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Ork Buster 10 rate The warlike Orks have once again returned to the peaceful Forgotten Lands, the last refuge for humanity. Hell-bent on destruction, the Orks will stop at nothing to bring chaos into these lands. With towers, spells and abilities at your command, you will need to stop the horde of Orks in their tracks! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The warlike Orks have once again crossed the Sky Gorge and returned to the peaceful Forgotten Lands, the last refuge for humanity. Hell-bent on destruction and conquest, the Orks will stop at nothing to bring chaos into these lands, and you’ll need all the help you can get, such as towers, spells and abilities, to put an end to that. In this tower defense-RPG, Ork Buster, you’ll be able to gain access to a huge range of towers and tower upgrades; enjoy participating in hero dungeons or even team dungeons; fight another player in a “tower defense duel”, as well as to improve and customize your hero. Will you be able to stand your ground and push back the hordes of Orks? Well, play Ork Buster now and find out!


The Forgotten Lands have always been the only place where humans, elves, and a host of other natural creatures can live peacefully together. However, this is all about to change when the warlike Orks came along. Hell-bent on destruction and conquest, the Orks will stop at nothing to get the prize that they think they so deserved – the Forgotten Lands itself! It’s time to man the gates and to protect the land as the Orks, in the masses, have crossed over the Sky Gorge in a last-pitch attempt to wrestle the humans’ homeland... don’t let them!


To get started in Ork Buster, you’ll first need to choose a class for your hero character. There are 4 archetype classes available, namely archer, knight, mage and gunner. Each class has their respective difficulty rating, and depending on how proficient you are with tower defense games, this rating may prove to be useful when selecting a suitable hero class to play. Unlike in MMORPGs where character customization is a major aspect of the game, Ork Buster’s classes are gender-locked and the only thing you can “customize” is the character name. However, this is pretty understandable since this game is not exactly a true RPG.

Heroes are important in Ork Buster because they are the ones with special abilities that you can later use to aid your towers and your troops on the site. Much like an MMORPG, heroes can be equipped with useful items that will generally boost their stats. The game even provide your hero with a battle rating so you can easily gauge how prepared your hero is prior to taking on a particularly tough checkpoint. Of course, you can easily improve the battle rating of your hero by upgrading his or her armor and weapons via enchanting, socketing them with gems, or synthesis. Naturally, you’ll need to necessary upgrade materials for each of these processes. There are also lucky charms that you can buy and use to improve the success rate of your equipment upgrades.

In addition to your hero’s gear, your hero will also have up to 4 unique skills that can be gradually unlocked via his or her skill tree. You’ll need sufficient magic balls and cash to do so though, and you can earn them through a variety of means which includes completing quests and dungeon checkpoints. Besides hero skills, you’ll have access to 4 different map skills as well. These map skills include fireball, militia support, sunlight and golden storm. You can summon or use any of these abilities in the game at no cost.

However, each skill has their own somewhat lengthy cooldown timer that may restrict your use of these abilities, forcing to make strategic decisions as to when to use these skills, and when to not use them in order to save them for later. Like hero skills, you can upgrade your map skills too, but you’ll need energy balls instead of magic balls. After level 10, your hero will also earn stat points which you can then invest into any of his or her attributes – strength, agility, intellect, and endurance.

Now that you’ve learned about your hero, it’s time to take a look at the towers in the game. After all, Ork Buster is primarily a tower defense game! The game has 4 different types of towers on offer, namely arrow towers, turrets, mage towers, and barracks. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. This is why you’ll need to mix up the towers that you build, unless there are restrictions in place that prevents you from doing so. You can only build these towers in the pre-determined spots on the map and you’ll need to have enough magic points to do so. Magic points can be in turn earned by killing Orks or any other enemies that come your way.

Similar to other tower defense games, you’re given the option to upgrade your towers. However, in order to be able to upgrade your towers in a game, you’ll first need to improve the tower rating at the armory. In addition to tower rating, you can even boost up the tower’s quality from “foul” to “simple”, and so on and so forth, by using the upgrade materials gathered from running the dungeon checkpoints in the game. Towers in Ork Buster can also be specialized after several upgrades. Each specialization will then open up 3 more passive improvements, each having up to 3 ranks for you to upgrade.

