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by Aethyna
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Sunshine Bay 9 rate Collect passengers from residential houses and send them on luxurious yacht cruises to various locations across the globe! Develop the docks and piers on your island's shorelines to house bigger and much impressive looking yachts. Provide your passengers with an unforgettable vacation experience in Sunshine Bay today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Mysteriously, you’ve been chosen as the manager of a beautiful tropical island where it is sunny 24/7... not that you’re complaining, of course! Enjoy the crystal clear waters, luxurious yachts and sun bathing while in the company of some great people. But, don’t forget about your duties as the manager. You’ll need to spend and invest money as well as time on the island to grow it into the ultimate beach resort. There are plenty of intriguing mysteries that you can explore on the island as well! So, don’t wait! Build the resort of your dreams and provide your guests with an unforgettable vacation experience in Sunshine Bay today!


Your island resort started off with just a couple of houses, a Port Terminal and a Town Hall, but don’t worry, you’ll get the place built up and ready for visitors very soon! The High Captain of the island will guide you through a series of basic lessons on how to be a great manager.

First things first, you’ll need to set up some infrastructure so you can ensure that you’ll earn income. Build a pier and a yacht dock, so you can purchase your first yacht. There are no building queues in Sunshine Bay, so you can construct as many buildings as you like simultaneously. As you progress though, you’ll eventually get to build bigger and better docks and piers that allows for bigger and more luxurious yachts. You can also build wharfs later on to repair damaged yachts.

Furthermore, yachts are important in Sunshine Bay as it is the main way for you to earn experience points and income, along with the occasional collectibles. Complete collections to earn collection items and also bonus income and experience points. You can send your yachts to various locations from all over the world, Changzhou, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Venice, Melbourne and many more!

However, prior to doing so, you’ll need to first refuel your yacht and load with passengers. Fuel is limited but can recharge by itself over time. Passengers, on the other hand, can be collected from, mainly, residential homes. Once “collected”, the passengers will then head over to the Port Terminal to wait for their ship there. The Port Terminal has a maximum limit of passengers that it can house. You can expand that limit by upgrading the Terminal. Naturally, if you can’t wait, you can always spend some real cash to buy more fuel or passengers.

In Sunshine Bay, you can receive yachts from various other places as well! Similar to sending out yachts, you can earn money, experience points and also collectibles from these ships. As a bonus though, these yachts may even provide you with free fuel and passengers from time to time.

Another way to earn money is to build commercial buildings, like restaurants, bars, clubs and other stores. Remember to collect coins from them periodically! In Sunshine Bay, there are plenty of missions that you can complete for you to earn bonus income and experience points. These missions are pretty easy to complete and most of them involves building something or sending your yachts to a certain location to get a specific quest item.

Don’t forget to decorate your beach resort/ city with the plenty of decoration the game has to offer! Sunshine Bay provides plenty of types of palm trees, parks, fountains, gardens and many others. You’ll also need to provide your people with sufficient electricity as well – power plants or wind turbines, take your pick. Ran out of space? Purchase new land expansions and expand your city! As you buy up more land, you’ll also uncover plenty of mysterious structures on your island. By repairing them, you will be able to get these derelict structures up and running again!

As you progress in Sunshine Bay, you’ll even get to set up diving trips and collect achievements along the way. There are plenty more features in this game, so play the game and discover them all yourself!


The community in Sunshine Bay is rather huge! Its Facebook fan page has around 500 thousand likes and the game itself has 100 thousand monthly active players. If you want to meet and add new friends who play the game, feel free to drop by at the fan page to meet some. If you encountered any problems or have any great suggestions while playing the game, you can also ask in the comments of the fan page as well! Don’t worry! The community is very active and you’ll get your answer.

Graphics/ Sound

Sunshine Bay has a very bright and colorful outlook to it, making the game seems like a very cheerful place to be! The building and yacht models are very beautifully designed and the scenery of the tropical island you’re developing is very pleasant-looking as well. In terms of sound, the game provides upbeat and casual music coupled with the calming sound of sea waves and seagulls. The game overall exudes a very cheerful and relaxing aura. It is the perfect game to wind down after a whole day of work!


In short, Sunshine Bay is a very well-developed management and building simulation game that allow you to set up and manage your very own island resort! In this game, you will have to set up houses so you would have passengers to send on yacht cruises to various locations around the world! Build docks to house your luxurious yachts and piers to send them on their way. You can even receive and service yachts from other places and may get some much needed passengers, fuel or even collectibles for your troubles. There are also plenty of commercial buildings that you can construct to earn more money. Do you have what it takes to develop your tiny tropical island into a beach-side paradise and a center for yacht cruises? Play Sunshine Bay now and find out!

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New Game Added: Sunshine Bay

by Aethyna Aug 9, 2015
Collect passengers from residential houses and send them on luxurious yacht cruises to various locations across the globe! Develop the docks and piers on your island's shorelines to house bigger and much impressive looking yachts. Provide your passengers with an unforgettable vacation experience in Sunshine Bay today! Beach in Sunshine Bay Sunshine Bay: Pier Beautiful resort in Sunshine Bay Read More
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