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When you think about games you often look for a specific style, or genre to play, favoring those that you like the most. But there are a lot of different genres available to play today, and in this article we will briefly describe some of the most popular ones for you. WWGDB - Different Game Genres

Online and mobile gaming has become hugely popular over the last few years, and what was once since as a small niche market has explored, and along with this increase in demand, has come a surge of new types of game. There is such a variety of games nowadays that there is a need to categorize them into certain styles or genres. Even within these larger titles there are also sub genres, but they are for another time.

Let’s begin with perhaps the biggest, and yet one of the newest arrivals on the gaming scene, that of the Casual Game. This genre has sprung up with a large variety of fun games that you can play across Facebook and mobile devices. The biggest of these and the best example would have to be Candy Crush, with millions of players all over the world and almost everyone knows what the game is or has played it.

But there is far more to this style of game than meets the eye, you just have to look at Facebook to see the huge variety of titles available, from match 3 games to bubble shooters and more. These games are often easy to play, at the beginning with bright colors, fun themes and simple mechanics. But that does not mean to say that they don’t get difficult or that they are for children either.

In a way casual games sprung up from the original Solitaire Games that you used to find on the basic versions of windows. This genre of game has also become hugely popular, with the ability to completely set up, play and reshuffle the deck into fun and intricate patterns. Several new forms of solitaire have appeared too and even themed versions like Fairway Solitaire. Once again these games can be played on the mobile as well as computer, and they continue to grow in popularity.

With the rise of the internet there has been the opportunity to create games where thousands of players can be online at the same time in the the same place. These games became known as Massive Multiplayer Online or MMO games. These games are often story driven, with characters that you improve over time, that take part in epic adventures in fantasy worlds, or travel through space exploring new planets and seeking conquest. Just as with casual games, there is a huge variety of MMO games, and they are continuing to remain popular.

League of Angel

But within MMO games there are many sub genres, each creating lots of titles and games tailored to that niche, for a more detailed summary take a look at our article: MMO Game Genres. Some examples of the market leaders would be League of Angels and World of Warcraft. Each of these games is different and yet has managed to draw in millions of players from all over the world.

But it is not only fantastical games with treasures and monsters to slay, there are also whole worlds created, similar to the real one, and yet with the possibility to be anything and do anything. These Virtual Worlds have created places where people from all over the world can meet up, socialize and even throw concerts or parties. But they go deeper than just meeting people, you can build luxury houses, wear the latest fashions and become millionaires with the lifestyle to go with it.

In Second Life you can own land that you develop into anything you want, there are even theaters where actors perform, or universities where you can gain a real world qualification. These virtual spaces are games, but yet so much more too. And there are millions of players all over the world joining these places to do, be or see something different.

Perhaps one of the most unique and passionate genres we have encountered is that of the Horse Game. Horses have been a part of our lives for centuries, and they are amazing animals that both inspire us and enthrall us at the same time. It is no surprise then that there are games dedicated to horses.

Second Life

Horse games come in many shapes and sizes, from a downloaded game that allows you to ride stunning 3D horses in amazing countryside, to a text based simulation game like Howrse where you manage horses, their care training and breeding, but only ever see a picture of the horse. Admittedly those pictures look really great, but they don’t have all of the graphics, controls and bright shiny things you would expect in a game. Despite that they continue to be a growing community and there are new horse games coming out each year.

This variety of games can only be a brilliant thing, both for the industry but more importantly for us as players. Having a choice of games to play is great, you can play something depending on your mood, or you can lose yourself into a game that you truly love to the exclusion of others. And either way to play is fine, there is no right and wrong way to decide what you do. And it is always nice to be able to try something new, to step away from what you know and experiment with different games.

That is one of the most fantastic things about gaming in general, is the sheer number of options available to players. We have mentioned a few games by name in this article, but they are just the very tip of an iceberg full of possibilities and brilliant games to play. No matter what you prefer we hope you enjoy your time in these games, and hope that you may be inspired to try something new for yourself too.

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