Ready to bust some green Ork’s behind? Well, your enthusiasm is very infectious... let’s do just that! In Ork Buster, you’ll be playing tower defense “levels” via what the game calls as “checkpoints”. Each checkpoint is placed at a unique location on the dungeon map, and they have 4 different difficulties that you can gain access to. Starting from easy, you’ll be able to unlock tougher difficulties by completing the previous difficulty level as well as attaining the required hero level.

Eventually, you’ll reach the Hero Dungeon stage whereby you’ll no longer be allowed to build towers. Instead, you’ll need to work together with other players (up to 4 people in a team) to push back the horde of Orks using only your hero skills. Hero Dungeon is the ultimate challenge for a player in Ork Buster as it is nigh on impossible to tackle it alone... unless of course, your hero’s battle rating is so high that any difficulty level is rendered irrelevant!

After completing a difficulty level successfully, you’ll then be able to blitz through the levels to farm for upgrade materials. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on the amount of torches you have left as you’ll need to spend a tidy sum of them in order to participate in a checkpoint. The game has 3 continents for you to explore and rid them of their Ork plague so far, but it is presumed that more continents will be added to the game in the foreseeable future.

Other than dungeon checkpoints, Ork Buster also provides a range of other PvE events that players can enjoy. The battlemaster mode is one such example. In this game mode, you’ll be given only 1 tower type to use and you’ll need to make the most of it. You’ll then be ranked accordingly, depending on how long you’ve lasted in the game.

Ork Buster even contains elements of an MMO game as it offers players tower defense-based PvP events, such as duels, as well! You may be wondering... “A tower defense PvP? How can that work?” Well, this is exactly why it is one of the most interesting parts of the game. In the “duel” mode, you’ll be pitted against another player in real time. Both of you will get the same map and you’ll be able to see what your opponents are doing in the game.

Interestingly, the game also allow you to interact with each other’s side of the map by providing “power cards” that will be randomly dealt to you and that you can use as long as you have enough fire points. With these cards, you can give your towers some aid, or you could even create some problems for your opponents by summoning more enemies for him or destroying a tower of his. Naturally, your opponent will also be able to return the favor. Sounds like a load of fun, doesn’t it?


Since Ork Buster is a newly released game, the game has expectedly a smaller player base. However, give the game a couple of days or weeks and surely, with its unique and fun gameplay, it will be reeling in players by the thousands on a daily basis!

That said, being part of a guild is made crucial in this game as there is quite a number of features that you won’t be able to unless you are a member of a guild. However, by joining a guild, you’ll then be expected to contribute to the guild by helping out at the guild territory event or by donating in-game cash. Guilds are important as they can be a great source of finding team members for Hero Dungeons as well. After all, playing with friends is always a much better option than playing alone.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Ork Buster are not particularly high-end (the background may sometimes look a tad bit blurry), or too bright and cartoony. Its visuals do give a person that old-school tower defense feel... something that players who have played tower defense games like Kingdom Rush will be able to relate to.

In terms of sound, the game has some really nice sound effects, and the music at the main city map is absolutely epic. However, I personally feel that the battle music, which consists of mainly techno tunes with some really fast beats, can be a bit too “heated up”.


In short, Ork Buster is an amazing hybrid of a game that perfectly combines the best of MMORPGs with the classic tower defense mechanics. Couple that with plenty of fun upgrades and challenging levels, along with its rather intriguing storyline, it is hard not to enjoy playing the game, especially if you’re a huge fan of tower defense games. So, be sure to drop by Ork Buster today and give it a try. It is a game that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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New Game Added: Ork Buster

by Aethyna Jan 14, 2016
The warlike Orks have once again returned to the peaceful Forgotten Lands, the last refuge for humanity. Hell-bent on destruction, the Orks will stop at nothing to bring chaos into these lands. With towers, spells and abilities at your command, you will need to stop the horde of Orks in their tracks! Sal's Desert in Ork Buster Ork Buster: Upgrading a tower Denzel Forest in Ork Buster Read More
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