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Dragon Ring 7 rate With invaders on all sides, be it the massive spike of orc activity or the recent brazenness of pirates, the realm needs a hero more so than ever, especially one who can wield the power of a collection of powerful Rings. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on an amazing adventure in this 3D MMORPG today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The world of Nidia is once again in danger! With invaders on all sides, be it the massive spike of orc activity or the recent brazenness of pirates, the realm needs a hero more so than ever, especially one who can wield the power of a collection of powerful Rings. Featuring tons of quests, dungeons, arenas and fun events, you should definitely embark on a brilliant 3D adventure now and experience an MMORPG like you’ve never experienced before on your browser!


The plotline in Dragon Ring is incredibly vague and confusing. There isn’t much of an intro and the quest texts only tell you so much. From what was gathered though, apparently, the world of Nidia is in dire trouble as various factions of invaders have risen, with some of them even successfully taken over cities, towns and villages. The Crescent Army needs someone to help and the realm needs a hero... and this is where you obviously come in.

However, that’s just about it for the storyline because you seem to simply be “solving” (It mostly involves killing a ton of enemies) problems that various quest givers present to you without actually knowing why. There is also the issue with the special Rings that you are required to collect. Not sure why this is the case but I’m assuming it’s probably the same story as Blades and Rings.

Overall, the lack of originality in its storyline is most definitely disappointing.


To start your adventures, you’ll first need to create a character. Dragon Ring offers three archetype classes for you to choose from, namely Warrior, Archer and Mage. For each class, you can pick a gender – male or female. Being a JRPG-like game, the class you choose doesn’t really affect your gameplay much since you’ll likely be capitalizing on the game’s automatic systems (auto-AFK leveling; auto-combat and the like) so you can just go with a class that “feels right” for you.

You can only create 1 character per server though. Thus, if you realized you wanted a Mage instead of a Warrior, you’ll have to start all over again on another server.

Typical of such browser MMORPGs, Dragon Ring’s questing system is pretty much automated from start to finish. There’s auto-pathfinding for your character to run from one NPC to another, as well as to quest locations and there’s auto-combat for you to easily get the kills you need to turn a quest in. There are some “collect” quests but these are few and far between. Most of the quests either involve bouncing you between NPCs or well... killing things. Sometimes, you may get to dive into a more interesting boss fight, but since auto-combat will basically take care of everything for you, you might not feel like the boss fight is an event worth noting.

Now, in Dragon Ring, levels are something that you can really easily get. In fact, during my review, I managed to get to level 25 within minutes of playing and up to level 45 within less than 10 minutes of total game time. Due to this, I reckon the level cap would be in the hundreds, but the downside is that you’ll only get to unlock a new feature after like 20 levels or so of leveling, which can be pretty disappointing.

That said, the character development in this game is pretty in-depth and offers you multiple ways to improve your character’s Combat Power (CP). Your character’s skills, for instance, can be “leveled up” simply by using them. You can also equip a variety of items, each of which can be further enhanced, refined, and fused to increase the amount of CP they can provide. But of course, the most important items of all, the Rings (though these were not mentioned in the storyline at all), can even be upgraded in various ways just so you can further boost your CP rating.

After leveling for some time, you can eventually evolve your character as well, granting you access to much more superior skills including the powerful Dragon Skills. Let’s not forget about the usual stat-boosting features like mounts, titles, achievements (will earn you achievement points which can then be invested into boosting your stats and hence CP) and possibly wings and pets too.

You’ve built your hero into what you have envisioned him/her to be... so now what? Well, time to take your character out for a test run in the game’s many dungeons where you’ll be fighting bosses that are amped up on steroids, and PvP arenas, which are oddly unlocked much later in the game. You can fight summoned guild bosses with your guildmates or even go out into the world to do some world boss hunting of your own.

One of the more interesting aspects of this game though is the availability of player stalls. Not sure when you’ll be able to set up one or what the conditions are (maybe you’ll have to be a high-ranking VIP), but apparently, you can do so in this game.

It’s also interesting to note that although the game has the standard “two forms of currency – normal and premium” system, both types of currency have bound and unbound versions. Naturally, the normal silvers that you’ll be earning in this game are all the bound form and this may mean that you can’t really spend the silvers you’ve earned other than upgrading your own stuff.

Like most freemium games, Dragon Ring has an in-game shop as well. Most of the items in the shop can be quite “pay-to-win”-y, though there are some convenience items as well as cosmetics too. By spending to buy Gold (premium currency), you can also earn your way towards a higher VIP tier in the game’s tiered VIP system and eventually getting better perks as you rise up the ranks, so to speak.


Guilds are a huge part of the gameplay in Dragon Ring and as such, it is best if you sign up for one as soon as you can. Aside from the usual skills and stats-based perks that are unlocked once your guild reached level 3, you’ll gain access to several guild-only features like the Altar where you can help to summon the guild boss; special instances like the Temple; Guild War (naturally) as well as a vault-like system called Exchange where you can contribute items you don’t need for exchange points and then use these very points to redeem stuff you want. There is also a Guild Auction tab where the loot from a defeated Guild Boss will be listed for everyone in the guild to bid.

Graphics/ Sound

One of the main selling points of Dragon Ring is that despite being a browser-based game, it has some really nice and immersive, fully 3D graphics. You can rotate your camera around and zoom in or out from your character. However, the implementation part of this aspect is very poorly done.

Even on a suitably good gaming laptop running Firefox, the game is incredibly laggy, especially with the full-screen option on. Game textures load really slowly – painfully so I might add – and well, sometimes, the game just glitches out (or maybe your browser just given up trying to run the game) and your controls become unresponsive. This issue happened pretty often for me. Disabling other players doesn’t really help alleviate the problem either.

That said though, I really like the little things that are added to the character design. For example, your character appearance will change depending on what you have on and equipped.

On the other hand, the sound in Dragon Ring is partially good – mainly the soundtracks; but is partially terrible – mainly the sound effects. Why so? Well, as you can see in my screenshots, I played as a Mage, but whenever combat is initiated, I hear “spells” being casted as though it is an arrow being released from a bow. Sometimes, I can even hear a sword-slashing sound despite the fact that my character is wielding a magical, but very wooden staff.

Overall, I’d say the game gets a 4/10 for its sound and graphics. Having a poorly implemented yet a major feature of the game will warrant you a score that’s lower than the average, that’s for sure.


In short, Dragon Ring is a browser-based MMORPG that has the best intentions of creating possibly among the first fully 3D MMO that you can play directly on your web browser, but unfortunately, poor implementation and optimization of the graphics and even its sound might be the downfall of this game. The gameplay itself isn’t exactly very unique either, which makes me feel like this game is more of a “proof of concept”-type of game rather than an actual game that human players would actually like to play.

Although I personally wouldn’t recommend sloughing through the game at its current conditions, you might still want to check this game out. The 3D part does really bring out many of the elements in the game and if you’re lucky, your game might not have lagged as much, making it a much more bearable gaming experience.
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New Game Added: Dragon Ring

by Aethyna Oct 9, 2017
With invaders on all sides, be it the massive spike of orc activity or the recent brazenness of pirates, the realm needs a hero more so than ever, especially one who can wield the power of a collection of powerful Rings. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on an amazing adventure in this 3D MMORPG today! Dragon Ring: Questing Horse mount in Dragon Ring Dragon Ring: Boss fight Read More
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