Top 5 Buy-to-Play Games Like Minecraft for PC

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Got some money to spend and you love Minecraft? Well, here are the best 5 paid PC games like Minecraft! WWGDB - Top 5 Buy-to-Play Games Like Minecraft for PC

Although Minecraft is very entertaining to play, there may be times when you just want to play something else... something that's similar to Minecraft - since you love the sandbox/adventure genre - and yet different enough to renew your interest in the genre. Well, if this is you, then you're in luck! We've compiled a list of the 5 best buy-to-play games like Minecraft for PC just for you!



The most popular game on our list is probably this - Terraria. This game is pretty much a no-brainer since the game is basically Minecraft revamped.

Like Minecraft, players in the game can explore (and dig into) anywhere they like, including spelunking into the bowels of a monstrous cavern, housing god-knows-what in its almost pitch black darkness. There are also tons of player-made adventure maps that you can download and play. The game also offers plenty of equipment and other crucial or cosmetic items that you can craft as you collect resources from the environment or the creatures you defeat.

As you work your way up the survival food chain, let's not forget all about the building aspect of Terraria. Granted that building a magnificent structure in Terraria isn't as satisfying as in Minecraft (mainly due to its 2D appearance), it's still pretty fun to create a beautiful pixel art or even build a pixel world of your own, and sharing it with other players. Aside from the graphics, Terraria is also more of an RPG than a pure sandbox game like Minecraft. There are bosses for you to defeat, quests to complete, and many more RPG elements which are not so prominent (or may even be absent) in Minecraft, and by doing so, Terraria gives its players more of a purpose, especially after they've sunk in hours of their time playing the game.

Terraria is sold at a price of $9.99 on Steam It is available on multiple platforms including on mobile (Android and iOS) and consoles (PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita).


Cube World

As stated on its official website, Cube World is "a voxel-based exploration RPG" which shares many elements inherent in Minecraft. However, since it's more of an RPG, you can expect a procedurally-generated world full of many beautiful and varied landscapes to explore, monsters-filled dungeons to raid, adventures to head off to, as well as plenty of daily missions to complete instead.

Unlike Minecraft's heavy reliance on the tools you use, Cube World uses a skills system that's common in MMORPGs to determine whether you are "high level enough" to do a certain action. There are 5 skills in total, namely, climbing, swimming, diving, hang-gliding and sailing. However, when it comes to combat, the armor and weapon you use still play very important roles in ensuring your survival. Players can craft most of the stuff they use in the game, and in the case of weapons, the items can be further customized and upgraded to increase their killing efficiency.

Being essentially an RPG, Cube World also offers many races and classes that you can play as. Each class can then be specialized, changing the playstyle and abilities of the "core" classes. There are also skill trees you can invest skill points in. Skill points are earned with every level up. The game even has an improved combat system than in Minecraft. As opposed to the hack-and-slash in Minecraft, you can actively dodge blows and deal combo damage in Cube World. You can tame certain animals in this game like in Minecraft, but as Cube World is more of an RPG, these pets can actually contribute to battles, helping you out by tanking tough enemies, dealing additional damage, healing injuries, or allowing for faster travel.

Want to buy Cube World? Well, the game's currently off the market for now and will be back on sale once they have completed and released their next update. If you're interested, be sure to bookmark the site and check back in after a week or so!


Craft the World

If you enjoy the survival, mining and crafting aspects of Minecraft, you might love playing Craft the World. The game's quite similar to Minecraft in many ways. You can plant and harvest crops. You can and will actually need to dig to find rare minerals as well. You can also craft a variety of tools, furniture, and, in general, items that will help your dwarves survive the periodic invasions of goblins, the undead and other otherworldly monsters or will at least make your dwarves content.

That said, there are a few very important differences between Craft the World and Minecraft that made the former so unique. Instead of playing a character, you get to become the omnipotent "god" of small dwarves who you can order to do your bidding or you could even control them individually if needed.

The crafting system is quite different too. Don't get me wrong – you still need to combine raw materials to create the stuff you need like in Minecraft, but similar to the crafting system in a standard MMORPG, there's a progression system in place that will allow you to unlock new "technologies" simply by crafting lower-tech items repeatedly...even if you don't really need that many of them. What can you do with the surplus of items then? Well, this is another interesting aspect of the game – there's a shop that sells resources that you may need in exchange for game cash. You can randomly earn game cash by battling creatures and monsters and you could also sell off your extra items for cash.

Craft the World may not be everyone's cup of tea due to the rather repetitive and slightly clumsy crafting system, but the game is still pretty fun and it does offer a challenge for fans of the survival genre. You can buy the game for $18.99 on Steam.



Credits to PandemicTyler (

If you enjoy playing Minecraft because you can build your very own city, then you'll definitely enjoy this indie sandbox game, Stonehearth!

Although the game is basically a sandbox like Minecraft, it has a building aspect that's much more similar to Craft the World... except that in Stonehearth, everything's in glorious 3D. In this game, you play as the leader of a small handful of adorable-looking pioneers who are looking for a new place to settle down. There isn't a lot of digging involved in Stonehearth though you still need to get your pioneers to collect resources from the environment or to plant and harvest their own.

Like in Craft the World, you'll need to provide shelter for your people and equip them with the necessary equipment so they can fend off attacks during the night. However, when it comes to crafting, Stonehearth has a much more diverse and in-depth crafting system. The building system in this game is also pretty unique though it can be rather restrictive when compared to Minecraft since the most "building" you'll be doing is mainly houses for your villagers. Of course, let's not forget about the game's much better-looking graphics!

In some way, Stonehearth is more of a survival/town-building game than a pure sandbox game like Minecraft. However, it is perfect for players who enjoy having an entire town of minions to order around, and the satisfaction of leading and developing a tribe. For a price tag of $24.99 (on Steam), Stonehearth can be a bit on the costly side, but if this is the sort of game you're into, the game will always be worth the price. You can show your support to the indie developers behind this game as well... so there's that!


Not a huge fan of MMOs or RPGs? Well, if you're looking for a game that's as close to Minecraft as you can get, then you might want to check out Blockland!

No quests, no dungeons, no crafting, and no survival aspects, Blockland is as pure a sandbox game as you can get. In this game, you are free to create whatever you want, wherever you want, and with whatever you want! Even the laws of physics don't apply here... if you don't want it to. Aside from blocks and more blocks, the game also provide some premade stuff, like vehicles, lamps and more, as well as other oddly-shaped blocks that you can add to your creation.

Unlike Minecraft's voxel appearance, Blockland also opted for a more Lego-like look, allowing the game to appeal more to younger kids, and fans of Lego's Minifigure games.

Due to the game's emphasis on its sandbox element, the game is mainly kept afloat by its wide range of community-created content, which players can join in and play. This is something the game is currently struggling with due to the huge explosion of games like Minecraft on PC (specifically on Steam) as well as on the mobile platform.

That said, the game is still a classic sandbox game that fans of pure sandbox games may enjoy. It is also perfect for players who are using low-end computers. Blockland costs $9.99 on Steam.

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