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Hidden Express 8.5 rate All aboard the Hidden Express! Explore gorgeous photographic scenes in search of lost objects across different cities from around the world! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Toot, toooot! All abroad the Hidden Express! We’re going to start the amazing journey to explore gorgeous photographic scenes in search of lost objects across various cities and landscapes from around the world! Unlike other hidden objects games, Hidden Express is very much unique in its own right! Instead of just a list of items to find, these items are listed on box cars of the clue train. What you’ll need to do is to find enough items to reveal the locomotive of the train. Solve that and you’ll win the game! There are a huge range of scenes that you can play in as well as a plethora of power-ups that you can purchase and use. You can even compete with your friends in challenging tournaments! Hidden Express may perhaps be one of the best free-to-play hidden objects games on the internet! Thus, if you’re a huge fan of hidden objects games, you should try Hidden Express now!


After waiting for a bit at the loading screen, you’ll be dumped right into your first game! How exciting!

In this game, you’ll need to find as many objects as you can that are listed on the car boxes of the clue train at the bottom of the screen. Some car boxes may even contain more than one item and you’ll need to find all of them in order to clear that particular car box. After finding a certain number of items in quick succession, the locomotive of the train will appear and you should, at that time, focus completely on finding the item listed on the locomotive. Why? Well, after you’ve find the item, you’ll win the game!

Moreover, after you find the engine object, the other items in the box cars are worth 10k points each. Thus, the more cars left in the train, the better. Thankfully, the game is made much easier as the train will be slowed down for a few seconds when the locomotive appears, so you should make use of that time to quickly identify the item and click on it!

Furthermore, the faster you find the items, the fewer objects you’ll need to find! Why? In every game, what you need to do to win is by searching for the item on the locomotive of the train. If you can search quickly enough, the train will not move too far away and you can easily reach the engine part of the train. However, if you wait for too long, the caboose (end part of the train) will reach the tunnel and the game is over.

In addition, by performing a combo of up to 5 objects without letting them expire, you will get a boost that will reward you with 12k points per item found within the next 4 seconds. So make full use of your combo boost and rack up your score while you can!

Not to mention, you’ll need only 1 star minimum in order to proceed to the next level. Each game you play will cost you 10 energy points and you’re given 60 energy points maximum to use. These points will be regenerated over time, but if you can spare the cash, you can purchase energy supplements to add more energy to your energy bar so that you can play for a longer period of time!

As you play Hidden Express, you will earn tickets by mastering cities (by replaying a level until you get 3 stars for that level), which in turn can be used to purchase power-ups and charms. Since photographic memory can be trained, you’ll be able to get a high enough score to obtain 3 stars after a couple of play throughs!

Power-ups and charms are two very different things in Hidden Express although both can be bought using tickets. Power-ups include sleuth power-up, which will reveal the location of a random object; seeker power-up that will reveal all the objects in a particular box car, and rollback power-up, whereby the train will be pulled backwards to give you a second or even a third chance to beat the game! Power-ups will need to be activated and will be used up after you’ve activated them. Charms, on the other hand, are much more permanent. After you buy them, you don’t need to ‘use’ or ‘activate’ them as they are already in effect. Some examples of charms include super combo charm, whereby it’ll add more time to the combo meter, so you can find objects at a slower pace, or the super sleuth charm, which will give you 3 extra and free hints per game to use!

Each city also contains 10 levels and once they are completed, you are allowed to move on to a new city for free. There are also other game modes, such as treasure hunts that will be unlocked after you’ve completed city number 3 as well as seasoned levels (Halloween and Christmas), which you can access even though the season is not yet here or has already passed. There are even journeys whereby you can experience the adventure of a lifetime with Juliet. Journeys will be unlocked when you’re level 13 though.

Last but not least, you can compete with your friends in Hidden Express by playing in tournaments as well! Not to forget, the game even provides you with city pins that you can keep in your nifty pinbox every time you've completed a city stage.


Hidden Express has around 1 million likes on its Facebook fan page! The fan page is also a great place to get freebies, news about any new scenes that are going to be added to the game as well as to meet fellow gamers. Not to mention, if you needed help of any sort for any of the scenes in the game, you can easily ask for help from other and more experienced players there. They will be more than willing to help you out!

Graphics/ Sound

The images in Hidden Express are shot in real life scenic locations with actual, cropped photos of objects hidden in them. This makes the game so much tougher to crack as these items blend so flawlessly with the background, most of the time! Furthermore, the graphics in this game is of pretty high quality and is very detailed. The soundtrack in the game, on the other hand, has a very 80s feel to it, though it is soothing and pleasant to the ears. Although most of the music in this game is instrumentals in nature, there is some music variety as well! For example, different cities will have differently themed sound.


Hidden Express is truly one of the best and most challenging free-to-play hidden objects game on the internet! In this game, you have to quickly search for items listed on the box cars of the clue train in order to reveal the locomotive of the train. Then, you should focus on finding the item listed on the locomotive so that you can win the game. The game also boasts of being the only hidden objects game that only uses real life snapshots of the objects and the sceneries. Perhaps that is why the game is so much tougher than any other games! Anyway, if you enjoy giving your keen eyes a good run, Hidden Express is definitely the game you’ll love! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Hidden Express

by Aethyna Mar 16, 2015
All aboard the Hidden Express! Explore gorgeous photographic scenes in search of lost objects across different cities from around the world! Hidden Express: Art room Tea room in Hidden Express Hidden Express: On a boat Read More

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Great, fast-paced game

Hop on to the Hidden Express train and find hidden objects on this race against time to find unique objects like a croquet mallet, false teeth, an amethyst (do you know what that looks like?) and ma...Full Review
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