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by Aethyna
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Candy Crush Friends Saga 10 rate Team up with your beloved Candy Crush characters and crush some more candy in this exciting new sequel from King, Candy Crush Friends Saga! With so many levels to play, so many obstacles to overcome and so many candies to crush, you’ll want to hop into the game right now and start playing! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The King of candy crushing is back with a highly-anticipated sequel, Candy Crush Friends Saga! Featuring all the beloved characters from the original, this game lets you make full use of your favorite characters in your gameplay as you match up a variety of delicious candies and complete each match-3 puzzle as you go along. There are tons of cute outfits that you can collect for your Candy Crush friends as well! Sounds like fun? Well, dive into the candy-filled wonderland of Candy Crush Friends Saga and enjoy a fun, sugarlicious experience!


Gameplay-wise, Candy Crush Friends Saga is fundamentally similar to its prequels. In the game, you’ll basically be matching 3 or more candies of the same color together in order to “crush” and remove them from the playing area. Matching more than 3 candies will earn you special candies like fishes, striped candies, wrapped candies, chocolate ball, and hard candy.

If you’ve played Candy Crush before, you should know how you can get these special candies and what they do. You should also know that you can combine any two of these special candies to generate a much powerful effect. However, if not, the game does provide an unobtrusive tutorial in the earlier levels.

Similar to the previous games, Candy Crush Friends Saga also offer a nice variety of game modes and obstacles, giving its players a nice sense of progression via increasingly difficult and more complicated levels. For instance, a huge part of the earlier levels involves freeing penguins, walruses and octopi where you’ll have to crush Polo candies, smash jellies and crack caramel-chocolate cupcakes just to get to them.

However, in stage 2 of the game, you’ll be introduced to a new mode in which you’ll have to drop cookies down to the chocolate strip at the bottom to “dunk” them. Naturally, you’ll have to complete each level objective/s with a limited number of moves. If you ran out of moves, you can choose to either buy more using Gold bars just to continue playing, or sacrifice a life (you have a maximum of 5) and start all over.

Now, the most unique and hence, interesting part of Candy Crush Friends Saga is how it lets you make full use of the aid your Candy Crush friends can provide. Each beloved character from the franchise, such as Tiffi, Yeti, the Nutcracker and others, can be collected by opening gifts and collecting enough stickers. Once collected, you can then choose to “bring them along” for a level. You can only bring one at any time, and although the game does provide you with a recommended character to bring, it’s still best to decide for yourself which one you’d prefer to take along.

Each of these characters have several outfits that you can unlock as well. Unlocking a new outfit is similar to unlocking a new character – you need to have enough stickers first. The outfit doesn’t change the character’s ability, but it will change the little jig that they will do during the Sugar Crush round. The Sugar Crush round will only be activated if you have any extra moves at the end of a level.

There are power-ups in Candy Crush Friends Saga too! From the lollipop hammer to the friendly coloring candy, and even to the striped lollipop hammer, you can use any of them as a last resort to clear a level. These power-ups may be incredibly helpful to use, but they can be really hard to get for free. So, unless you are planning on spending real cash to buy more, it’s wise to scrimp when it comes to using your power-ups. Thankfully, you can earn some for free by, again, collecting enough stickers by opening gifts. Gifts, in turn, can be obtained randomly in a level, by completing a quest or by completing an entire stage.


The Candy Crush franchise has always had a massive following and community surrounding it, and this game, despite being new, is no different. Since its release, the game has already garnered millions of players worldwide. Although you won’t be able to interact with the other players directly in the game, there are numerous methods outside the game that will allow you to do so.

Graphics/ Sound

Candy Crush Friends Saga features some really nice 3D graphics, especially the level selection screen. The animations and effects used in its gameplay is as brilliant as ever, making every crush and cascade so much more satisfying to watch. Of course, the game also has a nice and soothing music playing in the background that’s designed to help you relax as you play.


Overall, Candy Crush Friends Saga is definitely one of the more exciting addition to the Candy Crush franchise. The gameplay has a new core element – the various character abilities, which allows the players to strategize and decide which character to bring and hence, giving them players more control over their game. So, if you love playing Candy Crush, this is a game you’ll want to play. It basically contains everything you liked about Candy Crush, plus a little but significant twist on the side.

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New Game Added: Candy Crush Friends Saga

by Aethyna Oct 15, 2018
Team up with your beloved Candy Crush characters and crush some more candy in this exciting new sequel from King, Candy Crush Friends Saga! With so many levels to play, so many obstacles to overcome and so many candies to crush, you’ll want to hop into the game right now and start playing! Candy Crush Friends Saga: Polo candy Sugar Crush in Candy Crush Friends Saga Candy Crush Friends Saga: Chocolate ball Read More
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