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by Aethyna
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2020: My Country 10 rate Being named mayor of a futuristic metropolitan among the island nations, you are now tasked with keeping your people happy by solving problems as they arise and ensuring that their needs and wants are met! Be the great mayor that you know you can be in 2020: My Country! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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2020: My Country is the follow-up to the smash hit, My Country, which has more than 15 million players around the world. In this amazing free-to-play city-building game, you will need to develop and manage a futuristic metropolitan as well as deal with the day-to-day problems and occasional disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, in your city. You can decorate your metropolis with a variety of greenery besides the usual offices and houses. You can even manually customize your parks in this game! Being named mayor of a “jewel” among the island nations, you are now tasked with keeping your people happy and ensuring that their needs and wants are met! Can you be the mayor your people need you to be?


After a rather short tutorial, though you’ll still be guided through the game via quests, you’re ready to begin your term as the new mayor of a futuristic metropolitan!

Your nation is destined for greatness, but you have a lot of “growing up” to do! Let’s start with the basics - constructing buildings. There are many different types of buildings in this game and they can be grouped into various categories, namely business (offices and shops), industry (mainly the service industries, such as public works, post office, police station and others), electricity, ecology (parks), tourism and mini business.

The buildings can also be separated into small and large buildings. Larger buildings go up in several stages and you can speed it up by investing some energy into it while smaller buildings can be built instantly. All buildings need to be built adjacent to a road. Running out of space? Well, you can make use of new lands by clearing shrubs, stones and trees using your energy to make way for your buildings too!

For certain buildings, such as business and industry buildings, you will need to hire a professional in order to maintain or occupy the building in question – to staff it, so to speak. For instance, for offices, you will need an entrepreneur while, for the post office, you’ll need a postal clerk to staff it. The hiring process is not simple though! You will need to gather the required materials by running errands in the appropriate buildings which will cost you a certain amount of energy and money. By the way, different buildings provide a chance for you to earn a range of items, and each time you “search” for an item there, you’ll earn the building in question some experience points.

These experience points will in turn, after filling up the experience bar, level up the buildings. Not all buildings can be leveled up, however, but those that can, usually business and industry buildings, are able to increase in level for up to 3 times (3 stars). Stars are important for you to unlock new ways to increase your income (which will be discussed later) as well as increasing your chances of getting the items you want from errands.

You can also upgrade or as the game calls it “decorate” your buildings by adding on items, like solar panels for houses or bushes and streetlamps for offices, to increase the value of the property and hence, earn a slightly more income from these upgraded buildings!

Besides residential, business and industrial buildings, you mustn’t forget about getting some ecological “buildings” into the mix as well! This includes the variety of parks that you can construct and customize! One of the best and most unique parts in 2020: My Country is that you can manually customize your parks. This means you can decide where to place your benches, bushes, lamps and trees in the park. You can also convert your park into a playground by adding in fun stuff like slides, swings and carousels. If you can spare the CountryBucks (premium currency), you can even add in a cool animated Jazz band to your park or even interactive fireworks! This is a really awesome feature to have! Of course, if you want to finish up everything quickly, you can opt for the game’s pre-set customizations for parks too!

All of this amazing stuff that you can do in 2020: My Country requires a substantial amount of money in addition to the energy consumption. Thus, let’s get down to the business aspect of the game and start your first venture! Run contracts in business buildings as well as in industrial buildings and turn a profit! You just need to assign a job, and depending on the duration you have to wait for it to complete, the rewards can vary from a little to quite a lot of money. However, for contracts, it’s an investment of sorts, so you’ll need to use some of your own money to start the venture before you can collect the reward!

There are 3 levels of contracts, namely short-term, standard and long-term. You can unlock longer and more profitable contracts by leveling up your buildings (up to 3 stars). Like the construction process, you can use your energy to speed up the job completion process as well! You can also collect money periodically from residential buildings too!

In addition to money, energy points are also a very limited commodity in 202: My Country. You can get a free refill of your energy whenever your city levels up and you can also get some more energy by asking for them from friends. If you have real life cash or CountryBucks to spare, you can also convert those into energy points. Occasionally, you can also earn some by collecting cash or materials/ items from buildings.
Sometimes, the game spices up your gameplay by adding in disasters and troubles, including flooding, earthquakes, ships in distress and even alien invasions. There will also be some citizens which will present you with problem that they need your help with. All of these can be easily solved if you have the required energy points and money, while you’ll get experience points in return.

2020: My Country is also a very social game. You can visit your friends’ metropolitans to admire their cities or to “spy” on their progress and perhaps get inspiration on how to decorate your city! You can help your friends out as well by clicking on certain buildings (up to 5 times daily) and depending on which buildings you clicked on, you will earn either bonus experience points or some extra money. There are also certain buildings that can only be built with the help of friends as you will get the Yellow Plan needed during your friendly visits to your friends’ cities. Thus, be sure to get some friends to play this game with you! Last but not least, there are even achievements in this game. Each achievement that you can get contains 5 levels and every level of achievement completed will reward you with decorative items or cash.


There are almost 600 thousand likes on the Facebook fan page of 2020: My Country and that is not at all surprising, considering that this game is very fun to play! Furthermore, due to the social aspect of the game, you can benefit from having a lot of friends who play the game as well! Therefore, perhaps you may be interested to find some new friends on the fan page and add them.

Graphics/ Sound

2020: My Country has amazing graphics that are a bit cartoony. Everything, especially the buildings, are very well-designed and look colorful! The music in the game feels catchy yet casual. The game even has some awesome sound effects, especially when you place a new building. There are some voice overs too!


In a nutshell, 2020: My Country is an extremely fun to play and very good-looking city-building game! The game contains a huge variety of buildings that provides you with money and special items needed to hire professionals, as well as decorations. You can easily earn money by carrying out contracts at business and industrial buildings or collect rent from residential buildings. Don’t forget to ensure that your citizens have the utilities (electricity) as well as beautiful parks for them to relax at! Parks in this game can be manually customized too! Do you have what it takes to develop a metropolitan that you can be proud of? Play 2020: My Country today and find out!

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New Game Added: 2020: My Country

by Aethyna May 20, 2015
Being named mayor of a futuristic metropolitan among the island nations, you are now tasked with keeping your people happy by solving problems as they arise and ensuring that their needs and wants are met! Be the great mayor that you know you can be in 2020: My Country! 2020: My Country: Polyclinic Parks in 2020: My Country 2020: My Country: Port Read More
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