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by Aethyna
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Mahjongg Dimensions Blast 5.5 rate Complete as many mahjong puzzles as you can within 1 minute! Chain up your matches and earn amazing multipliers and watch in glee as your high score sky-rockets its way through the roof! You can also use some of the boosts purchased from the shop to give yourself an extra edge as well! Sounds fun? Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you love mahjong games with a fiery passion, but seem to find the usual mahjong games a bit dull as of recent? Well, fear not – introducing this unique and amazing 3D mahjong game, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast! In this game, you will have to complete as many mahjong puzzles as you can within 1 minute! Chain up your matches and earn that super-beneficial multipliers and watch in glee as your high score sky-rockets its way through the roof! You can also use some of the boosts purchased from the shop to give yourself an extra edge as well! Don’t forget to compare your scores with your friends’ at the leaderboard – it is the competitive element that makes this game so much more exciting to play! Mahjongg Dimensions Blast is, without a doubt, the one game that every self-proclaimed mahjong fan will have to try... at least once! You definitely won’t regret it!


Due to the game’s rather unique gameplay, it’s best to go through with the game’s tutorial and pay close attention!

The mahjong blocks in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast are designed in a completely 3D form... somewhat like a virtual rubric cube that you can turn in 360 degrees. This does make the gameplay to have a rather different feel than the other mahjong games. However, in terms of the core gameplay, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast sticks to the mahjong rulebook so experienced players of online mahjong should be able to grasp the game rather quickly!

To play, you will need to match 2 mahjong blocks of the same pattern together. Due to being in 3D, you can twist the entire ball of mahjong tiles around by clicking on the blue arrows on the sides. However, similarly to any mahjong game, only exposed blocks can be matched. So, you should match the free edges of the mahjong structure given, before tackling the other tiles that are sandwiched in between!

Not to mention, you will need to complete as many matches as quickly as you can since the game is timed. Once you’ve finished a puzzle, a fresh puzzle will be instantly presented. Don’t wait or hesitate – just go straight in and tackle the second puzzle with the same vigor as you did the first! When the time is almost up, you’ll be notified, so you can focus on your puzzles instead of needing to keep checking the timer at the top of the screen.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast spices things up by adding special tiles, such as the blue tiles which will appear randomly as you complete matches. When you matched a blue tile, you will get a permanent +1x multiplier to your default 1x multiplier. This means that you will generally get 1 times more points for the entire match! Besides blue tiles, you can also earn more multipliers by getting combos. To get a combo, you’ll need to chain up your matches. This means that you will need to continuously complete correct matches (no wrong clicks) to encourage your multiplier to start increasing!

Besides combos, you can also match quickly to fill up the blast meter on the left side of the screen to enter into the explosive Blast mode (this feature is only available after you reached level 4 though)! In this mode, every match you make will unleash a powerful explosive charge that will remove a few pairs of mahjong from the board for you! Furthermore, each blast mode will only last for a rather short period of time so you should make full use of it. Continue matching quickly to keep filling up your blast meter and enjoy blasting your way through puzzles after puzzles in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast!

Getting a decent high score can be rather difficult at times, especially since the puzzles gradually become much tougher to solve as you level up. Thus, having a few boosts here and there won’t hurt! There are 4 basic types of boosts, namely :07 time boost, mirror multipliers, “start with 3x multiplier” boost and blocked tile guide, all of which can be purchased using in-game coins. The :07 time boost, obviously, provides you with an additional 7 seconds to the clock (you get to have 5 of these for free!) while the blocked tile guide functions to show you which tiles are accessible and which are not. To unlock all of them, you will need to complete your first collection of collectibles by playing multiple games! There are other collections that you can complete as well, but those don’t usually provide you with new boosts, but instead, they offer new puzzles for you to enjoy!

Now that you have some boosts, how can you use them? Well, in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast, you need to equip the boosts you want to use before entering a match to use them. There is a maximum of 3 slots for you to equip boosts in, but you only start with 1. The other 2 can be unlocked when you level up.

Moreover, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast provides a lot of other mini-features, such as a free daily spin for a chance to earn extra coins, boosts or some of the rare VIP only stuff! There is also an in-game cash store, where you can buy more coins, sign up for Mahjongg Dimensions Blast’s VIP membership and buy boosts. If you enjoy switching around themes, you can rejoice – you’ll get a plethora of themes that you can choose from in this game!

Last but not least, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast is also a competitive game. At first, you’ll be practicing playing this game by trying to beat your own high scores with every subsequent game you play. However, once you reached level 6, you will unlock the leaderboard which allows you to pit your high scores against the high scores of other players from around the world or even somewhere closer to home... your friends! If you somehow managed to claw your way up to the top, why not share your glory and triumph with your friends by posting it on your Facebook timeline? You definitely deserve the bragging rights after all!


There are around 1 million likes on Mahjongg Dimensions Blast’s Facebook fan page! This number may seem small in comparison to “triple A” casual game titles on Facebook, like Candy Crush Saga, but it’s a very decent number for a niche-based mahjong game, no matter how unique it is, such as this game. In fact, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast may just possibly be the most popular mahjong game on Facebook! The game is very active as well, despite being 3 years old and counting!

Graphics/ Sound

The music contained in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast is a dance-type music with nice beats and plenty of awesome techno effects. It feels strangely rejuvenating in its own way. On the other hand, the graphics in this game are simply astonishing! Just take a look at its blocks and even its backgrounds! Every one of them are so lovingly designed and rendered that you can practically feel the love the developers have poured into this game. It is amazing!


In conclusion, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast is an incredibly addictive and fun 3D mahjong game that has a very unique gameplay and interesting puzzles for you to enjoy! Complete matches continuously to earn bonus multipliers and complete matches as rapidly as you can click your mouse button to trigger the explosive Blast mode! There are also boosts that you can buy using in-game coins to help you through the tougher puzzles in later levels as you level up. Complete collections to unlock new boosts and puzzles as well! Compete with your friends or the other players worldwide to see who can get the highest score of all time! Challenge yourself today by playing a mahjong game that is so unlike other mahjong games you’ve played and ask yourself this - How many puzzles can you finish within 1 minute?

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New Game Added: Mahjongg Dimensions Blast

by Aethyna Jun 1, 2015
Complete as many mahjong puzzles as you can within 1 minute! Chain up your matches and earn amazing multipliers and watch in glee as your high score sky-rockets its way through the roof! You can also use some of the boosts purchased from the shop to give yourself an extra edge as well! Sounds fun? Play it now! Mahjongg Dimensions Blast: Blue tile Walls in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast Mahjongg Dimensions Blast: Gateway Read More
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