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Barn Yarn 10 rate Help Farmer Joe earn money by searching his newly-acquired, but rather run-down barn for old and unwanted things and sell them at a garage sale! With some money under his belt, he can renovate his barn so that it is habitable enough for his visiting grandson, Tom, next week! Can you make it in time? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love farm themes and hidden objects? Why not have the best of both worlds in this amazing game, Barn Yarn! Help Farmer Joe earn money by searching his newly-acquired, but rather run-down barn for old and unwanted things and sell them at a garage sale! With some money under his belt, he can renovate his barn so that it is habitable enough for his visiting grandson, Tom, next week. As you progress, you’ll not only be renovating, but also adding beautiful décor and even setting up coops and enclosures for a range of adorable farm animals! Enjoy watching Tom and Joe talk about a variety of things in a rather humorous way as well! So, don’t wait – try Barn Yarn today and if you like the game, do consider buying it… it is THAT good!


Farmer Joe managed to buy a rather run-down barn from Arnold who was selling his ranch. Because that they were close friends, Arnold sold Joe his barn for next to nothing! Now, all that’s left is to make his barn habitable! Help Joe find old things from his newly acquired barn to sell in a garage sale and earn enough money to fix up his home for his visiting grandson, Tom, next week!


Barn Yarn is unique from any other hidden object games out there due to its approach to this classic genre! Instead of a dull list of items to find, the developers behind this amazing game thought… why not we incorporate the list with some story instead? Thus, in this game, you’ll get a list of customers who wanted to buy something that you’ll have to find! Granted that the story may not be very logical (you don’t exactly find stuff to sell only during an ongoing a garage sale… you do it before you held the sale, right?), it is still a quite refreshing take on the genre!

Not to mention, some items on the customer orders are as straight forward and are not named by their respective names. Instead, you’ll get something like a very short quiz for you to rack your brain for an answer before you can start searching for that item in the scene. For instance, what items pop into your mind when you see “attached to a stem” or “leaves letters on paper”? This is definitely much more interesting, right? On and by the way, the answer for the first quiz is “leaf” while the second, much easier one is “pen/ pencil”. Moreover, if you can get a chain of items found consecutively, you’ll also earn a nice combo bonus!

Due to having customers on your list as opposed to just a list of items, the game is able to incorporate some elements of time management into this hidden object game, making it an awesome mash-up of game genres! Each customer has 3 hearts listed alongside with their orders and these hearts will be lost (very slowly) as time goes by. So, don’t let the customer lose all of his or her hearts – you’ll lose potential earnings that way as they will pay much less!

Furthermore, after finding an item for a customer, the customer will leave the payment on the list for you to collect... very similar in some way to time management games. You’ll need to collect your money after you deliver the goods so other customers can take the vacated place since the list only allows up to 5 customers’ orders at a time. Sometimes, you will only get 1 customer, but he or she will want a whole lot of the same thing (in bulk) that you’ll need to find. No matter how the customers’ orders are like, it is only when all of your customer/s is/are served, you’ll finish the level.

Every time you click ‘play’ in Barn Yarn, you’ll be randomly assigned a scene to search for objects in unless you have a quest, then you’ll be given a quest-related scene instead! Despite having plenty of scenes to play, you’ll eventually start to cycle through them for a second, third or even fourth time! However, the items in the scenes change locations, making each playthrough feeling fresh and exciting – almost like you’re playing a brand new level!

If you’re having any trouble finding an object in Barn Yarn, there are plenty of ways you can remedy that. For starts, there are butterfly hints that you can use. These butterflies are highly trained to show where the right items are located. However, they will only show 1 item randomly from your list. There are no cooldown in between hints, so as long as you have the necessary amounts of hints, you can spam them if needed. You can also easily replenish your supply of butterfly hints by finding butterflies in scenes and collecting them. If you don’t use your hints, you’ll get an extra $25 per hint you have stored.

There are also other clues that you can use in Barn Yarn, but unlike the butterfly hints, these clues will be immediately activated once found in a scene and cannot be stored for future use. One example is the magnet clues. Magnets are able to tell you the general direction of the hidden objects that you’ll need to find on the screen for 20s. They do not only point you in the right direction, when you hover the magnet over at the targeted item, the item will start to vibrate as well.

There is another clue called light bulb that is rather interesting in this game. After collecting it from a scene, it will emit a high intensity yet brief (very brief, so do keep your eyes peeled) flash of white light blanking out all the other unimportant objects on the screen, leaving you with all the items you need to find on your screen. This effect does not last for long, so it’s best to give the scene a quick sweep with your eyes to memorize the locations of the items during the flash and after it’s done, rapidly click on every item that you recalled. That should get your combo bonuses up in no time!

Besides searching the scenes for hints and clues, there are yellow coins stashed behind objects in the scene that you can collect too! Each coin will give you a bonus of $25 (in-game money) and some scenes may have up to 5 to 6 of them. Do note that most of these coins are semi-hidden behind an object and thus, it may take a bit more effort to spot them at times.

With money you've earned, you can help Joe fix up his barn by choosing and purchasing new supports for the roof of the house or new flooring, furnish it with new furniture, like a stove, dinner table and armchairs as well as decorations. You’ll always be given 3 choices to choose from and each of them has varying prices. The most expensive may not always be the best in Barn Yarn. It’s up to you to decide which one will look the nicest when used in combination with the other items in the barn. In addition, after you buy a doggie deckchair, your pet dog will return as well, making the entire household a lot merrier! If you changed your mind on any of the décor and wanted to swap it out for a new variety, you can easily do so by clicking on ‘design’ and choose another type of item you’d like instead. Take not that you still have to buy the other item before you can place it in the barn though.


Barn Yarn unfortunately does not have its own proper and official Facebook fan page, but if you’re determined to find players who enjoyed this game as much as you did, you will have better luck by visiting the game’s forums on the Big Fish Games website.

Graphics/ Sound

Barn Yarn is filled with beautiful and very detailed hand-drawn scenes for you to scan for items that your customers wanted, in addition to the stunning barn customizations that you can purchase! In terms of sound, the game contains a very catchy soundtrack that adds to the overall feeling of enjoyment in this game.


In summary, Barn Yarn is an excellent one-of-its-kind type of hybrid game that combines the best of hidden objects with some elements of time management and farm themes! The game contains many beautiful and challenging hidden object scenes for you to enjoy and also plenty of customizations that you can purchase to upgrade the overall look and feel of your barn! If you are having any trouble with finding items in any of the scenes, the game offers plenty of different types of hints that you can use and the best part? You don’t even need to spend a single coin on them – you can find and collect them from scenes you play for free! There is even an engaging storyline to keep you interested as well! Can you help Joe and Tom to restore the run-down farm to its previous glory by finding items for their garage sale customers? Play Barn Yarn now to find out!

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New Game Added: Barn Yarn

by Aethyna Apr 10, 2015
Help Farmer Joe earn money by searching his newly-acquired, but rather run-down barn for old and unwanted things and sell them at a garage sale! With some money under his belt, he can renovate his barn so that it is habitable enough for his visiting grandson, Tom, next week! Can you make it in time? Barn Yarn: the office Tractor rides in Barn Yarn Barn Yarn: the kitchen Read More
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