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War Robots 10 rate War Robots is a PvP 6v6 third-person shooter featuring a vast array of mechs and weapons. You’ll head into the battlefield, take control of your mech, and attempt to mow down enemies and capture specific areas. The game features varied maps with unique terrain, ranging from cities, arid deserts and factories. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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It’s always a kid’s childhood dream to one day sit on the cockpit of a gigantic mech equipped with countless weapons. As adults, yes, it still exists in some form, and thankfully, it can be realized with the help of video games.

If you’re looking for titles to help you make this a reality, War Robots is a fantastic option. This third-person shooter puts you in a team of six players going up against the number of opponents in fast-paced PvP games. The goal is to either reduce your opponents in a smoldering heap of scrap or capture and hold control of specific areas in the map until you reach a certain amount of points. The game features a vast variety of mechs, each having its design, abilities, weapons, and quirks. The mech you’ll end up piloting will determine your overall playstyle and role within the team.

This is a review of the PC version, which is available on Steam and My Games. The game is originally a mobile title and is essentially a 1:1 port. It carries over mobile game mechanics that PC players will find hard to adjust to.

Nevertheless, if you want to try out a free mech-themed shooter, should War Robots be part of your choices. Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


War Robots’ story starts after a Cataclysm that rendered Earth uninhabitable. With little choice, five megacorporations from around the world saved humanity by settling the survivors on Mars. However, these factions have vastly different opinions on how humankind should move forward, leading to conflict. Although Mars is relatively peaceful, corporations have sent mercenaries and glory-seekers to Earth to fight for resources and artifacts, setting the stage for massive mech battles.


Simply put, War Robots is a 6v6 third-person shooter. You’ll drop into a battlefield with a mech, go up against other players to totally decimate them or by capturing specific points on the map. Though the goals of every match are relatively simple, getting them done requires a lot of work, with some requiring a vastly different approach depending on the map and terrain. In total, there are five areas to capture, and teams need to hold them to reach a certain amount of victory points in order to win the match.

There are different kinds of mechs in War Robots, each with its unique skill. For example, the Cossack can launch itself into the air, while the Demeter can repair allies within a certain range. There are also robot types called titans, and these include the Sharanga, a specialist in long-range attacks, Murometz can throw EMPs.

You can equip most mechs with two or more weapons, while others may only use one unless you give them an upgrade. You’ll get a couple of starters during the tutorial, and after which, you can then buy new ones on the in-game shop. The same applies to weapons: you can buy new ones in the shop. These range from miniguns, machine guns, rockets, and homing missiles. The controls are relatively simple, and with just a click, you can fire both weapons simultaneously.

The further you progress into the game, the need to get better and more decent mechs increases, which requires the need to resort to microtransactions to buy new gear to stay competitive. We can say the same about weapons - unfortunately, most cannot be transferred between mechs. There are also in-game mechanics like having a waiting time when upgrading items that are well-suited for a mobile audience but not for a PC one. Nevertheless, these factors add a layer of challenge, making it more motivating to do better in battles.


War Robots has a massive online community and an in-game clan system. Though matchmaking on Steam can get rather lengthy at times, you’ll be able to find matches within a couple of minutes. Moreover, the game has an official subreddit where you and your friends can discuss the title with other fans, and who knows, you’ll be able to find other players to fight with.


In terms of presentation, War Robots looks pretty decent on a PC. Though we went hands-on on mobile, and we can safely say it’s better played there, the PC port holds up against other games. The maps are varied and quite immersive, each with its own features. For example, there’s Dead City with its numerous hiding areas, along with Shenzhen and Springfield. The audio design excels as well, delivering a rather explosive experience with various sounds like the whirl of miniguns and rockets exploding ringing throughout the battlefield.


Overall, War Robots is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a new F2P mech shooter to play with friends. It provides a lot of excitement, truckloads of fun in short bursts, and hundreds of hours of gameplay thanks to the wide variety of mechs and weapons you can potentially have on your arsenal.

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New Game Added: War Robots

by Mikhail Sep 2, 2021
War Robots is a PvP 6v6 third-person shooter featuring a vast array of mechs and weapons. You’ll head into the battlefield, take control of your mech, and attempt to mow down enemies and capture specific areas. The game features varied maps with unique terrain, ranging from cities, arid deserts and factories. Battle in War Robots Hangar in War Robots Battle start in War Robots Read More
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