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Legend of Junior 9.5 rate The very survival of the dynasty is under threat from the Manchu army as well as traitors from among the emperor’s officers, and only you are trustworthy and strong enough to save the throne! Featuring tons of fun PvE and PvP events, and a casual, idle-like gameplay, Legend of Junior is a game you’ll want to try! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Legend of Junior is a browser-based MMORPG set in ancient China where you play as a martial arts hero. With enemies on all sides, the emperor relies on you to do your duty and help defeat dissidents and the Manchu army. Like most browser MMO, the game has tons of ways for you to improve your character as well as a myriad of fun PvE and PvP activities to do battle in. If you have always enjoyed cute oriental-themed MMOs, you might enjoy playing this one!


The plot in this game isn’t exactly prominently shown via cool cinematics or cutscenes. However, if you do read the quest texts, which I reckon not many does, you’ll get a general idea of where the game is set in and when. The game seems to be set in an era near the end of the Ming dynasty where it is facing attacks from the Manchu army. There are traitors among the officers of the emperor as well and he is counting on you to weed these people out while ensuring that the Manchurians don’t make it to the capital.


To begin playing, you’ll need to create your character. There are no classes or races here. You will only get to choose between a male or a female character.

As opposed to many browser MMOs, Legend of Junior immediately starts you off with its automated gameplay, dropping all pretense for manual play… and that’s actually a very upfront way to introduce the game. This is also a very necessary move because the game can be very grindy, especially once you reach level 50 or so. I never thought I’d say this but thank goodness for auto-battle!

Quests in this game, as you might expect from a grindy gameplay, mainly involves killing an X number of enemies, with some asking you to slay more than 50 of them before you can complete the quest. Again, auto-battle is definitely much appreciated here. The questing process is also pretty much automated too and your character will go from one quest giver to the next at a rather fast pace.

Progression in this game is primarily consisted of the need to keep increasing your Power rating, which basically indicate how strong your character is. There is a multitude of ways for you to do just that. Aside from upgrading the usual stuff like mounts, equipment, and wings (unlocks at level 55, the game also provides you with a magical-looking anima that functions a lot like an ultimate skill that you need to charge up first.

Recruiting and upgrading your Attendants will help a lot when it comes to your Power rating. Although you can only have 1 deployed at any time, these attendants don’t only contribute Power with additional stats; they actually help you in combat as well. There are costumes and titles – you can earn better ones by completing achievements – that you can collect and equip too. These features will contribute to your overall Power rating by a significant bit.

Like many browser MMOs out there, Legend of Junior offers a wide range of PvE and PvP content for you to enjoy. However, the game is mostly PvE since the PvP aspect of the game are all limited-time events which will only occur during specific time of the day. There is no arena for you to fight in, though you can earn prestige by battling in the cross server 1-vs-1 event. There is, to some extent, a bit of world PvP too since during escort missions, players can actually attack your convoy in hopes of looting some of your mission rewards.

In terms of PvE, Legend of Junior has a variety of dungeons, including EXP dungeons, story dungeons and also the classic tower which consists of boss fights exclusively. There is even a group dungeon where you’ll need to team up with other players to defeat much tougher dungeon bosses.

As Legend of Junior is a freemium game, it sells a host of items and perks in exchange for premium currency which in turn can be purchased using real cash. By spending real money (an action known as “Recharging” in this game), you’ll also earn an equivalent amount of VIP growth points. These points will advance you through the VIP tiers up to a maximum of 10. Naturally, the higher you go, the more advantageous perks and free goodies you’ll get.


Like most MMOs, you can join a guild, a.k.a. Sect, once you reached a certain level… and trust me, you should do so as soon as you are able to. Not only will you gain the special Sect buff, you will also get the extra Flag buff if your guild has been leveling its Flag. You can also claim a free daily gift, have access to a host of Sect-only events, and more. In return, you’ll be expected to contribute as much as you can to the guild. The guild contribution points you get can then be spent upgrading special skills.

Legend of Junior is a surprisingly social game. You actually are rewarded by helping the people in your Sect. There are Sect events that are specially designed to reward the more social.

For instance, the Sect chest is a main way for you to get the tokens you need to level up your attendant. However, you will need to wait an hour for these chests to be unlocked. So, you might be more inclined to share a request for assistance out to among your Sect members in hopes they will help you out with your chest and both of you will get something extra in the process. You can also ask for help from your mates in your Sect during boss fights even in solo dungeons.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game aren’t exactly top-notch… well, it is a browser game after all, but I really like the art style used. The characters are just so adorable! The oriental-themed music used in this game is, on the other hand, quality stuff. I actually quite enjoy the combat music and its effects, and I also like that the music used in the game is well-varied too.


All in all, Legend of Junior is a casual MMORPG that you can “play” while doing something else. Almost everything’s automated here and in many ways, it’s very similar to the sort of idle games you might have played before on your mobile device. The only qualm I may have for the game is the severe lack of PvP-oriented activities, and I’m not referring to the limited-time PvP events – it needs to be something more permanent in nature. In spite of that, the game’s still a pretty fun game, overall. Fans of martial arts-themed MMOs might enjoy playing this.

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