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by Aethyna
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Tree of Savior 10 rate Go against the demonic horde amassed by the Demon Goddess Giltine and her malicious associates in a last-ditch attempt to bring her down and to restore peace to the realm once more. Do you have what it takes to be the savior of the world? Find out by playing Tree of Savior today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Plunge yourself into an epic war between good and evil in this brand new MMORPG, Tree of Savior! Journey across the beautiful world in this game and help the locals with the troubles while growing your powers. Go against the demonic horde amassed by the Demon Goddess Giltine and her malicious associates in a last-ditch attempt to bring her down and to restore peace to the realm once more. Do you have what it takes to potentially be the savior of the world? Find out by playing Tree of Savior today!


The protectors of the realm are missing! Goddesses who were supposed to guard the world against the demons have mysterious vanished, and in their absence, a powerful Demon Goddess, the Demon Goddess Giltine, has decided to take control of the lands. With her horde of demons, she caused what is known to be a war of epic proportion between the demonic horde and the human forces – the Medzio Diena. This war has not only decimated the human forces, but also wrecked devastation on 2 major human settlements, Klaipeda and Orsha, damaging Klaipeda and razing the castle of Orsha to the ground.

With the seed of calamity firmly planted, it seems that the war between good and evil has all but lost… that is until you came along. You are the savior the realm needs, but in order to be a match to a Demon Goddess, you’ll need to journey across the lands and grow your power by helping the locals deal with the problems, both demonic and non-demonic in nature.


To start playing this epic MMORPG, you’ll first need a character to play as. There are 4 archetype classes for you to choose from, namely the stalwart Swordsman, the elements-wielding Wizard, the hawkeyed Archer and the life-saving Cleric. Each character class has their own special abilities, play styles and difficulty levels. There are even 3 advanced classes you can choose from every time you level up your character by 1 rank, with the second rank being at the tender level of 15. Not to mention, in Tree of Savior, you are allowed up to 4 characters per account for free, so if you would like to try out all of the classes, well, you don’t exactly have a reason not to!

The game’s character customization aspect leaves much to be desired though. Aside from being able to choose a character gender, 1 out of 10 different predetermined hairstyles and color, and either Klaipeda or Orsha as your starting zone, you don’t exactly get to really personalize your characters – to make them uniquely you. However, the game’s amazing gameplay does more than compensate for this lack of customization.

When you first start out in Tree of Savior, you might be a bit surprised as the default controls in the game was somehow set to keyboard mode. This means moving your character using the arrow keys - the “horror”! Thankfully, for those who are used to the WASD and mouse controls can switch to this more familiar set of controls by simply heading to the settings and selecting “mouse controls” instead. It’s also interesting to note that the game provides controller support, so if you would like to play the game using your controllers, you may.

As Tree of Savior is somewhat based on the old-school MMO concept, you can definitely expect plenty of running around and grinding to level up. In fact, since the game allows players to reach up to a whopping level 270 at the moment, you’ll definitely be spending a lot of time levelling in this game. What are the few ways to level up though? Well, honestly, the easiest is definitely questing.

The questing process in Tree of Savior is pretty usual for an MMORPG. This means lots of killing-type quests sprinkled with some more unique ones like quests which involve killing a boss monster or collecting a certain amount of quest items. However, due to the game’s old-school inclination, kill-stealing is actually a thing in this game. This means the player who dealt the last blow on a monster will get the kill credit. This feature might not be such a bad thing unless you happen upon a player who simply likes to troll you while you’re questing. To some older players, kill-stealing may even bring back some fond memories of the good ol’ days.

Interestingly, there’s also a special “Return” button that will only be activated when a quest is completed. You can use it to teleport almost instantly to the quest giver and turn the quest in. This is particularly convenient when you are exploring the various floors of a dungeon-like questing location - running through throngs of monsters all intend on ripping your character into shreds just to turn in a quest is most certainly frustrating.

And trust me; getting killed is definitely not at all fun as you’ll need to travel all the way from the city to the questing location, wherever that may be. Thankfully, the game made things slightly easier with warping. Warping is like some sort of a teleportation system and is only available in main areas of the game, such as cities and questing zones.

Although the world in the game is quite huge, navigating the place is surprisingly easy in Tree of Savior due to its map overlay. As opposed to the usual map interface, the game superimposes the zone map over your screen so you could move your character while referring to the map. This feature is extremely convenient, especially when coupled with a minimap and quest (mob) tracking.

