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Mahjong 8 rate A perfect mix of solitaire and pairs, Mahjong is an exciting mahjong game that you can play with, or more like, against your friends! Challenge them to an old fashioned mahjong duel and see who'll emerge as the victor! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Mahjong, developed by MegaZebra, is a perfect mix of solitaire and pairs mahjong game. The games are timed and you’ll earn a bonus for every 10 matches you do! If there are no more moves, you’ll even get 1 reshuffle for free! If you’re stuck, you can also ‘buy’ hints using your score points. After training yourself up in solo mode, don’t forget to challenge your friends to a fast-paced and friendly match of mahjong! Sounds exciting? Well, what are you waiting for? Play Mahjong today!


The gameplay in Mahjong mimics other mahjong-based games, thus if you had experience with any other mahjong games, you should feel at home in this game. However, if not, you may find it a bit confusing at first since the game does not provide a tutorial for its gameplay. Though basically, it goes like this…

In each new game, you’ll be presented with a board filled with mahjong pieces arranged in certain formations, namely crossing, diamond, mounds, totems and many others. Similarly in the classic Pairs game, whereby you flip open cards to match 2 of them together, you’ll need to match 2 mahjong pieces with the same patterns, numbers or words together. Instead of flipping cards over in a Pairs game, in Mahjong, you’ll need to uncover hidden mahjong tiles by matching the tiles on top or on its either side. Once exposed, the tiles will then be available for matching.

Time is a critical aspect in this game as the games are all time-based. You are given 300 seconds (exactly 5 minutes) to match as many mahjong pairs as you can! The timed feature in Mahjong made the game much more challenging and fun to play!

In addition, points in this game are given based on a combination of the number of tiles matched and score bonuses. Each tile in this game has their own respective score points and these score points vary from game to game. For instance, the 8 bamboo tile match may be worth 30 points in one match and 10 points in another. The points seem to be assigned randomly to each tile match. Thus, in order to get a high score, you may want to focus on matching the tiles that gives the highest scores first.

Furthermore, after every 10 pair of matched tiles, you will also earn addition score points in the form of a time bonus. The time bonus will be calculated from that exact moment (as noted on the timer in the game) when you scored your 10th pair. This means that if you managed to complete 10 pairs within a short period of time, you’ll earn more time bonus!

If you’re stuck, don’t panic! Mahjong provides a nifty hint feature to help you out! However, hints are very costly – it will cost you 100 score points per hint. Thus, it’s best to try finding pairs yourself first and leave the hint as a last resort. However, if you’re stuck with no moves left, the game also provides you with a free reshuffle. The reshuffle will change the positions of the Mahjong pieces on your board, allowing you to start making matches once more! Do bear in mind that this feature can only be used once. If you hit a dead end for the second time in the same match, then it’s game over for you.

Not to mention, Mahjong also offers 3 different game modes - two of which are competitive in nature. The modes include play solo, challenge a friend and challenge other players. Play solo mode is pretty much self-explanatory – it means that you’ll be competing against yourself… or more like, against your previous high score, so that you could possibly set a new high score record! This is a great training ground for the competitive modes, so be sure to practice frequently by playing this mode.

The competitive modes in Mahjong allow you to compete either with your friends or with strangers on the leaderboard. Add your friends to the game, then just select their name from the drop down menu and you can start the rumble! You can also accept challenges from friends as well. If you don’t have any friends to play with, have no worries! You can easily stop by the leaderboard and select a potential candidate to challenge. Do note that since they are listed on the leaderboard, they must be really good mahjong players, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you lost.


There are more than 730,000 likes on Mahjong’s Facebook fan page! This number may seem small in comparison to “triple A” casual game titles on Facebook, like Candy Crush Saga, but it’s a pretty respectable number for a niche-based mahjong game such as Mahjong. The game is currently very active as well, despite being 5 years old and counting!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Mahjong look really plain, but are very well-polished (the tiles practically have a sort of glow to them) and designed! The background is the same picture every time you play the game and the tile patterns cannot be customized. This is indeed a bit disappointing. Furthermore, there is absolutely no music in this game. Thus, if you have any music that you’d like to listen to while playing, do feel free to put them on!


Although the game lacks a lot of features, such as different themes for the tiles and backgrounds, and achievements, that made other mahjong games much more interesting, Mahjong focuses more on its competitive aspect as well as on the core gameplay of mahjong games. Since the challenging matches in Mahjong are timed, you may find yourself barely having any time left to think – you’ll be too busy spotting matches as fast as you can! If you need any help with the game, there’s always the hint that you can use, though it will consume 100 of your score points. After some intensive training in solo mode, you are ready to take on your friends in a highly competitive and “not-so-friendly” match of mahjong! If mahjong duels are what you seek, then Mahjong is the right game for you! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Mahjong

by Aethyna Mar 19, 2015
A perfect mix of solitaire and pairs, Mahjong is an exciting mahjong game that you can play with, or more like, against your friends! Challenge them to an old fashioned mahjong duel and see who'll emerge as the victor! Mahjong: Challenge friends Tortoise formation in Mahjong Pillars formation in Mahjong Read More
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