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The Tribez 6.5 rate Travel to a distant past inhabited by a peace-loving tribal people in this brilliant city-building/ farming simulation game, The Tribez! Help the people and discover various secrets and mysteries on this primitive world! With the tribesmen and women under your rule, will you be able to lead them to prosperity and happiness? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Travel to a distant past inhabited by a peace-loving tribal people in this brilliant city-building/ farming simulation game, The Tribez! Help the people by building up their primitive town into a bustling prehistoric city by recruiting new villagers, collecting more food and other resources as well as completing deals to earn money! Expand your land to discover various secrets and mysteries on this ancient world... some of these secrets may even bring you to new islands and realities to explore! With the tribesmen and women under your rule, you’ll need to lead them to prosperity and happiness in this brilliant city-building/ farming simulation game, The Tribez! Will you be able to do it?


You woke up with a start to a beautiful lady dressed in a tribal-looking costume. She introduced herself as Aurora, the daughter of Summer Wind, chief of the neighboring tribe. According to her, the Great Spirits have promised them a new tribal chief and well, here you are! Thus, she is tasked with verifying that you are indeed the one sent to them by the Spirits.

However, soon, your walkie talkie started crackling with the familiar sound of your professor’s voice. Your memories returned to you in a rush – you are, or in this case “were”, a research scientist sent through a dimensional portal to investigate a parallel world. Apparently, this prehistoric world you are now viewed as the prophesized savior of the people. It’s now up to you to live up to the hopes and wishes of your new tribe of people by helping them achieve prosperity through good town management and building.


To start growing your tribal village, your orders as the new tribe chief should definitely be something that relates to resource gathering or production. This is because resources are the cornerstone of every strong and prosperous tribe!

And among all the resources that you can obtain in the game, including marble, fabric, stone and many others, food is, without a doubt, of utmost importance! This is because every work your villagers will be doing in the village will consume a certain amount of food. The harder the task, the more food is required. You can obtain food by collecting berries from berry bushes, however, it is impossible to feed an entire village through berries picking. You’ll need to start a farm instead! Place patches (will cost you gold) and select a crop to grow!

There are many types of crops, such as watermelons, pumpkins, corn and wheat. Though, initially, you’ll only be able to grow watermelons. Upgrade your patches to unlock new types of crops! Farming is simple in The Tribez - you’ll just need plant, wait and then harvest your crops. Nonetheless, each patch of crops you plant will take up the time of a villager. So, in other words, you’ll have less villagers to order around, at least until the crop are ready to be harvested.

To increase the number of villagers your village can support, you’ll need to build houses for them first! This is when you’ll need to start gathering wood. Wood is a vital resource for construction and you can obtain quite a lot of wood by chopping down trees. You can also queue up your orders so your workers will have something to do right after they’ve finished their current workload. Also, remember that each action you take will consume some of your food, so be sure to have enough food stockpiled.

There is also an alternative way to obtain more wood that is by building a forester. You’ll need to place a villager there to work and spend some coins though before you can start the production process. The same alternative method can be used to obtain all of the other resources as you gradually unlock them. With sufficient resources, you can even upgrade your buildings so you’ll be able to generate more resources within the same period of time.

In The Tribez, despite the apparent importance of resources, you can’t exactly hoard them up since you have limited storage space in your warehouse. You can upgrade your warehouse to increase storage space by a little, but any extra resources that can’t fit in your warehouse will go to waste, hence, if you have any resources in excess, well, it’s better to just sell them to earn yourself a tidy profit instead of throwing them all away.

Now that you have enough resources, you can start constructing new buildings! Do take note that structures can only be built on even ground, so remember to remove weeds, stumps, trees or other obstacles (which will also consume food) before building! The construction process will take time and occupy 1 villager though, so if you really need the villager or the building, you could always speed the construction up using premium currency.

One of the first buildings you’ll probably need is houses! The game provides quite a range of houses that you can build for potential villagers to join your village. You can also collect profits from your houses – it may not be a lot, but at least you’ll have a steady supply of money. The next type of buildings is the trade and entertainment buildings. These are the primary money-makers of your town as you can invest a little money to conduct deals of varying durations to earn double or triple the money you’ve invested in the first place! Conducting deals will, unfortunately, occupy your villagers and each building can only conduct 1 deal at a time.

There are also social buildings and decorations that you can buy in The Tribez. You’ll need to build these to increase the level of happiness in your village. The higher the happiness level, the more villagers can be accommodated in your village. Your villagers will also have wishes from time to time. Fulfill them to get a special reward from them! If you need more space, you can always spend a hefty amount of gold to clear neighboring lands, which will naturally take time and occupy your villagers as they work.

As you expand your lands, you’ll eventually discover secrets about the island that you have never known before! These special items will unlock amazing adventures on new islands. Unlock all of the islands (there are more than 10 of them) and experience them all! Moreover, The Tribez also offers various achievements that you can acquire as you work to develop your village. Remember to claim your prizes once you’ve achieved an achievement.

The Tribez is also a very social game. In fact, the social aspect of the game play quite an important part in the game. It allows you to visit your friends and collect free resources from them. By doing so, you’ll not only help your neighbor and earn some resources in the process; you’ll also gain a bit of reputation. Your reputation level determines how many rewards you can receive per day for visiting friends, so be sure to keep leveling it up! You can even gift your friends some food or wood – free gifts won’t consume your own resources, by the way, and hopefully get one in return, so be sure to gift freely!


The Tribez is a very popular farming/ city-building simulation game. Despite being 2 years old, the game is still going strong! It has more than 900 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and its community is very active! Since you’ll probably need to add more neighbors as you progress in the game to obtain more gift packages, you might want to drop by and say hi! Make some new friends and add them so you can help each other out via gifting and visit each other’s villages.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony 3D graphics in The Tribez is really nice to look at and has a distinct art style unlike the other games produced by Game Insight. The brightly colored environment and cute characters certainly add to the charm of the game. In terms of sound, the game provides soothing and catchy tropical music for you to enjoy while managing your town. There is even voice acting for Aurora. The voice of Aurora is rather adorable with a unique accent that only people in the tropics would have.


All in all, The Tribez is a fun and attractive city-building and farming simulation game that offers you the opportunity to create a thriving tribal city filled with adorable tribesmen and women of your own! Set your villagers to work gathering resources and upgrading buildings to build up a strong and thriving economy. Make your city as appealing as possible by adding decorations and social buildings to attract new villagers to your city! Expand your land and if you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon various artifacts scattered around the island that will allow you access to various exciting adventures on entirely new islands! Will you be able to live up to your role as the prophesied great tribal chief, or will you lead them all to ruin? Find out now by playing The Tribez!

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New Game Added: The Tribez

by Aethyna Jul 13, 2015
Travel to a distant past inhabited by a peace-loving tribal people in this brilliant city-building/ farming simulation game, The Tribez! Help the people and discover various secrets and mysteries on this primitive world! With the tribesmen and women under your rule, will you be able to lead them to prosperity and happiness? Sail boat in The Tribez The Tribez: Farms Beautiful houses in The Tribez Read More

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It's Good, sure but it's Looong

I like this game quite a lot but the currency issue that pops up in all games of this nature is just as prevalent here. The time taken to achieve required tasks is also a pain. Hours and sometimes eve...Full Review
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