Letters from Nowhere 2

by Aethyna
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Letters from Nowhere 2 10 rate Lend Audrey a hand today and help her find her missing husband, Patrick, in this exciting hidden object game, Letters from Nowhere 2! Scour every nook and cranny of the abandoned town, Nowhere, with or without the aid of hints and power-ups. Are you up for a creepy adventure? If so, play this game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lend Audrey a hand today and help her find her missing husband, Patrick, in this exciting hidden object game, Letters from Nowhere 2! Scour every nook and cranny of the abandoned town, Nowhere, for clues that might just lead her to find out what happened to Patrick. Use hints and the variety of power-ups to solve challenging yet fun hidden object scenes. There are also several brain-teasing puzzles thrown into the mix. Collect enough stamps to unlock new game modes and feel free to fill up your trophy room with achievements too. Are you up for a creepy adventure? Play the demo for Letters from Nowhere 2 for free today and check it out!


It has been a month since her husband disappeared without a trace. While looking for her husband, Audrey stumbled upon a ghostly apparition of a deceased postman, who pointed her in the direction of the abandoned town of Nowhere. According to an old man in a magic shop there, there had also been cases of people vanishing in this town since 50 years ago. According to him, the old man’s father had led a team of civilians to investigate the problem back in the day and had found out the source of these disappearances. However, in his failed attempt to banish the evil, his notebook detailing his investigation was lost there. Now, pages from the diary have been popping up throughout the town and it is Audrey’s only lead to find her husband. Put your keen eyes to good use and help her collect all these pages!


The game starts off with an engaging storyline which outlines what happened in the first game of the series as well as placing a solid setting for this game. Letters from Nowhere 2 also provides a helpful tutorial to guide you through the basics of the game.

Once you’re in the game, you are presented with a display of the various scenes available in that episode of the story. Scenes in this game are generally broken up into episodes and each episode has a different number of scenes or locations to visit. After you’ve completed all the scenes in the episode, a final scene will be added to the list which will allow you to progress to the next episode once it is completed.

Each scene provides a word list of 12 items for you to search for without the urgency of any time limit. At least one of these items will require additional steps to collect it from the scene. For example, to collect the tape recorder, you’ll need to fix it first. However, this may pose as a minor annoyance for players as the game doesn’t highlight which item in the list is interactive. That being said, it isn’t very hard to figure out though, once you know which item in the scene will turn your cursor into the interactive symbol of gears moving.

Certain hidden objects when found may suddenly launch you right into a mini-game or puzzle that is related to it. For example, clicking on a mirror may throw you into a mini-game where you’ll need to piece together the broken mirror. Puzzles in Letters from Nowhere 2 aren’t very hard to solve and besides the “piecing stuff together” puzzles, there are also the usual “spot the difference”, “rearranging stuff so you can remove an item” and others. There is even a skip button that will recharge over a few seconds. Once recharged, you can merely use it to skip a puzzle that you don’t want to do.

In addition to hidden objects, the scenes also provide 1 black cat each for you to find. Black cats will give you a nice amount of bonus points. There are also up to 3 stamps per scene that you can find as well. Once you have 50 of them, you can then unlock a new game mode – the unlimited mode where you can revisit scenes from previous chapters and have fun replaying them. Amazingly, due to the design of the game, there is no need to repeat previous scenes at all, with the exception of going back to scenes in order to collect the stamps. So, if you do want to revisit the scenes, you’ll need to wait until you’ve all the stamps needed for that “unlimited” game mode.

Having some problems finding an object in a scene? Well, Letters from Nowhere 2 provides hints to help you. Hints can be used for an unlimited amount of time but they have a cooldown period in between uses, and will cost you 2500 points per use. Points in this game are pretty much like currency and you’ll also need them to buy power-ups that will help you identify hidden objects as well. These power-ups include thermometer, jack in a box, bonus palette and camera.

The thermometer works by becoming “hotter” (temperature increase on the meter) when you’re near to an object and “colder” when you’re further away. The camera, on the other hand, works by covering the entire scene with a brief flash, highlighting a random object in the scene by taking a photo of it. Power-ups may sound useful, but they are so only if you buy them prior to entering into a scene.


Most of the community for this game hangs out at the Big Fish Games website and forums, so if you fancy meeting your fellow players, you’d have better luck checking those places. That being said, the community for this game isn’t very huge, but some of them have stuck to the game series since its first game and will do so until the very last version comes out.

Graphics/ Sound

Letters from Nowhere 2 starts off by providing a creepy music with a lady humming hauntingly in the background. It is enough to get a couple of chills up your spine, especiall if you’re playing it in the middle of the night. While you’re in a scene though, the eerie music is replaced with something more relaxing but the haunting undertone remains. Furthermore, the game features very believable and high quality voice acting, which is somewhat rare occurrence in the realm of casual gaming.

In terms of visuals, well, the game has some pretty nice graphics. The scenes were drawn in such a way that the hidden objects are blended so perfectly into the scene, making some objects rather hard to spot. On the bright side, this makes the game much more challenging and fun!


To sum it all up, Letters from Nowhere 2 is a haunting classic hidden object game that has a very engaging storyline and the sense of exploration as you scour the various locations in the abandoned town of Nowhere (with the exception of the old man) for clues that may help Audrey find her missing husband. Each scene is unique and very entertaining to play, and if you encounter any trouble finding an object, there are hints that you can use and power-ups that you can buy. There are even interesting mini-games and puzzles that are fun and not too tough to solve. Thus, if you enjoy hidden object games that have a relaxing gameplay, a nice storyline and lots of classic hidden object scenes, then you should definitely give Letters from Nowhere 2 a chance. You won’t be disappointed!

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New Game Added: Letters from Nowhere 2

by Aethyna Oct 7, 2015
Lend Audrey a hand today and help her find her missing husband, Patrick, in this exciting hidden object game, Letters from Nowhere 2! Scour every nook and cranny of the abandoned town, Nowhere, with or without the aid of hints and power-ups. Are you up for a creepy adventure? If so, play this game today! Magic shop Spot the difference Nursery Read More
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