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Aura Kingdom 9.5 rate Experience the adventure of a lifetime in Aura Kingdom, the highly popular PvE-based MMORPG! The game offers an engaging and light-hearted storyline and a wonderful world for players, along with their Eidolons (combat spirits), to discover! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Experience the adventure of a lifetime in Aura Kingdom, the highly popular PvE-based MMORPG! The game offers an engaging and light-hearted storyline and a wonderful world for players, along with their Eidolons (combat spirits), to discover! Defeat bosses in dungeons to earn powerful loot. Don’t forget to fortify these new equipments so that you could reach the height of your strength and be able to finally beat the evil Shadow Knight, Reinhardt, and his horde of demons! The good people in the world of Terra need your help – do you have what it takes to be the saviour of these people?


A long time ago, the Cube of Gaia landed on the world of Terra, creating life and bringing forth numerous creatures and wonders. The Cube has also caused some changes to the local human population, selecting some of them, at random, to wield immense powers and the ability to command eidolons (powerful combat spirits that are bound to the summoner). These lucky souls, called the Envoys of Gaia, may not always choose the right path and misuse their powers to control the other normal people. Some may become so power-hungry that they sold their soul to their spirit pets and morphed into something that is both terrifying and have great strength. However, where there is evil, there will be light. There are also Envoys of Gaia, who stand up for the innocent and the powerless against these greedy and misguided Envoys. No matter whether they are good or bad, these Envoys of Gaia have written history with their exploits until today. And yet, the purpose of the Cube of Gaia is still unknown.

You play the role of a lowly garrison guard, who has been getting some disturbing dreams of late. One of the most prominent ones includes a huge war in between humans and demons. In this dream, you were tasked to help Templar Commander Andre to defeat the demon army. However, you were quickly defeated in the final battle against the leader of the demons and perhaps the most powerful Envoys in Terra, Shadow Knight Reinhardt. Being troubled by these dreams, you seek help from the village’s witch Elena who unwittingly triggered your ascension to become an Envoy of Gaia.

Being an Envoy of Gaia, you possess special powers, including your spirit-bound pet, that make you a powerful combatant, but you risk succumbing to all the power and losing yourself to evil in the process. Hence, you set off to find a way to free yourself from the burden of being an Envoy and to avoid being claimed by the dark side. As you journey across the world of Terra, you will find out if you decide to keep your powers and use it for good or will you succumb to greed and sell your soul for even more power?


Aura Kingdom offers 12 classes to its players for free. This includes 5 melee classes, namely guardian, ravager, duelist, katar and tachi; 3 ranged classes, namely gunslinger, battle bow and grenadier, and 4 magic classes, including bard, wizard, sorcerer and scythe. Each class will have their own pros and cons, for example, ravagers may have epic area-of-effect (AoE) abilities but they have no self-healing skills.

However, not to worry! The weaknesses of your chosen class can be easily compensated by choosing the right Eidolon (pet-spirits) type to match your character. Each player is given up to 4 types of Eidolon to choose from at the beginning – Eternal Youth (tank Eidolon), Cheery Sylph (healer Eidolon), Daring Dragon and Regal Unicorn (damage-boosting Eidolons). Just by choosing the correct Eidolon, you can easily quest in Aura Kingdom without needing to depend on other players!

There are generally two types of quests in this game – normal quests and hidden quests. Normal quests contribute to the progression of the storyline and are basically consisted of grinding-based quests that require you to kill x number of monsters or collect x number of items. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the monsters may even drop the coveted ‘valuable treasure chest’, which contains 1 random epic gear and 2 rare equipments! Furthermore, questing in Aura Kingdom is made even easier by its efficient auto-routing system. With auto-routing, you will never have to figure out quest locations by yourself! It’s extremely convenient!

Hidden quests, on the other hand, are repeatable quests in which the quest progress cannot be tracked. This means that auto-routing will not work for these quests and you will actually have to figure out where to go or who to approach next. Hidden quests can easily be spotted on the map and is not exactly ‘hidden’. Moreover, since these quests are fairly simple quests, they are mainly there to provide extra experience points.

The combat system in Aura Kingdom is rather straightforward (like don’t stand in the red circle of doom) and can easily pick up, especially if you have played other MMORPG games before. The more unique part of its combat system is its different types of skills. Skills in this game can be separated into 3 major categories – primary, secondary and special. Primary skills are your class’s main skills that will unlock as your character levels up; Secondary skills are additional skills that will only be unlocked after level 40 while special or ultimate skills are generally support skills that everyone has, such as reviving, gliding and ten ton drop (whereby you do a super-jump and slam back to the ground, dealing AoE damage). There is also a masteries category that will be unlocked when your character hit level 14. Masteries are skills that you can purchase from your class master and equip, which will change how your primary skills work – and of course, the change is the positive type (increased damage or duration of effect, from single-target to AoE skill etc).

Combat in Aura Kingdom is further simplified by the auto-potion feature. With auto-potion, you can easily set the system to automatically use the equipped potion whenever your character’s health dropped below the percentage that you’ve set. You will never get caught dead again due to forgetting to use your potion while fighting a particularly challenging monster!

Want to excel in combat? Well, the easiest way is perhaps by leveling up. In Aura Kingdom, you can progress very easily even without doing too many side-quests. Each level up will reward your character with stat points that you can use to improve your attack, defense or derived (support) skills as well as the occasional path point. Path points are used in your skill path (called Envoy’s path) to unlock new paths that will in turn provide some sweet stat bonuses or unlock new special skills.

