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Dragon Awaken 9.6 rate In a daring attempt to steal from the Red Dragon Queen herself, you found yourself set on the path of your destiny to stop the Dark Dragon and his minions who are terrorizing the land. Will you finally fulfill your destiny and become the Dragon Knight that the world desperately needs? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In a daring attempt to steal from the Red Dragon Queen herself, you found yourself set on the path of your destiny to stop the Dark Dragon that’s terrorizing the land. Fight various agents of the Dark Dragon as you help the residents of the land defend their homes. Improve your hero, upgrade your mount and pet, and recruit more heroes to join your cause so you’ll eventually be strong enough to take the fight to the dragons themselves! Will you finally fulfill your destiny and become the Dragon Knight that the world desperately needs?


The storyline begins with a daring attempt to steal some treasure from a dragon... and not just any dragon, mind you – you’re trying to steal from, Liz the Red Dragon Queen herself. A battle ensued and to Liz’s arrogant surprise, you managed to defeat her. She realizes that you possess the fabled Dragon’s Power which allows you to be able to stand on the same footing as the powerful dragons and that you might just be that Dragon Knight who’s destined to eventually banish the Dark Dragon.

Liz not only gives you her treasure but also an egg from her brood to accompany you on your journey as you set off to fulfill your destiny.


Since you play as a Dragon Knight, the game no longer gives you the option to choose a class. However, you are still free to choose a gender for your hero. Once done, you will immediately dive into the game’s storyline intro before finding yourself in the Holy City where various NPC heroes are standing by to give you quests.

Questing in Dragon Awaken is pretty much automated due to the game’s path-finding and auto-combat features. You still have to click a few buttons to accept and complete quests, but that’s basically it. As mentioned, combat in this game is automated, but I should clarify that this is only true if you have the auto-combat feature activated. For those old-school players out there, rest assured that if you prefer the old method of battling enemies yourself, you can still do so... simply deactivate the auto-combat option and you’re set.

To be a pro at combat, you’ll definitely need to make sure you maximize your Battle Rating, or BR, and boy... there are tons of ways you can do so in Dragon Awaken. The easiest method is by recruiting new heroes from the Tavern using essences and deploying them in your formation. Heroes can also be further upgraded and leveled up, so you’ll need to remember to do that as well. Certain hero combinations offer you special combo effects which will give your BR a nice small boost too.

Aside from heroes, you also have the usual assorted companions and items, including your mount, dragon pet, equipment, Fashion clothes, and wings, that give you a substantial amount of BR. Each of these aspects can be individually upgraded provided that you have the required materials.

However, the pet in this game is quite unlike some other browser MMOs where they only play the role of providing you with passive stats. Instead, these dragon pets will actually participate in combat and have skills that they can and will use to smite on your enemies. You can own more than 1 dragon pet though you can only deploy 1 into your formation. So, when you have multiple pets, you can let your pet possess any of the heroes in your formation so the hero in question will gain the stats of the pet and, of course, a BR boost.

There are even other stats-based systems which you can upgrade and activate to increase the BR of your character. These systems include Astro, whereby you can spend gold coins to get astrals which can be, in turn, added to the system. Each astral has stats of their own, so you should probably equip the astrals with stats that you want and consume the other astrals to upgrade the ones you have equipped. At level 30, you will also unlock Skill Branch which will allow you to upgrade your hero’s skills.

Similar to the game’s hero progression, the huge variety of dungeons and arenas in Dragon Awaken may actually make your head reel! Besides the usual story-linked solo dungeons, you can also venture into special dungeons, such as the hero dungeon, soul dungeon, VIP dungeon and trial dungeons, which can be further separated into Mount Trial and Wings Trial. If you think that’s about it, well, you’re sorely mistaken! Dragon Awaken even offers a wide range of fun daily events like World Boss, Holy Blessing, Guard the Goddess, and for higher level players, Dragon Invasion where you hunt down wild dragons.

For players who enjoy PvP, they will love to drop by the game’s highly competitive arena, dive into the massive Faction War and Clan War, or even fight in the game’s PvP event, Battlefield. You can earn prestige and honor from most PvP events and these points can be then used at the honor shop to buy stuff or to upgrade your Fame level. Having a Higher Fame level doesn’t only give you a nicer title to bear, but also more passive stats and a higher BR.

Talking about factions, the game only allows you to pick a faction much later in the game at level 28. There are 2 factions in general – Supremacy and Amity. If you choose the faction that has fewer players in it, you can even win yourself some free gems (semi-premium).

Want to give yourself a leg up in Dragon Awaken? Well, if that’s the case, you might want to buy some Amber (premium currency) so you could gain a higher VIP level. That’s right - the VIP status in this game is tiered, and naturally, the higher tier you are, the more VIP perks you’ll get.


Interestingly, Dragon Awaken has 2 main social aspects aside from the usual global chat, they are Clans and Factions. By aligning yourself with a faction, you’ll gain access to the list of faction-based clans that you can join, as well as a ton of other features such as Faction War, Faction shop and even the Academy.

You are also expected to contribute to the war effort by donating mystery crystals or Amber, and in return, you’ll get some points. These points can then be spent at the Faction shop or used to upgrade various passive stat buffs at the Academy. You can also challenge the leaders of your faction (Manager or Senior roles) and if you win, you can take over their roles and also the perks associated with their roles.

Graphics/ Sound

Dragon Awaken provides some soundtracks, which are pleasant to listen to but aren’t exactly memorable. The music is looped pretty often too, but at least there’s variety. In terms of graphics, the game opted for the “shinier” look and due to this, most items in the game has a shiny glow to them. The actions in the game are very well-animated though.


In short, Dragon Awaken seems to have drawn plenty of inspiration from well-known and popular browser MMOs while adding its own flavor to the mix. It’s a rather entertaining MMORPG to play, especially if you enjoy playing browser MMOs in general. Do give it a try today!

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