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Adam Wolfe 9 rate Join supernatural detective, Adam Wolfe, as he solves 4 different cases, each of which brings him 1 step closer to finding his missing sister, Allie, in this incredibly immersive, hidden object puzzle adventure game. Will he be able to save Allie while avoid landing himself a spot in the afterlife? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join supernatural detective, Adam Wolfe, as he solves 4 different cases in this incredibly immersive, hidden object puzzle adventure game, Adam Wolfe. Each of these cases makes up a larger case, bringing him 1 step closer to finding his missing sister, Allie. Lend him your puzzle-solving and hidden object skills as he tracks down the various demonic and ghostly entities in his many investigations, putting a stop to the menace they pose.


Adam Wolfe is a pretty interesting hidden object adventure game, or HOPA for short, because it actually contains a main storyline for each of the episodes within the game, along with a bigger overall storyline which involves the search for his missing sister, Allie.

There are 4 episodes in this game. The first, The Ancient Flame, has Adam off investigating a city plagued with strange fire breakouts which are occurring at an alarming frequency. The weirdest thing though is the people who disappeared from site of each of the breakouts.

Adam Wolfe then continues with another case, The Devil You Know, whereby a desperate dad, Dez, presented Adam with an otherworldly-looking box and begged him to open it. Dez seemed to think that whatever’s in the box is the key to saving his dying daughter, but of course, not everyone seems to think it’s such a great idea to open some unknown box... a flashback to that "Pandora’s box" story, anyone?

In the third installment, Adam landed a job helping a painter, Ross, resolve a haunting, and the ghost doing all the haunting happened to be his late wife. As the story unravels, Adam will need to shine a light on the incidences leading right up to the death of Ross’ wife since everything started to look like they are not what they seem.

The last episode, Zero Hour, sets Adam on the final leg of the search for Allie as he investigates the cult his sister was purportedly a part of, the Timeless. It is up to him (and you) to help save Allie from the cult’s grasp and preferably avoid landing himself a spot in the afterlife in the process.


Even before you start playing the game, you are already presented with various options to customize your gameplay. You can choose a suitable preset difficulty level, be it easy, medium or hard, or you also customize your own difficulty. The tutorial in the game is also optional if you prefer to figure out things as you go along, but those who prefer a bit of hand-holding, you can choose between a full tutorial – recommended for players new to the genre – or a “special features only” tutorial.

Like most hidden object adventure game, there are plenty of stuff you can interact with. Your mouse cursor will change depending on the type of interaction you are allowed to do. For instance, the normal arrow cursor indicates possible movement in that direction while having a circular lens as your mouse cursor means that you can examine that item or area for clues or even objects to pick up. You can even talk to certain people to obtain crucial information to advance the storyline. This is indicated with a chat-symbol mouse cursor.

Items you’ve picked up from the environment in the game are usually stored in your inventory for later use. However, there may be times when you can immediately use the item on something else on the same environment. Simply keep an eye out for the gears symbol. Some items are also what I’d like to call “compound items”. This means that you’ll need to combine it with another item in your inventory before the item can be used. These objects are shown with a plus or minus symbol beside them.

It’s interesting to note that in this game, you’ll actually need to spend some time scanning the environment with your mouse to look for places where there are vital items for you to collect. Don’t worry though – if you missed any, you could always return for it later. At times, you could also activate Adam’s “Special focus” ability whereby your mouse cursor will turn into a torch of some sort and you can use it to scan the environment. If there are any items of interest, the object will light up and you can then click on it.

Due to the more modern setting, Adam Wolfe doesn’t use a journal book to keep track of his missions. Instead, you’ll get a multipurpose smartphone – you can also use it to call your buddy Marv over in the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) for the occasional help while keeping the story moving. There’s also a map application on your mobile that you can use to travel longer distances. If you need additional help, there’s even a hint that you can use. It will recharge over time on its own too. How fast? Well, that depends on your difficulty setting.

One of the pretty impressive feature in Adam Wolfe is the special watch which you’ll eventually get in the first episode of the game. By setting a specific time on it, you can turn back the clock and see what had happened in the spot Adam’s in.

There are also some really breathtaking hidden object scenes in the game. You’ll search for objects 1 item at a time and there’s no time limit. Personally, I really like that each item you search for in a scene is not some random “junk” unlike most HOPAs. In fact, every item you get to find has its own little story, making these mementos feel a lot more... personal. These mini-stories also further humanizes Adam as a flawed and sentimental character despite his almost Sherlock Holmes-like brilliance when it comes to investigating the supernatural.

When it comes to the cherry on the cake though, the amazingly inventive and fun puzzles in Adam Wolfe definitely deserve the spot. There are a ton of puzzle varieties in this game, ranging from the usual jigsaw to code breaking, but what I personally like the most is that players are given minimal instructions on how to solve the puzzle.

In certain situations, you may not even be sure which item you need to use, let alone how to use it. Most of the time though, these are not too difficult to figure out by simply taking a step back and thinking things thoroughly, but when all the thinking fails, trial and error usually works too since you can reset the puzzles without any penalty. Of course, you could simply wait out the Skip timer and skip to the next part of the story, or refer to the in-game strategy guide for free tips. None of the puzzles in each episode repeat themselves either, so that’s also a plus point for the game.


Due to the game’s popularity, Adam Wolfe has gained a sizeable following, especially on Big Fish Games and Steam. If you love to discuss the game, especially the intriguing ending, with your fellow players, you can post a discussion on either site. Let’s not forget to share this game with your friends if you think they will enjoy playing it as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The artwork in Adam Wolfe is simply magnificent. It’s also interesting that the game adopted a comics-styled template to illustrate the story. When coupled with the sort of music which seems to have been inspired from old-school detective films, the story seems to come to life on its own. However, when it comes to sound, the voice acting in Adam Wolfe definitely wins hands-down. The voices of the actors will be able to draw you right into the heart of the plot, making the game more immersive than it already is.


Despite being dubbed as a HOPA, Adam Wolfe feels like a well-mixed blend between a hidden object puzzle adventure with a point-and-click adventure game that has a very immersive game atmosphere and well-delivered storyline that rivals the stories from Telltale. If Adam Wolfe is any indicator of the kind of quality games Mad Head Games is able to produce, then we should definitely strap in and be prepared for one hell of a ride.

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by Aethyna Jan 13, 2017
Join supernatural detective, Adam Wolfe, as he solves 4 different cases, each of which brings him 1 step closer to finding his missing sister, Allie, in this incredibly immersive, hidden object puzzle adventure game. Will he be able to save Allie while avoid landing himself a spot in the afterlife? Adam Wolfe: Picking up items Fighting a sand elemental in Adam Wolfe Adam Wolfe: A hidden object scene Read More
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