There is also another way for your character to become stronger and hence, reducing the chance of being defeated – by upgrading your equipments! Most players should already know that they should be equipping the best gears for their characters; however, not many of them know the importance of fortifying their gear. Your items can be fortified by using fragments that you can obtain by salvaging gear that you no longer need. Furthermore, players could even inlay secret stones into their equipments (1 secret stone per equipment) to further boost its stats. Refining is also necessary for them to vastly improve the grade of the trophies that they equip. Therefore, you may have the best gear there is, but without enhancing your equipments, you will be losing out on some nice stat boost that may be a matter of life or death for your character in certain critical situations.

In addition to the many things that you can do in Aura Kingdom, there are also plenty of achievements for you to obtain, whereby some of them could be obtained by just eavesdropping on amusing conversations between villagers or by killing certain special monsters that roam the world of Terra. Each completed achievement will award you with loyalty points that you can use to purchase special items at the Item Mall. If you managed to complete an achievement below the recommend level, you will also earn some extra loot!

Most achievements come with their respective titles. Titles in Aura Kingdom confer certain benefits (added damage or stats) to your character as well, so do remember to use or change your titles accordingly. Besides titles, you can earn adventurer medals by completing landmark objectives. More medals mean higher rank and your rank will affect how your character panel design look to yourself and to other players.

Any good MMORPG should have its own economy and Aura Kingdom, being the awesome MMORPG that it is, certainly has its own economy too! Players in this game are able to trade items with other players usually via the trade channel and the auction house. For players who are level 40 and above, they are allowed to set up their stalls in cities and villages (similarly to Ragnarok Online). In terms of inventory space, Aura Kingdom is pretty generous – each player are given a large personal inventory, whereby you can equip up to 5 backpacks to further expand your inventory space. Players are also given a personal bank (with 20 slots and more if you have any backpack to equip), a shared bank (10 slots), a secret stone bank (10 slots for storing secret stones only) and, to role-playing players’ delight, a costume bank (10 slots).

Let’s not forget the star in Aura Kingdom (besides you, of course) – the Eidolons! These spirits will participate in combat and gives some nice buffs to your character. You can even command them bring you gifts by linking to Gaia every 10 minutes. These are no ordinary pets as well – they all have a quirky and sometimes humorous personality that brightens up the scene, especially during dialogues. Eidolons are extremely important in Aura Kingdom as it reflects the power of its master/mistress! Hence, it is always wise to feed your Eidolon with plenty of crests or symbols that will permanently add stats to your Eidolon. Another great way to improve your Eidolon is by evolving it (this does remind you of Pokemon, right?). This feature is only available to level 40 characters and each Eidolon can be evolved up to 3 times. At the last evolution stage, your Eidolon will morph into a different form and will definitely look way cooler than before!

Best of all, you can have more than 1 eidolon, so feel free to go ahead and start collecting them all! You can get more Eidolons for free through two special quests at level 25 and level 50 respectively. You can also collect energy crystals dropped from dungeon monsters at a very low rate that can be later swapped for a hero emblem that gives you a chance to get an Eidolon key. For higher level players, you can visit the Temple of Eidolon up to a maximum of 4 times per day to get a shot at earning Eidolon soul boxes which may contain a new Eidolon that you yet to collect. However, do note that you are only allowed to have 3 Eidolons alongside you at any time. The rest of your Eidolons will remain unsummoned.

Being a game that focuses on PvE, the game offers a variety of exciting dungeons at varying difficulty and modes. Solo mode is the easiest that can be completed by yourself. Party and hell mode will both require a party of 5 players to enter and the toughness of the monsters in these dungeons will be scaled up tremendously. Lastly, there are dimensional halls whereby 3 players will need to cooperate and take down a mean demon boss! After completing all the dungeons in Terra, there are Otherworld dungeons for you to conquer! Otherworld dungeons are basically the parallel version of the original dungeons in Terra that contain even stronger monsters and bosses. This is currently the highest difficulty that PvE-loving players could enjoy in Aura Kingdom!

Despite being a game that emphasizes on PvE, Aura Kingdom also caters to its PvP players by providing two major types of platforms for PvP – duelling and arena. Duelling is a one-on-one form of PvP that requires consent from both players before it can start, while arena is a team-based PvP that will be unlocked at level 40. No matter what your preference is, Aura Kingdom has it, that’s for sure!


The community in Aura Kingdom is usually friendly and helpful to new players. They are also very passionate about the game, to the point where their passion is translated into a plethora of fan art and boss fight videos on YouTube. There are also plenty of guilds that you can join to be a part of the steadily-growing community at Aura Kingdom.


Since the game is anime-based, the game contains plenty of pretty-looking and well-drawn anime characters that look unique enough though its character animations are somewhat similar to the characters in other games The scenery in the game is also astonishing, so be sure to get that print-screen-button-pressing finger ready to capture some really nice screenshots! However, the camera can be awkward at first since it is firmly locked to your mouse - It may takes some getting used to. Aura Kingdom also contains some really nice soundtracks that changes depending on your character’s state (out-of-combat or in-combat) as well as the location your character is in.


Aura Kingdom is an excellent anime MMORPG that emphasizes mainly on the PvE aspect of the game. It has a well-written storyline, stunning graphics and amusing dialogues that make the game feel vibrant. The Eidolons in the game are rather adorable as well and you can collect all of them (like collecting Pokemons)! Although its quest may seem a bit of a grind in nature, the game compensates by providing a dynamic combat system that you can customise to match your play style. The game also has fun and exciting PvP arenas and PvE dungeons in addition to a whole lot of achievements that you can earn and world bosses that you can hunt for. In short, this amazing free-to-play MMORPG is certainly worth your time and if you enjoy it, you could always choose to stay.

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