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Shaiya 8 rate Choose to join the Vail and the Deatheaters under the banner of the Goddess of Darkness or rally with the Elves and Humans under the guidance of the Goddess of Light in this timeless MMORPG, Shaiya! Participate in exciting PvP events and tournaments or group up with other players in fun-filled raids. Try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Choose to join the Vail and the Deatheaters under the banner of the Goddess of Darkness or rally with the Elves and Humans under the guidance of the Goddess of Light in this timeless MMORPG, Shaiya! Explore the beautiful world while questing to increase your character’s powers. Participate in exciting PvP events and tournaments or group up with other players in an attempt to bring boss creatures down on their knees. The game also features plenty of mounts that you can collect and fun stuff that you can do. If you don’t mind the old-school look of the game, Shaiya can be a great MMORPG for you to enjoy. Give it a go today!


In a time before time, there was only darkness. The Goddess Etain came to this universe with a desire to create a harmonious world of her own and has created Teos Epeiros from her flesh. The rich world was crafted through her strength, will and longing for perfection and eventually was named Shaiya. The Goddess didn’t stop there – she even created the Dragon Gods to help her rule the kingdom of Teos Epeiros and countless other races, one of which, in an act of arrogance and foolishness, ended the Goddess’ life.

The entire world went into turmoil and only 2 members, Proton and Eustatin, survived. From there, Eustatin founded the Vail race with her son while Proton started the Elven line. As both races fought each other for the right to rule the land, one day, 2 new Goddesses, one from Light and another from the Darkness, have risen from the tormented soul of the dead Goddess. The Elves along with the humans rallied under the benevolent protection of the Goddess of Light while the Vail and the aggressive Deatheaters united under the Goddess of Darkness. War once again rages across the land between the forces of Light and Darkness.


To start playing, you’ll first need to choose a faction. There are 2 factions in Shaiya - the alliance of light or the union of fury. Then, you’ll get to select 1 out of the 6 different character classes, namely fighter, defender, ranger, archer, mage and priest... basically the archetypes of an MMORPG. Besides having class specializations, Shaiya also has a very unique skills system. Every level up will earn you two types of points – stat points and skill points. Stat points are used to increase your stats (Strength, REC, intellect, wisdom, dexterity and luck) depending on what your class needs, while skill points are needed for you to learn new spells or to upgrade existing ones. Naturally, as you level up, the skill points that you’ll get will gradually become limited. This forces you to selectively choose only beneficial spells that you can use in your spell rotation or is suitable for your play style to learn or upgrade.

Interestingly, once you’re done, you’ll be asked to choose a difficulty mode – either basic or ultimate. Both modes provide the usual MMORPG experience, but for the ultimate mode, you’ll get to enjoy better gear drops and some perks... at the cost of permanent death. This means that if your character dies in ultimate mode, he or she will be truly dead... much like in real life. You’ll then need to start all over again and that can hurt quite a lot especially when your character has reached a high level and had plenty of valuable items. However, if you crave a challenge, ultimate mode if definitely the way to go!

Like any MMORPG, questing plays a huge role in Shaiya to level your character up. Questing in this game basically involving killing certain number of monsters or collecting a specific number of quest items. However, there may be times when you’ll encounter timed quests whereby you are given a full hour to kill as many of the required monster or creature as you like before boredom sets in and you decided to turn in the quest. This sort of quests is the perfect type of quests for those players who have no life.... uhm, I mean, are immensely “hardworking” as you’ll get loot and experience points in proportion to how many creatures/ monsters that you’ve culled in the name of the quest.

Furthermore, to aid you in your questing journey, the game offers a nifty and very comprehensive quest tracking feature. The feature doesn’t only direct you to the quest location - it even highlights the amount of the monsters required by the quest that are available on your map in the form of green dots. Also, quest givers are helpfully marked out on your map as well so you can easily find new quests to do after completing your current one. There are also random events in Shaiya whereby players in certain zones or areas in the game world are given boosts, such as kill or experience point boosts. This is a great way to keep things interesting as you’re leveling.

While leveling, you may even get a random battleground call-to-arms that pops up. So, if you need a break from questing, this is something you can do in the meantime. After all, you’ll get the chance to show off your awesome PvP skills on the battlegrounds and if you managed to win, well, that’s a great bonus! The game randomly assigns battleground maps to each of these call-to-arms, but you don’t need to worry about getting bored playing the same maps repeatedly. Right, another important thing about these maps is that they are objective based, much like the PvP maps in World of Warcraft. Thus, mindlessly killing your opponents won’t guarantee your team a victory. Also, it’s always best to be well-equipped before heading into battle.

It’s also nice to note that Shaiya provides new leveling players with leveling packs that they can open up for a set of free gear (rare quality) and plenty of other goodies, like experience point boosts. In addition to that, you can also upgrade your gear by enhancing them, in terms of ability or stats, with lapis. However, much like the enhancement system in Dragon Nest and a slew of other MMORPGs, every additional enhancement you do will increase your chance of failure. If the upgrade process failed, your weapon or armor will be utterly destroyed, so yeah, you might want to have some backup gear just in case. If you’d rather not take the risk, well, you’ll be glad to know that any lapis you get in-game are highly tradable in Shaiya, particularly the higher level ones.

For PvE, Shaiya offers plenty of raids and adventures that you can participate in for fabulous rewards. In fact, the game supports up to a massive 30-person raid just so you can take on some of the greatest and most challenging bosses the game has to offer. There are PvP bosses that you can fight against too. In terms of PvP, the game has quite a range of PvP arenas that you can sign up for. There’s even a faction-vs-faction war where players from each faction vie for the Blessing of the Goddess a faction-wide buff that affect everyone in your faction... even if you’re not part of the mass of players competing for it.

Of course, Shaiya is a great and expansive MMORPG and there are plenty of other features in the game, such as mounts, costumes and pets, that you can enjoy. So be sure to check the game out and give it a shot.


The reason that Shaiya can persist until today is not only due to the fact that the game is pretty fun to play, but it also has a loyal player base. If you fancy playing the game with new friends, well, the best way to meet some is to sign up for a guild. By joining a guild, you’ll also gain access to guild-only features like the guild house. Guilds provide you with friends who you can level up or raid with. You can even taunt the other guilds with your guildies and hopefully, you’ll get to pit your lot against the people from the other guild in an exciting guild vs guild showdown!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Shaiya are pretty dated, and admittedly, there are plenty other MMOs out there that can provide much better visuals. However, if you don’t mind the graphics as much, the game has plenty to offer in terms of its gameplay. The music, on the other hand, is pretty awe-inspiring. It feels very inspirational and may bring to mind the march of a band of fellow characters to a final great battle (I’m indirectly referring to Lord of the Rings, if you get my drift).


In short, Shaiya may be a dated MMORPG with some old-looking graphics, but the gameplay the game has to offer is rather unique. Questing can be pretty fun albeit a bit grindy, while the PvE and PvP aspects of the game are pretty well-done (as in “fun and challenging”). There are also plenty of random events to keep things interesting in the game such as the battleground call-to-arms. For those crazy fellas who can’t resist a challenge, there’s even the ultimate mode that you can enjoy. So, it doesn’t matter if you do it out of curiosity or out of nostalgia, but be sure to check out this incredibly timeless game, Shaiya!

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