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Highway Racer 9 rate Get set... ready... and GO! Race your way to victory, fame and fortune in this thrilling highway racing game! Play against other players or go solo in the game's many different game modes! Buy new cars or upgrade your old one using the money you've earned from playing either game modes! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Strap on your seat belts ‘cause one of the hottest browser-based free-to-play car racing game is in town! Give it up for Highway Racer! The game offers plenty of combination of maps and game modes, making each playthrough feels as thrilling as the previous one! The game also provides both single player and multiplayer modes whereby you can practice your driving skills first before pitting your skills against other players! There is quite a nice range of cars that you can buy using in-game money and you can also customize your cars to your liking. The best part is possibly the sound effect and the music. When combined, they can provide you that racing rush you crave! So, what are you waiting for? Speed on over to Highway Racer now and take the game out for a spin!


The game doesn't provide any tutorial, but it is, of course, recommended to start the game with its single player mode first. Thankfully, the controls are shown to you on the screen at all times. You’ll be using the WASD keys to control your car – W is your acceleration while S is the brakes. A and D keys allow you to move your car left and right respectively. These keys are pretty easy to remember, especially if you have plenty of experience playing games, but to master it… it may take you some time!

After learning the controls, you may want to tweak your car first before racing! There aren't a lot of customizations provided, but whatever is there is pretty much sufficient. You can change your car’s body color, wheels and also add on upgrades to your car. There are plenty of cool-looking sport rims for your car and the best part is all rims are provided for free! Body color available in this game can be very limited – you are only given 5 color choices to choose from, namely red, orange, blue, black and grey. Unfortunately, there is also no way you can personalize your car.

However, you are given the option to upgrade your car by purchasing stat increases for your car in any or all of these stats, namely speed, brake and maneuver. The cost for upgrades increases with every upgrade completed. If you prefer to just get a new car, you may do that too! Highway Racer provides quite a huge range of race cars of many different type, make and models. These cars can cost a lot, but if you play the game a lot, you can unlock them at a pretty steady rate. If not, it may take you some grinding to get it.

Once your car is ready, you’ll then need to choose a game mode. Highway Racer provides quite a number of game modes that you can enjoy and they can be generally separated into single player and multiplayer. For single player, there are 4 thrilling game modes, namely one way, two way, one way wanted and wrong way. As you would have guessed, the modes refer to what the traffic direction will be. For instance, in the ‘one way’ mode, the cars on the road will be moving in the same direction as you, making avoiding the cars as you speed down the highway slightly easier. However, you mustn't only avoid the cars - you’ll need to perform close takeovers at high speeds (above 150 km/hr) to earn bonus credits! For two-way mode, there will be cars moving in the same direction as you on the right and on the left, the cars will be moving towards you instead!

For ‘one-way wanted’ mode, it’s practically the same as the normal ‘one-way’ mode except that this time, you’ll have a couple of police cars on your tail, making the race so much more exhilarating! The police cars will not only pursue you, they will try to overtake your car. Once they are in front, they will attempt to crash your car by suddenly applying their brakes. Thus, one major advice – don’t let the police cars get in front of you! Switch lanes if you must, but avoid the police car as soon as you are able to. There’s also a rear view mirror provided so that you can see how far or close behind the police cars are!

Each time you managed to avoid a police car… in fact, the longer you avoid capture, more police cars will join in on the chase! Thus, you may need to resort to a more violent method that is to ram the sides of the police car at high speeds. Do take note that you mustn't ram the car from behind or it is game over for you! If the ramming is done right, you’ll even earn yourself a sweet bonus of 1000 points! There are other vehicles on the road too, so you won’t be dealing with only the police, you’ll need to keep an eye on the traffic! This mode can be pretty fun yet challenging to play!

The last single player game mode, wrong way, is perhaps the toughest mode of them all! In this mode, you are driving in the wrong direction and will have to avoid the vehicles on the road head on! This is particularly difficult to pull off especially around corners, though with some practice and quick reflexes, you can easily breeze through this game mode. These modes are all endless. Hence, you’ll be able to play until you make a mistake and crash your car, or in the case of the ‘one-way wanted’ mode, until you get busted by the police

Once you get everything set up, just click on the map that you like and “Get set, ready and GOOO!!!” There are 3 maps as of current, namely interurban, downtown and mountain with more coming soon! Some maps are slightly more challenging than others, for example, the mountain map contains wet slippery roads that will make driving at high speeds without hitting anything much tougher than it already can be.
The only downside to the game is that in Highway Racer, the maximum speed that your car can attain is capped at 200 km/hr. It would have been great if you could get it up higher… after all, sport cars can reach almost to the 300 km/hr range!


The game has 160 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. It is a great place to meet up with fellow car and car racing enthusiasts, and make new friends! The site also promotes its other racing games quite often, so if you just pop on to the page, you might find other car racing games that you like as well! Highway Racer also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with other players in its community or your friends, but it may take quite some time to actually get a match though.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Highway Racer is rather low quality. However, if you don’t mind the graphics as much (and focus more on its amazing gameplay), you’ll notice that its low quality graphics works well enough for a game such as this one. The sceneries look okay and the car models look acceptable too!

The best part in this game is its superb sound! The modern world music that this game has is very upbeat and contains some seriously heavy beats. It will guarantee to get your heart racing as fast as your car in the game… nah, not really, but you get the drift, right? The sound of the roaring engines and the squeal of tires on tarred roads, when combined with the music, made the game so much more realistic and provide a perfect combination of sound and music for racing!


In brief, Highway Racer is an amazing motor racing game that is both free-to-play and is browser-based! The controls are easy to learn, though they may be hard to master, and are very responsive to your every touch. The game contains 3 different maps, 4 single player modes as well as a multiplayer mode for you to obtain the rush of racing! With the money you've earned from races, you can spend them at the garage to buy car upgrades or to straightaway buy a whole new car instead! Car customization is rather limited though you do get to customize your car. The same goes to its graphics. The graphics in Highway Racer may not be as great as its Android counterpart, but it is pretty acceptable. On the other hand, the music used in the game is just perfect for the game and it is easily one of the best parts in the game! So, like what you see? Why not give Highway Racer a go and see it for yourself? If you’re fan of motor racing games, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!

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New Game Added: Highway Racer

by Aethyna Mar 27, 2015
Get set... ready... and GO! Race your way to victory, fame and fortune in this thrilling highway racing game! Play against other players or go solo in the game's many different game modes! Buy new cars or upgrade your old one using the money you've earned from playing either game modes! Highway Racer: Heavy traffic Sleek silver car in Highway Racer Highway Racer: Orange car Read More
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