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Shadowgun: Deadzone 9 rate Prove that you have the courage to fight against the best warriors from around the known universe by signing up and joining Shadowgun: Deadzone! Engage in a fierce battle of survival with your opponents and don’t forget to upgrade your weapons or even research and unlock new ones! Will you survive the Deadzone? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Prove that you have the courage to fight against the best warriors from around the known universe by signing up and joining Shadowgun: Deadzone, the deadliest third person shooter game there is on the internet! Engage in a fierce battle of survival with your opponents and don’t forget to upgrade your weapons or even research and unlock new ones! The deadzone is no playground and, for newbie players, the skill ceiling can be pretty high. Unless you can keep a cool head, steady your aim and train up your lightning reflexes, you may not survive in the Deadzone! Do you have what it takes to advance through the ranks in Shadowgun: Deadzone?


Like most games, Shadowgun: Deadzone starts off with a tutorial. However, the tutorial does seem to lack quite a lot of instructions, particularly on some of the controls during combat. Thankfully, you can easily check out what controls are available in the game by checking out the controls option in the settings menu.

For those who prefer to learn the controls as they go in the game, well, let’s get right into a battle then! Shadowgun: Deadzone offers 2 game modes as of current – deathmatch and zone control. Deathmatch is the usual “one against all” fight. For zone control, which is only unlocked once you reached rank 4, you’ll be enjoying a team-based (blue and red teams) shootout in an effort to capture all zones on the map. The team with no remaining zones or spawn tickets loses.

The game, however, has a rather lousy match-making system. So, you should expect to get thrown in with people who are 10 ranks or more higher than you – and not to mention, ranks play a rather huge role in this game as higher ranked players not only get better guns, but also better stats and perks. It can be truly hard to compete when you’re getting killed in one shot while your opponent can take whatever you can throw at him.

That being said, Shadowgun: Deadzone is still a fun game to play. Once you start up a game, you’ll be brought to the spawn menu. Here, you can double check your loadout and equipped items and boosters before entering the game. You loadout consist of mainly a passive perk, a weapon (your starter submachine gun) and a type of grenade. There are no melee weapons or secondary weapons in this game. Once you’re done, click on the “spawn” option, wait for the spawn timer to end, and you’re ready to rumble!

The controls feel a tad bit clumsy in some cases, but generally, you’ll be using WASD to move your character, left shift top sprint and spacebar to roll on the floor. You can even take cover behind various objects and walls, but it’s more like an automatic kind of thing. Your character will “auto-snap” to cover when your character moves close to the object. To get out of cover however is a tad bit tedious and feels somewhat buggy. The third person camera view may also seem a bit odd and confusing at first, but with time, you’ll be able to get used to it.

Do you remember that you don’t have a melee weapon in this game? Well, in Shadowgun: Deadzone, you can still deal an automatic melee attack when your character moves very close to an opponent who is facing you. If you do that, your character will, hopefully and automatically, knock the enemy down for a few vital seconds. The “hopeful” part is needed as you may risk getting knocked down yourself by your opponent, which, of course, spells death... most of the time anyway.

Earning in-game cash in Shadowgun: Deadzone can be rather slow, but once you have enough cash, you should definitely spend them – all of them - in research. Research is immensely important in this game. You’ll need it to upgrade your existing weapon or obtain new weapons. Research in this game comes in the form of a research tree, so you’ll need to research basic elements at the top in order to get to the more advanced technologies at the bottom. Each weapon, once unlocked, can be upgraded up to 4 times (4 stars) due to the 4 different stats that every weapon has, namely damage, accuracy, clip size and fire rate.

There are plenty of different types of weapons in Shadowgun: Deadzone. They include the usual stuff like submachine guns, machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles as well as some of the more unique weapons, such as energy weapons and rocket launchers. As mentioned, there are even other explosives that you can unlock besides the usual grenade that you already have, for instance, flash bangs and mines. If you can afford it, you can even get yourself a deployable sentry gun that can fire rockets at any enemies that dare to take you on! To equip your new weapons, you can select the “equip” option from the menu on your left and choose the weapon you want to use.

You’ll also need it to get other perks too, like extra item or weapon slot, additional munitions, increased health and armor and others. If you have zone control mode unlocked, you can get some bonus items that will help with team play, such as a radar that can detect enemy position and traps or a jammer that can disable any nearby detectors. Upgrades can be rather costly, considering that you earn very little money per game even if you are consistently ranked in the top 5, but well, on the bright side, the upgrades are instant.

If you enjoy the game a lot and don’t mind spending some real money into it, well, there are plenty of stuff you can spend your premium currency on! There are boosters that will give you a significant advantage in battle, such as sentry rocket or plasma (without needing to unlock them at the research tree) and a plethora of boosts for speed, armor, accuracy and even invisibility.

Want to look good when you deal those headshots? Why, Shadowgun: Deadzone have just the things you seek! Have fun with the many cool character skins that you can buy such as the dancer, assassin, beast, widow, slade, sheriff and many more. If you’re partial to hats instead, the game offers quite a range of them and they are not merely cosmetic items – they can protect your character from headshots too.


Love playing the game? Well, you’re not alone. The community in Shadowgun: Deadzone is simply huge! The game has over 1 million likes on its Facebook fan page and that’s not including the love the game gets from its players on the mobile platform! There are no guilds in this game though, but if you fancy meeting your fellow players, do feel free to head over to the fan page and go chat up a few of them there. There is also an in-game chat option once you’ve reached the required rank. You can use the voice chat provided in-game to coordinate with your fellow teammates in zone control mode as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The console-quality graphics in Shadowgun: Deadzone are very impressive for a browser game. The character and weapon models are all very well-designed too. In terms of music, the game provides an adrenaline-boosting music at the lobby, but once you’re in the game, you’ll only be listening to the sound effects of, for example, gunfire (sounds vary depending on the gun type), grenade explosions, and footsteps. These sound effects are crucial in ensuring your character’s survival.


In short, Shadowgun: Deadzone is a rather challenging and exhilarating MMO shooter game with console-quality graphics that can be played straight from your browser. Enter into the battle for survival between the humans and the mutants and see how long you will last. Take a break from dealing bloodshed to your enemies to spend some of that hard-earned money to research for better weapons, items and perks. So are you itching to get out there and raise some hell? Well, participate in thrilling this sci-fi themed third person shooter game, Shadowgun: Deadzone, and fight against the mutants today!

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by Aethyna Jul 19, 2015
Prove that you have the courage to fight against the best warriors from around the known universe by signing up and joining Shadowgun: Deadzone! Engage in a fierce battle of survival with your opponents and don’t forget to upgrade your weapons or even research and unlock new ones! Will you survive the Deadzone? Turret in Shadowgun: Deadzone Shadowgun: Deadzone: PvP Taking cover in Shadowgun: Deadzone Read More
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