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World of Warcraft 10 rate Enter into a world full of danger, war and faction rivalries that span decades of conflict. Travel to Azeroth, and choose your side from the Alliance or Horde, and then defend your ideals against enemies within and without. Destruction threatens at every turn, are you up for the challenge? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The world of Azeroth is divided, torn and running out of resources. The Horde and Alliance seek to claim what is left for their people, in search of survival. Fighting each other for years the two factions are constantly taking and losing ground to each other. And yet, at times they must fight together to preserve what they have left.

Greater threats keep appearing, from the Undead rampaging across the land to one of the most powerful dragons bent on destroying what he helped create. These threats have been many and varied, each deadly in a different way.

Over the course of the 10 year history of World of Warcraft there have been 6 expansions, with the latest released in November 2014, 10 years after it began. Each expansion has brought new levels, abilities and even new classes to the game, as well as an overall plot and final bad guy to defeat.

To summarize the expansions, the original game was fraught with danger from the Elementals, The Insectoid Qiraji and the rise of the Troll Gods. Each of these foes was born of Azeroth and there were glimpses of the past and future to come.

The Burning Crusade brought demons into the world, and the shattered realm of Outland, which was once a planet called Draenor. Following the demons in the next expansion came Arthas, the Lich King and his Undead Scourge. Then the great dragon Deathwing emerged in the Cataclysm expansion and forever changed the world.

Mists of Pandaria unlocked the Island of Pandaria, the Pandaran race, manifestations of the most primal of emotions and in the end the rise of a Warchief bent on world domination. In Warlords of Draenor that self same Warchief has been sent back in time, changed the history and brings his plans of domination back to Azeroth.


When it was first released, World of Warcraft was groundbreaking in its history, lore and style. You had 4 playable races for each faction, as well as 9 classes to choose from. Each class has a unique play style, and role within the game. There is also a massive world to explore, now with 6 continents to explore, the original 2 and more smaller areas brought in with the expansions.

The base classes are divided into Damage, Healing and Tanking, with the damage then being further divided into Melee and Ranged. There are now 11 classes you can play: Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior. Each of these has a completely different skill set, talents and spells or abilities.

Your class will have 3 different specializations that you can pick from, each with its own feel, role and equipment needs. There are also several talents that you pick from, these are powerful tools that help you in your chosen spec and each level of talents has 3 choices for you.

There are also 15 playable races, with 7 for each faction and 1 neutral, that will join either side when you reach a certain level. These races also have their own statistics and strengths, as well as looking and playing differently from each other.

Once you decide on a character, you are then entered into the world itself, there are currently 100 levels in the game, that sounds like a big number but don’t panic, there are several ways the game helps you to level up quickly to play at the maximum level. If you purchased the Warlords of Draenor expansion, you will automatically receive a character at level 90, and if you create such a character there is an introduction to the game that shows you the character easily and simply.

Once you are inside the game, there are several different things that you can do, either as an individual or by playing in a group. There are several ways you can see all of the content of the game, including tools to help you find groups for Player vs Player battlegrounds, dungeons and raids. You can also advertise and create or join your own groups.

Your character will also have the option to take up several professions, these enable you to make items that are useful to you or other characters, and can also provide a good way to make money in the game too. These are divided into primary and secondary professions. You can take 2 primary, and all of the secondary ones like cooking and fishing.

When you look at the game, you will see that you have several action bars, these are where you place the skills that you use in and out of combat. You can place pretty much any ability or item that you click to use on these bars, and they are pretty customizable. The skills your character has are laid out in an easy to use fashion with good tooltips.

The combat in World of Warcraft is really well designed, with each ability having its own animations as well as the effect, from shooting molten lava at creatures to jumping in behind your opponent to stab them in the back. The combat is in real time and gives you all the information you need in a responsive way.

There is something for everyone in World of Warcraft, with the option to join guilds and play with friends casually to the cutting edge of raid progression against the toughest encounters in the game. If hunting the opposing faction is what you want then there are battlegrounds and zones dedicated to PvP, of you could play on a PvP realm where anything goes on your enemy anywhere.


Over the course of 10 years, World of Warcraft has seen over 12 million players at the same time, this leads to a huge player base, all over the world. There are servers in 4 different regions, each tailored to the languages of that region.

You can chat to anyone in your faction, although you can’t talk to the opposing faction unless you change to a character of that alignment. In the cities there are channels dedicated to trading, finding guilds or just generally chatting.

One of the best ways to be social is to look for and join a guild, or start one yourself too. Playing through the dungeons and raids can also give you the opportunity to meet people. Though they are across servers so these groups can sometimes be a little less friendly.

Outside of the game there is a large forum community, and several websites dedicated to different aspects of the game, from PvP to the latest theorycraft and everything in between. Though there is a friendly rivalry between factions, many players have characters on both sides of the fence and in general there is a really good spirit around when you play.


The graphics for the game are simply stunning, with the latest expansion there was an overhaul of the character models, and the changes have made them look gorgeous to play. The detail of the world you play in is staggering with over 100 unique zones to play in. In combat there are lots of cool animations for the spells, abilities and monsters that you fight.

As well as the look of the zone, each one also has its own unique music, especially the raids and dungeons. The music pieces are quite long, but also varied and there is very little in the game that sounds repetitive.

Almost every creature you interact with has a voice, from the vendors saying a little something to the biggest characters being fully voiced. There are a few cut scenes that explore the story and the same actors have voiced them for 10 years. This adds a depth and consistency many games can’t match.


This game has been one of the biggest MMO RPG’s around for a long time, and it is for good reason. There is something for everyone here, coupled with state of the art graphics and a frankly amazing gameplay you can see why it is so popular. With so much choice and content, as well as more expansions in the works there is a long future for what has become the benchmark game for the RPG genre.

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by Adeaphon Nov 11, 2014
Enter into a world full of danger, war and faction rivalries that span decades of conflict. Travel to Azeroth, and choose your side from the Alliance or Horde, and then defend your ideals against enemies within and without. Destruction threatens at every turn, are you up for the challenge? World of Warcraft Worgen Dwarf in World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Cloud Serpent Mount Read More
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