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by Aethyna
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Cafe Mahjongg 9 rate Enjoy playing over 120 different levels of mahjong while collecting up to 15 original coffees from the barista with every fully stamped punch card you have! Don't forget to keep track of the coffees you’ve earned throughout the game! Start your day by immersing yourself in an aromatic adventure in Café Mahjongg now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you love the aromatic smell of coffee in the morning while enjoying a game of mahjong? Well, if you do, please join us for a cuppa in this exciting mahjong game, Café Mahjongg! In this game, you’ll be able to enjoy playing over 120 different levels of mahjong. With every completed punch card, you’ll earn 1 out of the 15 original coffees to collect from the barista! Thus, the more you win in Café Mahjongg, the more taste testing you’ll be doing! Also, you can even keep track of the coffee you’ve earned throughout the game! So, what are you waiting for? Start your day by immersing yourself in an aromatic adventure in Café Mahjongg now!


The game offers 2 game modes – house blend and espresso, though for the free version, you’ll only get to play house blend. Espresso is, assumingly, the timed version of the game. Then, before you start playing, you’ll need to choose which mahjong tile sets you will want to use. You’ll start off with the default coffee-themed tile set along with the free holiday-themed set, but you can unlock more tile sets, such as traditional set, kids set and playing cards set, as you play the game.

Once you’re done selecting, the game will truly commence! Café Mahjongg begins by introducing you to the game via a tutorial. Even though you have experience playing mahjong before, it is best to let the tutorial run its course... and it’s a very short course, so don’t worry!

Right, first things first – you should know that in Café Mahjongg, the objective of each level you play is to clear all tiles from the puzzle. To remove tiles, you’ll need to match identical tiles together by clicking on both of them. Once a match is made, these tiles will be removed from the board and the counter showing your remaining number of matches will be reduced by 1.

However, like any mahjong game, a tile is not selectable if there is a tile directly above it or if there are tiles adjacent on both the left and right sides of it. If any of these happen, then the tiles are known as “blocked tiles” and you cannot use them for matches. Interestingly, Café Mahjongg provides you with 2 holding slots to help you solve just that problem! Holding slots are shown at the top center part of the screen and is used to hold a tile for future matches. You can use it to hold a tile that is blocking the tile you want as well!

Besides the holding slots, Café Mahjongg is also unique due to its different types of bonus tiles. There are generally 2 types – the flavor tiles which are colored in red and the pastry tiles that are colored in orange. The flavor tiles include sugar cinnamon, syrup and cream while the pastry tiles include éclair, cinnamon roll, scone and muffin. What does “bonus tiles” mean then? Well, it means that you can match any of these 4 tiles of the same type with one another, even though the pictures on the tiles are different. In other words, for bonus tiles (including both flavor and pastry tiles), as long as the colors are the same, you can match them up.

In addition, there is also a timer at the top left corner of the screen that counts up (not down). So, the faster you complete a level, the more bonus points you’ll get! The time you use to complete a level is also recorded, thus, you can replay levels to try to best you previous best time. Do try to obtain as high a score as you can get by replaying levels as well!

Furthermore, by winning matches, you’ll gradually fill up your punch card with stamps. Once you have completed all the stamps on a punch card, you’ll earn a new coffee, which is then added to your collection. The game offers up to 15 different types of coffees for you to earn including the white chocolate mocha, cappuccino, café latte, café au lait and caramel macchiato. Well, actually though, not all on the list are coffee and the game might have secretly added in some types of tea too, such as chai tea and organic green tea tonic.

Oh, darn it! Did you made a wrong move? Well, you can use the “undo” button to move a step backwards. What if you can’t find any matches anymore then? In that case, you should use the “hint” option first to see if there are any more matches. If there are, a purple indicator will pop up and helpfully show you a random possible match. However, if there are truly no more moves for you to make, then you’ll need to use the “shuffle” button to rearrange the tiles on the board and hopefully, you can continue playing the game after that! All of these helper options are free to use and you can use them as many times as you want. Awesome, right?

Café Mahjongg contains over 120 levels for you to enjoy, so you’ll not get bored so easily! So, if you’re interested, be sure to head over to Big Fish Games and check the game out!


Café Mahjongg has a rather small but loyal community of players. The game also has an unofficial fan page on Facebook that you can check out if you like, but the main bulk of the community usually hangs out at the game’s assigned forum at the Big Fish Games website. So, hop on over to the forum and start chatting with your fellow mahjong enthusiasts and who knows? You may also make some new friends along the way!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics, particularly the tiles, in the game aren’t exactly top-notch, but the visuals’ pretty good for a casual game. The background images are very nicely done as well. The part where Café Mahjongg really shines through is its sound! The game is filled with the sound of the usual hustle and bustle of a busy café. There are even brilliant sound effects whenever you matched up a pair of bonus tiles, for instance, the sound of coffee filling the cups or tinkling sound of the teaspoon hitting the cup. For any coffee-enthusiast, they might start getting that nagging feeling that they need a cuppa just by listening to those sounds.


In summary, Café Mahjongg is a fun-to-play yet challenging, coffee-themed mahjong game that allows you to collect up to 15 different types of coffees (and some tea) by playing mahjong games! There are over 120 levels for you to enjoy and by winning a level, you’ll get yourself a stamp on your coffee punch card. Once you get all the stamps needed to completely fill the punch card, you can then claim your coffee from the barista! The game also offers a range of tile sets that you can unlock and switch whenever you like as well as 3 different helpful options, namely undo, hint and shuffle, at your disposal! So, don’t wait! Whip up a brew of aromatic coffee while enjoying levels of mahjong in Cafe Mahjongg now!

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New Game Added: Cafe Mahjongg

by Aethyna Jul 8, 2015
Enjoy playing over 120 different levels of mahjong while collecting up to 15 original coffees from the barista with every fully stamped punch card you have! Don't forget to keep track of the coffees you’ve earned throughout the game! Start your day by immersing yourself in an aromatic adventure in Café Mahjongg now! Coffee with newspaper in Cafe Mahjongg Cafe Mahjongg: Fun tiles Flavor tiles in Cafe Mahjongg Read More
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