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Pirate 101 10 rate Ahoy there, me hearties! Have you always wanted to be just like Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, now you can! Introducing Pirate 101, where you get to recruit your own crew, buy and upgrade your magnificent ship, plunder other ships and find chests of buried gold. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ahoy there, me hearties! Have you always wanted to be just like Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, now you can! Introducing Pirate 101, where you get to recruit your own crew, buy and upgrade your magnificent ship, plunder other ships and find chests of buried gold. You can also have awesome sky battles with the armada and earn yourself a reputation as the most fearsome pirate captain that lived! What be you waitin’ fer? Create your pirate and set sail on extraordinary adventures today!


In Pirate 101, you start off as an orphan who found him or herself in the brig of a ship that belongs to the armada due to some misdeed. However, the armada’s ship was under attack by a pirate ship led by Captain Boochbeard and his trusty first mate, Mr Gandry (who is a talking monkey with a French accent). He attempts to free you since a prisoner of the armada is definitely an ally for a pirate, but was foiled by the faulty door. Luckily, away was blasted open for you and you escape from the cell! In your escape, you helped a fellow prisoner as well, who became the first of your faithful crew. However, after meeting up with Captain Boochbeard and Mr Gandry and escaping to the deck, your path was blocked by the notorious Spymaster of the armada, Deacon! Your first battle ensued. Will you emerge as the victor?

The storyline in Pirate 101 is presented in a humorous way as all of its major characters have a funny personality and quirky dialogues. In addition, the voice acting for the characters made the story so much more entertaining! As you progress in the game, you will unlock many other mini-stories through quests. Have fun finding all the stories in the game!


After choosing a gender and name for your avatar, you will need to select a background story on how your character’s parents died (since you’re an orphan in this game). You can choose from shipwrecked while hunting for treasure, drown in a storm, killed during a mutiny or even executed by the armada for piracy. Then, you will have to select where you grew up. From the martial arts institute in Mooshu to the dirty back alleys of the town in Skull Island, each of these locations can be linked to a particular class of character in this game.

Pirate 101 offers up to 5 different classes for you to choose from – musketeer, privateer, buccaneer, swashbuckler and witchdoctor. Each class have their own plus side as well as a downside. For instance, a swashbuckler is quick and can attack multiple targets at a time, but he has low health and cannot withstand much damage. If you would like to try out every class the game has to offer, you can! Pirate 101 allows you to create more than 1 character, so that you can enjoy playing the game from a slightly different angle.

Then, you are allowed to customize your character. After all, a pirate must dress to impress! Select from the extensive list of outfits available as well as the huge palette of colors provided. Lastly, you get to design your own pirate flag! Choose a suitable icon and a base pattern for your flag. Don’t forget to choose their colors as well! The colors for your base pattern are particularly important as all your crew will be wearing uniforms of the same colors . Choose wisely!

One of the first features that you will encounter in Pirate 101 is companions. This feature can be considered as the bread and butter of the game’s gameplay – without your crew of companions, it’s extremely tough to progress in this game. Companions can be earned through recruiting or after you’ve helped them or agreed to help them in some way. Similarly to your main character, these companions will need to level up to be stronger. However, instead of levelling up by using experience points, you will need to use companion training tomes on them. These tomes can be bought for a price at the local tavern. Although you can have a lot of crew members, only one of them, your first mate, will follow you around as you explore the world of Spiral.

Ready to go knock out some scallywags? If ‘aye!’ is your answer, then grab that cutlass of yours off its stand and let’s go! The turn-based combat system in Pirate 101 is very well-designed and is team-based. A battle can involve up to 4 crew members per player (including the main character) while each battle can be involve more than 2 players, with their crew, at a time. Each battle is resolved on a battleboard whereby you can view all the characters in the fight from the top. For every turn, your characters will have limited number of moves and you can use those moves to either attack or move your character across the board. After issuing orders to your crew, you can execute those orders by clicking the ‘done’ button. Bear in mind that you have limited time to decide on your moves before the turn is automatically passed. At the end of every battle, treasure chests will be dropped and you will need to quickly click on them to gather all the booty.

Moreover, each character is randomly given skills from their list of available skills to use in battle. These skills can provide a vast array of beneficial effects to your team and devastating ones to your enemies. Some characters have skills that allow them to attack all the enemies around them and some, on the other hand, have a heal spell that they can use on your crew members and other friendly pirates. These skills can only be used once per battle, so you will need to use them strategically. When used at an opportune moment, these skills can save your team from certain death.

Similar to Wizard 101, other players can also join in your battles by just walking towards your battleboard. The more the merrier, right? With allies in battle, you will not only defeat monsters and rival pirates more easily, you, as well as your allies, will earn a special treasure chest that is only dropped in cooperative battles. This chest will require all involved players to unlock and will give better-than-usual loot!

