeze rushing unhindered by trees or tall concrete buildings and of course of sea waves. However, for people who have been to sea frequently, they may welcome the monotony as the sounds are familiar to them.


In conclusion, Pirate Storm is an impressive browser-based MMORPG that is ship-based and pirate-themed, with excellent graphics and astonishing sceneries. The controls are very simple to understand and learn, making the game very newbie-friendly. Although questing can be rather dull and grindy, you’ll feel that it’s all worth it once you bought yourself that brand spanking new ship along with a ton load of cannons, harpoons and nice ship improvements. If you love ships and are curious about how they can work perfectly in an MMORPG, well, you surely don’t want to miss out on this brilliant game, Pirate Storm. Try it now!

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Take control of your shabby default pirate ship and start accumulating wealth to fill your coffers. Spend some cash to upgrade your ship into a much faster and sleeker form, or even use the money to improve your weapons – both cannons and harpoons alike. Sounds like just the thing for you? Well, play the game today! Incoming seas serpent in Pirate Storm Pirate Storm: Naval combat Beautiful islands in Pirate Storm Read More
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