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Lineage 2: Revolution 10 rate Return to the world of Lineage II and play the newest mobile game adaptation to the one of the most popular MMORPGs. Lineage II Revolution features a familiar world in a streamlined yet addicting action gameplay that will keep players hooked for hours. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lineage II Revolution is a free to play mobile action roleplaying game and the sequel to the successful MMORPG of the same name. Now streamlined to make it mobile and casual gamer friendly, it has still maintained the lore and character class system that made the original game popular for veteran players of the series. The game also features both PvE and PvP content that are catered towards casual and competitive players.


After the demise of the Elmoreden Empire, it has opened a new dark age filled with peril. Other regions have declared their independence from the Empire and have caused more skirmishes in their attempt to claim more lands. The Dark Society are plotting evil schemes while war has broken out in the region, but the sorcerer Hardin managed to foil the plans of the Dark Society and decided to gather more allies to help him defeat the evil group, thus the Silverlight Mercenaries was formed and your main character will become a part of this mercenary group.


Lineage II Revolution features some of the familiar aspects of the classic Lineage II game, but added more content to its lore as this is the direct sequel to the said MMORPG. The familiar races are still there but with updated visuals and the core gameplay has been drastically changed to fit in with the mobile platform’s trending genre.

Starting off in the game lets you choose first on which of the four races you want to play as, the available races include the Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf. Each of the race features distinct appearances that make them unique from one another. You can then select for a character class for your avatar, though there are only three basic classes (warrior, ranger and mage) each race have certain unique abilities per class that can be found on that specific race. Character customization is somewhat limited as you can only have a few selections of face templates and hairstyle.

The tutorial in the game will give you a rundown on the basics, as at the start you will be completing a series of quests that explains the core gameplay of Lineage II Revolution. Though the tutorial portion will still feature story plots in the lore to keep it related for your progression to the main quest, there will be rewards after completing the tutorial quests that gives you starting items for a slight advantage at your start in the game.

Gameplay for Lineage II Revolution feature an action oriented combat that is a popular genre in the mobile game scene, where you guide your avatar with the digital gamepad and perform attacks by tapping on the attack button along with the skill hotkeys. Alternatively, you can set your avatar to automatically attack enemies with the auto-battle system which is very handy for the long grinding sessions. You level up your avatar by completing quests and you can earn rewards that can provide you with good quality equipment, the armor and weapon that you obtain may vary in rarity, the rarest can provide the best stats but they are harder to obtain as most of the equipment can be found in randomized loot chests.

The chests in the game can provide consumable items, upgrades and equipment and they can be acquired through quest rewards, daily or weekly log-in bonuses or through the RNG-esque gacha system where you may have to spend real money to purchase these chests. And all of these are all in random and may have a slight chance of acquiring rare and powerful items, though purchasing is very optional.

Quests are very abundant in the game, as this is one of the main source for experience points that needed to level up. There is the standard story or main quests that will progress further and there are some side quests that are optional but can provide great rewards aside from exp points. You can also participate in dungeon raids in solo or with other players that have different difficulty tiers and the hard the dungeons are, the better the equipment that they will drop.


Lineage II was a popular game and it is no surprise if the mobile game version gets a lot of reception. The game feels like an actual MMORPG unlike in some mobile games that you cannot interact with other player avatars and just rely on the in-game chat system, you can form parties for raids or even engagement on PvP siege battles for large scale wars.

Graphics/ Sound

The game features one of the best visuals in the mobile scene. Running on the Unreal Engine 4, it managed to visualize the epic scale of a fantasy game with detailed characters and colourful locales. The design of the armor features realistic shine and lighting effects for that epic look on your avatar and the animation were impressive as you might think it is a PC game. Audio features some voiced dialogues from NPC interaction and cutscenes, the soundtrack features incredible musical scores that are fitting for a medieval fantasy game.


Overall, Lineage II Revolution is one of the best looking mobile games to appear this year, featuring an action-packed gameplay with a familiar world. Fans of the Lineage series will definitely enjoy the game and fans of action RPGs will have no problem jumping into the game as long as their smartphones can handle the heavy performance needed to run the game.
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