In order to always win your battles, you will need a good set of items. These items are usually dropped from slain monsters or pirates and can be bought at the shops in all major towns in the game. Furthermore, you will also need to learn new talents (passive skills) and powers (active skills) from your class trainer from time to time. These powers will allow you to have special skills (as aforementioned) in battle.

To be a true pirate captain, however, you will first need your own ship! Luckily, once you’ve completed the first quest for Captain Avery at Skull Island, you will be given your first ship… ahem, a death trap of a boat… free of charge! Don’t worry though, with the money you’ve earned from quests, you will soon be able to afford to give your ship a makeover and some pretty sweet upgrades, like adding more cannons. You can also choose to save all those money up until you can afford a brand new ship as well! Being a pirate captain, you can own a fleet of customized ships but will only be able to use 1 at any time. The rest of your ships will be kept in a magical bottle, so that you can carry them around easily. With a ship to call your own, you can set sail to explore the wondrous world of Spiral! Note that ships in Pirate 101 sail the skies instead of the sea and it’s super cool!

However, earning your spanking new rust bucket brings a new form of danger… sky battles! As you travel the skies, you may encounter other rival pirates, the armada as well as flying wildlife that really doesn’t like you. In response to their dislike, you can send some cannon balls flying their way. It’s fairly easy to engage a rival ship to battle – just sail right up to it and your ship will automatically start firing its cannons. However, if you’re up against a stronger opponent, it may be better to scamper. There are wind lanes in the sky that will pick your ship up when it is in the lane and accelerate it to its respective final destination. Another option is to turn tail and sail the opposite direction with your ship’s boosters at full thrust. You will live to strike back on another day!

As a new and proper resident of Skull Island, you are given a room to call your own at the Dormitory. You can purchase furniture and decorate it as you see fit for a pirate captain! In between adventures at the seas… err, skies, you can put your legs up for a good rest. If you enjoy mini-games, Pirate 101 also offers a range of challenging mini-games, such as coin drop, rat attack, pirate’s pub and windjammer, at the tavern. For every high enough score that you get, you will earn a nice pile of gold. You can play these mini-games for unlimited number of times too, but you will only earn gold for the first 10 games per day.

For the explorer at heart, you can try to search for all the randomly spawned treasure chests that are scattered throughout the world of Spiral. Although some parts of the world are locked for members only, there are still a sizeable number of places for you to quest and explore! There are also many other features like pets (that you can farm for by defeating bosses) and mounts that you can purchase, collect and show off to your friends. Despite being awesome-looking, most mounts are, unfortunately, only usable for around a day after purchase and can be rather expensive.


Following the outstanding success of its preceding game, Wizard 101, quite a number of Pirate 101’s players are fans of Wizard 101 while some of them are players from the defunct Pirates of the Caribbean Online. However, this game does not stay in the shadow of Wizard 101 for long. As the game improves (Pirate 101 is relatively a new online game) with more free content and features, like PvP, Pirate 101 may soon dominate the pirate gaming community!

That said, the game does not provide in-game guilds, but instead offer an active message board to players to discuss and chat about all things Pirate 101. There is also a pretty large fanfic community of Pirate 101 that brought you amazing stories from the Spiral in the form of Pirate 101 saga or popular stories like Isabel Quinn, the Pirate Queen.


The game has brilliant graphics that is evident in the many beautiful types of scenery that you can find on Skull Island (the starter zone) alone! It has plenty of well-animated characters (especially during combat). It’s great that the game incorporate some slow motion for its combat animation, making it look cooler than ever!

The sound in this game deserves a huge round of applause (and pass the rum, or in the game’s context, Yum, all around) as well! The pirate music is very upbeat and does bring out the adventurous feeling of being a swashbuckling pirate. The voice acting is absolutely amazing. In fact, without the voice acting, some of the funnier parts in the story in Pirate 101 will probably fall short.


Pirate 101 offers an immersive pirate adventure in the beautiful world of Spiral that is suitable for all ages. Instead of offering something similar to its highly popular Wizard 101 game, the game allows you to build up your own crew of fearsome pirates and have a magnificent pirate ship to call your own! Thus, you can fight enemies both on the ground with your crew or in the skies on your ship! Furthermore, the story in this game and its characters are humorous and entertaining, making its quests such a joy to complete! There are also so many classes of characters for you to choose from and you can even get cool pets and mounts in this game. If you’re looking for a pirate game that is fun for the whole family, look no further! This is definitely the game that you seek! So, hoist those colors high and let’s set sail on an epic pirate adventure!

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New Game Added: Pirate 101

by Aethyna Nov 25, 2014
Ahoy there, me hearties! Have you always wanted to be just like Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, now you can! Introducing Pirate 101, where you get to recruit your own crew, buy and upgrade your magnificent ship, plunder other ships and find chests of buried gold. Pirate 101 Fin Dorsal Swashbuckling in Pirate 101 Pirate 101 Character Read More
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