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SBK Team Manager 9 rate Manage your very own motor-racing team that has its eyes set on a single goal, that is to become the World Champion Team within 4 years’ time. Hire the best riders and crew chiefs, upgrade your bikes, and build a winning team in this brilliantly in-depth motor-racing team management game, SBK Team Manager! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: This is a preview of the game SBK Team Manager which will be released soon.


SBK Team Manager is an in-depth motor-racing team management game that’s based on the popular World Superbike Championship. In this game, you are handed the reins of a brand-new motor-racing team and your boss gives you a single goal – become the World Champion Team within 4 years’ time. Race your way up the ranks as you keep improving your team whether by hiring better riders or tuning up your race bikes. Will you be able to build the winning team at the Championship?


To start playing, you’ll first have to create your motor-racing team first. To do so, you’ll have to pick a race bike and a team logo. There are tons of bikes for you to choose from, all of them from familiar brands like BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, and more. These bikes also come in various colors. Note that the color you chose will also be adopted by your team as the team color.

Once you’re done, you’ll then get down to the two most important aspects of managing a motor-racing team – hiring people and finding sponsors. There are tons of people you’ll have to hire to ensure that your team is as effective as it can be. This includes a Rider, who will be representing your team on the race tracks, and a Crew Chief who will be in charge of maintaining and servicing the motorbikes, and training your pit crew.

The more people you hire, the more overhead cost you’ll have. This is why it’s wise to keep these expenses on the down low… by doing whatever that’s legally possible, such as negotiating the salaries of these individuals. Each negotiation attempt will ideally give you a nice 10% reduction in costs, but the thing here is that there’s no guarantee the rider or the crew chief would accept your offer. So, you will have to be aware of your own chances of success, which are sometimes shown via dialogues from the candidates you are about to hire.

Although you will start with only 1 team, you will eventually be able to hire more teams as you gain more Fame on the race tracks.

Money management is also a crucial part of the game, mainly because you can’t simply hire the best people and buy the best bikes without considering whether you can afford them. All of your expenditure boils down to how much money you are earning, be it from generous sponsors or in the form of rewards from races in which your team won. Of course, you can always decide to spend real money to buy more game currency as well.

You can obtain up to 2 sponsors, a main and a side sponsor, at any time. Different sponsors will have different requirements, such as ranking within the top 10 in any race, and it is up to you and your team to fulfill these requirements in order to keep the money flowing in. If not, you may incur too much debt to a point where you’ll just have to declare bankruptcy and start all over.

The racing gameplay in SBK Team Manager is pretty straight forward especially if you paid attention during the tutorial. If not, there are always Info buttons around that you can tap on to bring up the tutorials again.

Basically, the races you’ll be participating in are pretty much fixed and are arranged in a specific order leading up to the final Championship. Different races are organized in different tracks all around the world. Each race is also consisted of a set of 3 preliminary, practice races that will determine your position in the starting grid in the actual race.

Now, as team manager, you have unprecedented control over your racers. You can customize and optimize your racing strategies, such as choosing the right tires to use for the track or the weather, or even picking the right rider attitude, whether he should be more aggressive, which will naturally drastically increase the risk of crashing and wear out tires faster, or defensive. You can even change your rider attitude or tires (via the pit stop) during the race, depending on the situation at hand.

There are power-ups in this game that you can toggle on whenever they have been recharged back to full. These power-ups are really important because 1. They are free to use and hence, you should use them whenever they are available, and 2. They can really help bolster your race performance. Imagine being able to turn on aggressive mode without having to worry about crash risk… how awesome can that be!

There are also incidences during a race, such as the motorbike breaking down or the tire wearing out, where you may have to take charge and decide what to do – be it finishing the race in such disadvantageous conditions or call for a pit stop which may cost you your position on the leaderboard. It’s your call, after all!

Back at the garage, you can upgrade your racing bike by replacing existing parts with better ones, or simply by buying a new bike altogether. You can make use of your Cocktail Bar to improve Fame you’ve gained for each race, and the Buffet to improve your Riders’ and Crew Chiefs’ stats too.


SBK Team Manager is a single-player game so there isn’t a lot of social aspects to speak of. However, you can probably connect with fans of motor-racing at the game’s forum, if there’s one available after launch.

Graphics/ Sound

SBK Team Manager really knows how to “rock things up”! I particularly enjoy the rock music that’s playing in the background – it’s just the perfect “hype music”. It can get your adrenaline flowing as you monitor the performance of your rider during a race.

Even for a mobile game, the graphics in this game aren’t exactly top-tier however. Granted that the motorcycles and the garage look fantastic, the racing part of the game has an appearance that reminds me – fondly I might add – of games made in the late 90s/ early 2000s. However, due to the fun gameplay, I doubt the graphics matter in the long run.


If you’re a huge fan of motor-racing management games, SBK Team Manager is definitely a game that perfectly suits you! It features some pretty in-depth gameplay, allowing players to have plenty of control over their riders (and hence, the riders’ performances) while also giving them a lot of options when it comes to upgrading their racing bikes.

SBK Team Manager will be released really soon and will be available on mobile on both Android and iOS. If you’re interested to buy and play the game, be sure to keep an eye out!

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