Record of Lodoss War Online

by Aethyna
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Record of Lodoss War Online 7 rate Stop the evil gods and their defeated army from breaking out from their sealed prison in this one-of-a-kind MMORPG, Record of Lodoss War Online! Enjoy a somewhat dungeon-crawler-like gameplay that features hack-and-slash combat, a dual-leveling system, and fun anime graphics. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Record of Lodoss War Online is a somewhat old-school, anime-themed MMORPG that has a unique top-down-like view, a straightforward hack-and-slash combat, and a storyline that’s intriguing enough to make you stick around. In addition to its unique Reaction skills that works in a combo-like manner, the game also features a myriad of dungeons to challenge with friends, a merc system where you can recruit AIs to aid you in your adventures, and also a dual-levelling system where you level up both your character and your character’s ranking in the Adventurer’s Association.


More than 30 years ago, the army of the evil gods emerged from the deepest labyrinth with the sole intent of bringing chaos to the magical island of Lodoss… and they nearly did it too if there were not a united force consisting of humans, elves, and dwarves that was led by 6 valiant heroes. Needless to say, the forces of good prevailed and the evil gods were sealed in their labyrinth once again.

Since then, the people of Lodoss thrived. Several kingdoms were established, with each claiming a sizeable chunk of the island for their own. However, trouble brewed yet again and apparently, there is an evil sorcerer, Bagnard, who is hellbent on bringing back the evil gods. He has been doing the rounds, trying to resurrect the evil gods’ army as well.

Being one of the few brave adventurers who knew about his nefarious plot, it is up to you to help save Lodoss from being plunged into another chaotic war.


You have to bear in mind that Record of Lodoss War Online isn’t a very new game, and hence, it has only a single server left running. However, this shouldn’t deter you from trying the game out, especially if you have a penchant for dungeon-crawler-like games.

To begin, this game provides you with up to 5 different character classes to choose from, namely Esquire, Magic User, Shaman, Rogue, and Oracle, with the first 2 classes being males and the rest, females. The gender and the race of the classes are pretty much fixed though.

Different classes are able to use different weapons and control difficulty, and they have different battle roles. For instance, the Oracle is primarily a healer class while the Esquire is the only tanker class. These basic classes can also be advanced later on. The Shaman, who started off as an archer/summoner class, for example, can eventually specialize and become an elementalist or a ranger. Best yet, the game allows you to create up to 4 characters per free account – you basically can play a majority of the classes in the game for free!

Now that you’re in the game proper, you may be tempted to skip the tutorial and just try to figure things out on your own. Honestly, I’d not recommend that. The tutorial in this game can be a tad bit lengthy since it is incorporated into the game’s early gameplay, but if you want to learn more about the game, it is detailed and comprehensive enough to get you started. Trust me, this little inconvenience will help to get you ready for the rest of the game.

The controls in Record of Lodoss War is pretty straightforward – you simply use left click to move and to attack. However, what you may not know is that you can right-click to target an enemy of your choice before attacking. Tab works too but it will automatically select the enemy closest to you, which may not be the mob you need to kill.

Combat in this game is really simple as well. There’s no need to dodge; no need to aim. Though, you may need to select some skills, or your health-replenishing potions or food from the Quick Bar below from time to time. I’d like to also point out that in this game, the speed of movement can be quite frustrating, particularly for a plate armor-wearing character mainly because movement speed heavily depends on the type of armor you wear.

This also means that there aren’t any armor restrictions, unlike weapons, and thus, you basically can wear whatever type of armor you like, be it plate/mail, leather or cloth. However, the game does impose a pretty hefty armor penalty if you wear the wrong armor type for your class. So… there’s a “hidden” restriction in place after all.

For some classes, skills aren’t as important since their normal auto attacks do quite a lot of damage already, due to having a good set of gear. However, certain classes, mostly casters, do rely on their skills to deal the majority of their damage. As opposed to the 2-skill system that most game uses, this game has 3 types of skills. There are your usual actives and your passives, but this game adds in Reaction skills which are basically a chain of skills that will automatically be activated whenever you have a combo running.

Naturally, the more combos you have, the higher tiered skills within the chain will then be activated, which often means that you’ll be dealing additional damage. There are 4 sub-types of reaction skills too, though I’m still unsure how exactly the other types are involved in the game’s combat system. Do take note that skills aren’t automatically learned whenever you level up. Instead, you will need to head over to your class’s skill master, and spend gold and skill points to learn new skills or upgrade existing ones.

In addition to your usual skills, you will also have access to a series of talent trees of some sort via the Adventurer’s Association. As mentioned in the summary, this game has a dual-leveling system. You’ll need to not only level your actual character up; but also your character’s rank in the Adventurer’s Association. This increase in rank will earn you points to invest in the many abilities and boosts you can get. You can even earn special Partner Boosts by completing certain milestones in the main story-based missions.