Besides questing, there’s also a monster hunting (a.k.a. “raiding”) aspect where players can band up and attempt to defeat a particularly tough-to-kill boss monster. The combat system in this game is very well-designed and thought-out. Instead of the usual tank and spank, you are actually required to move around quite a bit to avoid devastating spells that bosses often cast. A red-colored highlighted area will help you identify which areas to avoid and which are safe to stand on. Of course, despite being causing a lot of hurt, the abilities bosses use will not instantly kill your character and that you can consume potions if you’ve made a wrong move and suffered a huge attack. Raids like these usually yield rare rewards when the team’s victorious in the battle.

However, as these fights can be difficult, you’ll need all the advantage you can get. This is where your character level comes in. Levels are important as they usually come along with skill and stat points. A new skill can be easily learned by simply putting in a skill point. You can also upgrade your skills by adding more skill points into them. Although you start off with 5 skills at first, once you’ve specialized into an advanced job, you’ll be able to access a new range of skills in addition to your old ones.

For attributes, you’ll need to get advanced versions of them by buying them off a class trainer using in-game cash. Attributes can augment your passive masteries, such as your character’s cloth, leather or plate mastery, as well as your active abilities. You can also enhance your equipments using anvils, which can be purchased using game cash. Depending on the success rate, your item will either be successfully upgraded or become broken. It’s just a risk that you’ll need to take.

Stat points, on the other hand, can be invested into any of the 5 stats that are relevant to your class, namely intelligence, strength, spirit, constitution and dexterity. However, you should really choose wisely in terms of which stat to advance as like almost all the free-to-play MMO games out there, you’ll need to spend real cash tor reset your stats. It’s also quite a challenge to balance out your characters’ stats so that they will be good enough in the roles they play, be it in PvE or even in PvP.

Since we’ve already covered PvE (questing, monster hunting), we’ll now take a quick look at PvP. PvP in Tree of Savior is instanced so there won’t be any open world PKs, at least not now. Instead, players are given arenas to fight in. At the moment, there are only 5-vs-5 team battles with a nice gear equalization to give matches a nice bit of balance. However, the game has yet to implement a 2-player duel, which actually shows good thinking on the developers’ end as some classes are particularly good in 1-on-1. It can be really tough to balance such matches.

All the fighting aside, if you’re a collector at heart, you will definitely enjoy collecting all the companions or pets this game has to offer along with its myriad of achievements. Some of these companions can sometimes even double as mounts, so it’s pretty good investment to collect them.

Lastly, from a quick look through the game’s in-game shop, Tree of Savior can definitely be certified as not “pay to win”. They only offer cosmetics, convenience items like leveling boosts, skill resets and megaphones in exchange for premium cash, called TPs. Obviously, TPs can be bought using real cash. One thing of note though – this game provides some sort of a premium account which players can activate by using a special Token.

This Token can naturally be bought using TPs, but interestingly, you could also buy it using game cash if someone put it up on the Market (a.k.a. Auction House). Premium users will gain access to a range of perks, such as getting special gesture animations, can trade more often, and get bonus experience from killing monsters – nothing that will make a premium user a super-powered killing machine, that’s for sure!


Being one of the most anticipated MMORPG that is converted from Korean into English, the community over in Tree of Savior is definitely on track for some rapid growth. There had been complaints of long queue times for some servers, particularly the SEA ones – if I were you, I’d avoid Varena and Telsiai like the plague... at least for now.

Like most MMORPGs, the game offers guilds for players to segregate to. In this game though, guilds are single class-based. Thus, this makes choosing the right class to play even more important than before, especially if you plan on making a guild with your friends.

Graphics/ Sound

Although Tree of Savior is an anime MMORPG, its anime art style is quite cartoonish looking and unique. It does bring a refreshing feel to the game, as opposed to the same graphics most browser MMORPGs keep using. Due to the dreamy-like feel o the visuals, the game also presents a mystical atmosphere that perfectly suits the game’s fantasy theme.

In terms of music, the game has some amazing soundtracks that vary widely from soft and soothing to techno tinged with some elements of rock music. The sound effects are also very well-done. It’s simply amazing!


In short, Tree of Savior is an incredible anime MMORPG that doesn’t only look and feel great, it is also very fun to play due to its more “active” combat system that forces players to be more aware of danger in a fight, unique rank-based job advancements, as well as the huge and picturesque world to explore. If you love MMOs with adorable anime characters and a more “action-based”-like gameplay, Tree of Savior is definitely a game you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Try it now!

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New Game Added: Tree of Savior

by Aethyna May 17, 2016
Go against the demonic horde amassed by the Demon Goddess Giltine and her malicious associates in a last-ditch attempt to bring her down and to restore peace to the realm once more. Do you have what it takes to be the savior of the world? Find out by playing Tree of Savior today! Shopping for companions in Tree of Savior Tree of Savior: Boss fight AoE ability in Tree of Savior Read More
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