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Diamond Digger Saga 10 rate Join the 6 million other players in this highly popular and fun-filled matching game, Diamond Digger Saga! Explore the beautiful underground world that Diggy lives in and help him to collect the diamonds and other items that he needs! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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“Hi, I’m Diggy!” The brightly-colored and fun-filled game, Diamond Digger Daga starts off by introducing you with an adorable creature called Diggy. In this game, you’ll need to help Diggy to collect complete the objectives, including basic ones such as attaining a certain amount of points, to more complicated ones, like rescuing sleeping fireflies, for each level in order to progress to the next! If a level proves to be too difficult for you, you can use the many boosters provided to achieve the needed objectives too! Diamond Digger Saga is one casual game that you won’t want to miss! Try it today!


After adding the game to your Facebook library of games, you are ready to start your adventure with Diggy!

To play, you’ll have to click on groups of 3 or more diamonds that are on sandy ground blocks to score some points. Each stage will contain several ‘deeper’ levels filled with diamonds that you can explore. To have access to these deeper levels is easy, you will just need to clear enough blocks so that the water can pass through and move deeper into the ground. Each stage will also provide you with a limited number of moves per match, though every new depth level you enter will add 2 more moves to your total moves count. Taking this feature into account, you’ll need to click on the largest chunks of diamonds to collect more in 1 go as well as clear just enough blocks for the water to pass through!

Besides the usual sandy-colored ground blocks, you’ll also encounter various other different types of blocks in this game! There are stripped tiles that will reward you with bonus points. The deeper in the ground a stripped tile is, the more points you’ll get. For instance, a stripped tile in depth level 3 will provide around 2000 points as compared to the 100 points you get in depth level 1. There are also stone tiles whereby you’ll have to chip the stone off first, before you can clear the ground tile underneath – it’ll require 2 matches to clear. There are also metal tiles that are seemingly impenetrable by conventional means. These tiles function primarily to shape the board and narrow down the path the water can go into. You may even encounter varying degrees of chipped tiles, whereby you’ll have to complete matches near them to break them off the board.

Not to mention, there is also a magic orb on the bottom left corner of your screen. Every time you made a match, the magic orb will be filled by a certain amount, depending on how large a match you’ve performed. Once you’ve filled the orb up, you can activate it and use it on any one of the diamonds on the board. It’ll then collect all the diamonds that have the same color as the one you’ve picked. This is a very useful spell to use, particularly for trickier boards.

Diamond Digger Saga provides a huge variety of level objectives to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting! The most basic objective includes collecting enough diamonds to reach a certain score. There will be levels whereby you are asked to help wake up a specific number of hibernating fireflies by flooding the tile they are sleeping on with water. After the fireflies have woken up, you can then rescue them and bring them back up to the surface where they can fly freely once again! There is also a ‘toys’ level, in which you will have to break blue ground blocks to uncover the toys hidden underneath. Collect a certain number of toys in order to proceed to the next stage! You don’t even need to clear all depth levels or all the different tiles – as long as you’ve reached your objective, you’ll automatically win the level!

Each stage has a star-based grading system. You will need to get at least 1 star to proceed to the next level. Thus, getting a great score is as equally important as achieving the game objectives. Thankfully though, if you did achieve all the level goals, you should have no problem getting at least 1 star on that level. It is best, of course, if you can get a perfect score and get all 3 stars! It’ll definitely satisfy the perfectionist in you!

These stages are all lumped together into episodes. Thankfully, after you’ve completed an episode, you can move on to the next episode without needing to ‘get help from friends’ or ‘collect enough stars/ keys to unlock’. However, there will certainly be times when you just didn’t manage to do your very best and you’ve lost a life (from a maximum of 5 lives) as a result. Don’t despair though! You can easily regain lives by waiting or by asking your friends for lives. If you have some real money to spend, you could also buy more lives too!

Furthermore, if a level proves to be too difficult for you, you can use the many boosters provided to achieve the needed objectives. One of the most important ones is the line blast booster. This booster lets you blast a T-shaped, 4-way path anywhere you place it. Sometimes, this booster is given to you for free on the board and you can utilize it to get through the level much more easily! However, do note that in order to activate a line blast booster in the board, you’ll need to clear the front (the pointy end) part of the booster and fill it with water first. If you needed more boosters, you can buy more using gold bars (real money currency).


Diamond Digger Saga has a pretty strong community of 6 million likes on its Facebook fan page. The page often posts up tutorial videos to help people stuck in a certain level to get through the level much easily. It is also the perfect place for you to meet and add new friends so you can help each other out in the game by gifting lives. The page often organizes giveaway contests too! Thus, it’s a great idea to keep an eye on this Facebook page by liking it if you enjoy playing Diamond Digger Saga!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoonish and brightly-colored graphics in diamond Digger Saga exudes a cheerful feeling to its players! Not to mention, there are plenty of adorable characters in the game, including Diggy himself as well as his firefly pet. The game also provides a catchy, light-hearted tune to accompany you as you play the game. The music further enhances the fantasy of the world that Diggy lives in! There is a variety of music too since the in-game music is different than the one you hear on the map interface.


In a nutshell, Diamond Digger Saga is a matching game that is somewhat similar, in terms of gameplay to games like Crush City or even Pet Rescue Saga. Each level feels different and refreshing due to their varying level objectives and you’re even given a very helpful magic orb that is able to clear all diamonds of the color you’ve chosen on the board! Moreover, there are also boosters that you can buy using real money to help you break free of any level that has gotten you stuck. Diamond Digger Saga is a whole lot of digging fun, so don’t wait! Join Diggy and start collecting diamonds today!

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New Game Added: Diamond Digger Saga

by Aethyna Mar 13, 2015
Join the 6 million other players in this highly popular and fun-filled matching game, Diamond Digger Saga! Explore the beautiful underground world that Diggy lives in and help him to collect the diamonds and other items that he needs! Diamonds in Diamond Digger Saga Diamond Digger Saga: Firefly Stripped tiles in Diamond Digger Saga Read More
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