Another interesting point to note, in this game, loot is literally dropped from slain mobs on the ground and you’ll need to pick them up one by one, except for gold where you can simply use the Dowsing tool (Spacebar), which will be explained in detail later in this review. This is unlike some other MMORPGs where you have to loot the corpse of your enemies for the items and gold. However, this doesn’t mean that you can “steal” other people’s loot like in Old-School Runescape, at least not until the person has left the area.

The loot system is quite different as well. Instead of randomizing a long list of loot items. The game states right at the beginning – when you first enter a new zone a.k.a. what the game calls a “Hunting Field” or “Dungeon” – the few types of loot you can get randomly from drops, so you can get a heads up on what sort of stuff you can expect to get. Of course, this also helps if you want to farm for a certain loot in an area. Loot comes in different qualities too, so despite having like only 5 types of armor that you can get in a Field, you might still want to farm an area for a bit in hopes of getting lucky and subsequently a 3-star drop.

Like most MMORPGs, Record of Lodoss War Online is also pretty quest-heavy since this is where most of your experience points will be coming from. There are multiple types of missions that you can complete, and they mostly consist of the usual stuff, such as killing X number of monsters or collect X number of quest items. However, the game is very particular about the type of creatures you kill as well as the location you slay them in. If you get any of them wrong, you won’t be credited for your quest.

In addition to being quite grindy – the Elimination quests in particular, the missions do bounce you between NPCs for quite a bit as well. Sometimes, as you are killing mobs, a special golden tombstone-like thing will appear. Attacking this tombstone will help you summon an Elite Gold Monster, which when killed, will drop better rewards. Having said that, there are some unique quests you can get from time to time when you level up or when you found a treasure that has a side-quest linked to it.

Now, treasures, or more accurately, the process of hunting for it is a rather special aspect of this game. It is still up for debate if this feature existed in this game before Archeology exists in World of Warcraft, but it doesn’t really work in a similar manner. To find all the treasures in this game, you will need to really explore every corner of the map you’re on while keeping an eye out for a patch of sparkles. It is at this patch where you can dig up a treasure chest by pressing Spacebar. The chest usually contains a fragment of the collectible but sometimes, as mentioned, you might even get a nice little side-quest.

However, I should point out that during my review of this game, I’ve noticed that the main story quest, Talk to Slayn, cannot be completed, making it impossible to advance beyond level 17 without being forced to farm mobs for exp. Hopefully, this little game-breaking bug can be fixed asap.

Aside from questing, the game has exploration dungeons which are different from the “Hunting Field”-like Dungeons. Although they are both filled with elite and much tougher-to-kill monsters, exploration dungeons usually have bosses in them while normal dungeons don’t. Most of these dungeons require 2 or more players to clear too, so be sure to read the requirements and don’t waste your free daily entrances trying to solo a dungeon that you can’t possibly do alone.

There are plenty of features in this game to the point where it is impossible to cover everything within a single review. However, I’d like to just quickly go through some other features that I think is important in this game, such as the mercenary system where you can recruit up to 2 other NPCs to join you in your adventures; fun stat-boosting titles to earn, free teleports to town, and an account-wide vault where you can use to transfer gear or other items between characters. Players can also set up their own stalls, a.k.a. “Sales Agency”, to sell goods that they don’t need.

Being a freemium game, Record of Lodoss War Online also has an in-game shop which sells a wide variety of premium goods ranging from exclusive cosmetics and costumes to certain perks such as exp boosts or gold boosts in exchange for Grand Gold (premium currency).


Guilds are a quite important part of this game and if you can join an active one, be sure to do so as soon as you can. You’ll find that getting a group for a low-level dungeon may become so much easier if you’re in a guild.

That being said, you might want to lead a guild yourself. If this is the case, you can set one up for a low price of 5k gold and be in a group with at least 3 other guild-less players who will be happy to join you in the founding of your guild. Oh, you’ll have to be level 10 and above as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Despite having anime graphics, Record of Lodoss War Online is, at its core a Korean game, and hence, you can see a lot of Korean influences in the game’s art and music too. For me, I really like the Korean music that’s played on the login screen. It sounds so inspirational! The camera view adopted by this game is quite different as well – it’s more like Drakensang Online. It may not feel as immersive as the view used in games like TERA or World of Warcraft since your character looks so small here, but it’s different and I can applaud that.


Record of Lodoss War Online is a pretty decent MMORPG with a nice background story, great anime graphics despite its age, and a hack-and-slash gameplay that is quite entertaining albeit a bit repetitive. The game isn’t too difficult to get into since the tutorial did its job rather well. However, there’s currently a main quest bug that prevents you from progression beyond level 17 and this is something that the devs need to get fixed asap or they will lose their new players at this point.

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