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Klondike 10 rate Nurture a new land and foster it into a productive village in Klondike. Grow cattle, crops and create different materials to build cabins and mills. Visit your friends and explore other villages to discover what lies there in this mesmerizing farming game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Start a farm on a piece of fertile land with the help of your friends in Klondike. With Inuits close by to give you a hand, you can clear weeds, gather resources from stones and trees and build a thriving village. Grow crops, animals and create various materials from the barn, all in a day’s work.


Your father was a famous explorer, but has not returned from his last journey. You set out and discover the place where he lived before he disappeared. You see the land’s promise of a great life, so you settle in and begin your journey to find your father while taking care of your new home.


Klondike is a browser-based farming simulation game with a hint of adventure. Like any other farming game, you need to plow, plant and harvest crops to sell or use as materials to create other important objects. In addition to farming, you are also required to take care of animals and collect their product, such as milk from cows and eggs from chickens. Buildings are also abundant in this game, and sometimes you have to build one in order to complete building another.

When you start the game, two friendly Inuits named Silent Shadow and Dull Echo will orient you on your first task, which is to dig up treasures under a pile of rocks. You’re also guided to milking the cow and feeding the chickens. Here, you’ll find out that collecting their eggs is a bit tricky, as you need to find their nests first. Collecting cow’s milk, however, is as easy as clicking on it. Finally, you are taught how to plant and harvest crops, create your first few items in the Barn and process trees in the Sawmill to turn them into logs. These logs are important for building structures for your farm.

Almost everything you do in this game requires energy (except plowing and harvesting). You are given a limited amount of energy and you can wait for it to regenerate or get it randomly as a reward when clearing grass, stones and weeds. You can also buy energy using Emeralds, which is the premium currency of the game.

To build resources and plant crops, you need to earn coins. At the start of the game, you’ll be given a decent amount to start playing, but you can earn more by selling crops and other materials in the market, clearing grass and other weeds in your land (which also grants you XP points) and finding gold nuggets under some rocks, which you can sell for a generous amount of coins. Coins are needed to buy most items from the store including plant seeds, decorations, buildings and other materials. You also receive coins for unlocking Achievements like harvesting your first batch of wild strawberries or building your first Cabin.

The best way to level up and earn coins, Emeralds and other rewards is to complete the quests listed on the left side of the screen. Click on each one and try to accomplish all tasks in the list to get the rewards as soon as you can. Quests can be as simple as collecting grass and selling it in the market or a bit tedious like creating a tent in the Barn. In addition to coins and Emeralds, some quests also reward you with energy so you can keep working.

When you first start the game, there will be two production structures already built: the Barn and the Sawmill. The Barn is where you can make things like wire, fire, hay bale, firewood, kerosene lamp – all of which are needed for building or creating a certain object. To create these objects, you have to combine two or more resources that you can collect from different places or things in your farm. To learn how to get these resources, hover your mouse over it and a short but helpful information is shown. Some resources can be made in a certain structure, but they can also be acquired by completing Collections.

Collections are a group of related objects that you can randomly find when clearing grass, weeds and stones. When you complete a Collection Set, a box pops up to let you know, and you can click on the
Collections tab below and click the Exchange button.

Another way to acquire resources that are not readily available is to ask from your friends. There’s a little magnifying glass icon on the item and you can click on this to select a friend on your list to send a request. It may take some time before your friend gets notified, but it’s worth a shot.

To clear large trees from your land, you need help from workers – which can be the two Inuits you met earlier or you can add other friends or neighbors. If you’re not sure your Facebook friends are playing this game, it’s best to just add neighbors. You can do this by clicking on the Neighbors icon below and add some people in. To get these workers to chop down trees, you need to click on the Sawmill to select which tree to cut down. The workers will continue chopping down the selected tree until it’s cleared.

There are still lots more to do once you get your first few tasks done. You can use your dog-powered sled to visit other villages and gather resources there. If you have friends, you can visit their home and do some tasks there as well. Once you’re familiar with the game’s basics, there is so much more to explore beyond your farm.


Klondike has a pretty huge following in Facebook, so you’re sure to find fans of the game who can help you complete your tasks. You can also like their Facebook page for updates and news about the game.


This game pays special attention to imagery to adhere to its rustic theme. Images and animations are clear and vibrant, and it’s a joy to watch. The soundtrack is great in the beginning, but you may need to turn it down a bit after a few hours of playing the game. Overall, graphics and sound are generally pleasing.


Klondike is a beautiful farming game that gives you a lot to do beyond harvesting crops. With a compelling storyline, intuitive game controls and lots of quests to accomplish, this game provides purpose and meaning beyond the routine of farming. It’s a great game to play, but there’s also a great story to follow.

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