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Worms: Battlegrounds 8 rate Worms: Battlegrounds is a real-time strategy game where you assemble a team of worms and play against other players in slow-paced yet explosive free-for-all battles. Choose from a wide array of weapons to creatively decimate your foes. Fight in well-designed battlegrounds and use the terrain to your advantage! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Worms: Battlegrounds was released back in 2014, and today, it makes some sort of a second debut and is reintroduced to PlayStation 4 gamers as a free PS Plus title. Although we may agree that this isn’t a good offering this month, the game holds up pretty well so there’s no need to raise your torches and pitchforks. That aside, it’s a rock-solid Worms experience, and if you are a fan of the franchise, along with games like Gunbound, it’s definitely something you should be downloading if you’re a PS Plus subscriber.

The best way to describe Worms: Battlegrounds is that it’s a PvP game composed of two to four teams of four worms that will wage all out war. The battles are set in a 2D battlefield with various terrains and considerations. For example, there may be a pool of acid that can deplete your worms’ HP. You can defeat your opponents by either depleting their HP, or eliminating them from the play area.


A solid plot is not the strongest point of Worms: Battlegrounds and the other games in the franchise. After all, the characters are mainly wriggling earthworms with high-pitched voices and a comical dialogue. You don’t have to listen to the dialogue since most of the time, it’s utter and complete nonsensical fun. With that said though, there are 25 story and 10 “spec op” missions which are all glorified tutorials to get you ready for the multiplayer modes. It’s highly recommended to go through the stories if you want your multiplayer career to start on a high note.


The meat of Worms: Battlegrounds is its gameplay, and it does not disappoint. The best way to describe it is it is a turn-based 2D strategy game with shooting and platformer elements. In a nutshell, you will end up assembling a team of worms to combat other teams. There are several worm types, ranging from the tiny and fast one to the rather large type that gives off a huge explosion when it dies. After you’ve created a team that suits your overall play style, you can then get into the fray against other players.

Gameplay is relatively similar to earlier installments. You will have access to various weapons and equipment - 65 in total - to blow your enemies to a pile of ashes or meticulously send kick them off the play area. Each worm moves twice in a single turn, and both can either be used to go on the offensive or to get into position. Some of the weapons include the staple rocket launcher, shotgun, cluster grenade, mines, dynamite, and the fan favorite fire punch. You can also use jetpacks to fly from one location to another, or parachute to the ground below to avoid fall damage.

The weapons have a lot of strategic implications, so it’s essential to master on how to use them before you even go online. The controls are a little clunky at first, and it takes a great deal of effort to get used to them. Don’t be surprised if you end up jumping to your death in the first few games. There’s a steep learning curve you have to go through, and you just have to keep playing to make everything feel intuitive and natural. The game also has customization elements and a comprehensive level editor. You can change your team of worms’ costumes, along with their dialogue.


It’s easy to find a match in Worms: Battlegrounds. Usually, it takes just a couple of minutes to find a room of four players. The downside is though, not a lot of them have the presence of mind to tap the square button to get ready for the game, especially the hosts. Outside the game, there’s a subreddit but it’s not active, and it’s quite hard to find a place online to share your love for it.


In terms of presentation Worms: Battlegrounds is neither cutting edge or bad: it’s decent enough for a strategy game. Nevertheless, the arena maps are well-made and the finer details are pleasant to the eyes. As for the sound and dialogue, it contains the wacky and comedic interactions, reactions, and eccentricities the franchise is known for.


Overall, Worms: Battlegrounds is a decent game. Although it’s not in the league compared to previous PlayStation Plus titles, it has the potential to be a perfect party game best played if you have friends and family around. However, don’t expect it to be something you will be playing for hours on end: it’s not ideal for a binge session. Moreover, you will need a great deal of patience considering that opposing teams might take their sweet time in making their moves. Nevertheless, it’s free and it would be best to grab hold of it as soon as possible.

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New Game Added: Worms: Battlegrounds

by Mikhail Nov 25, 2017
Worms: Battlegrounds is a real-time strategy game where you assemble a team of worms and play against other players in slow-paced yet explosive free-for-all battles. Choose from a wide array of weapons to creatively decimate your foes. Fight in well-designed battlegrounds and use the terrain to your advantage! Free-for-all in Worms: Battlegrounds Fire punch in Worms: Battlegrounds Knocking an opponent in Worms: Battlegrounds Read More
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