Fortnite Season 7: Map Changes and Other Details

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After a long wait, Fortnite v7.0 finally arrived, signalling the start of season 7. It brings winter and slew of new items, features, biplanes, map changes, and a new mode. WWGDB - Fortnite Season 7: Map Changes and Other Details

You might have heard of the phrase “winter is coming” from a popular TV series. In Fortnite though, winter has arrived in the form of patch v7.0, bringing with it season 7. Apparently, the iceberg that appeared on the southwest part of the map has crashed into the island. It brought with it new locations, as well as hostile invaders like Sergeant Winter. Moreover, it brought with it ziplines and biplanes while destroying/replacing several iconic locations. Let’s take a deep look on what the new season has in store:

Snow biome and map changes

Map changes in Fortnite

The most notable changes this season feature the map. A third of it - in the southwest portion - is covered in snow. There are also new locations like the Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, and Polar Peak. Unfortunately, their arrival signalled the end of Flush Factory and Greasy Grove. The latter’s buildings are buried in snow with Durr Burger immortalized and literally frozen in time. Looks like its “beef” with Wendy’s is officially over.

In addition, the factory with the disco has been decimated with only half of the buildings left standing. Half of Snobby Shores and Titled Towers are covered in snow, while Shifty Shafts is now a snow-filled mine. Risky Reels is also gone (which we will talk about later) Granted, there’s a lot to explore, so it’s best to check everything out first in the Playground!

Biplanes and ziplines

Piloting a plane above Happy Hamlet

Since an iceberg crashed, the battle royale map has gotten larger. A larger map means more ground to cover, and more ground to cover means the increased likelihood of being gobbled up by the storm. Thankfully, Epic Games added in ziplines to make travel faster and more seamless. These are located almost everywhere in the snow biome, particularly on high ground.

Riding a zipline in Fortnite

Patch v7.0 also introduced the X-4 Stormwing Plane which is essentially patterned an early 20th century fighter plane. Most of them are in the hangars of Frosty Flights. They are arguably the most efficient means of travel, especially since they can hold up to five people (including the pilot). At the same time, they’re also equipped with a machine gun which is as strong as the mounted turret and have 800 HP. Yes, you can literally call for air support, perform dogfights, and do fly-by runs in Fortnite. Who’s up for a plane with two players on the wings using miniguns?!

Season 7’s battle pass

Fortnite season 7 battle pass

Season 7’s battle pass is as awesome as season 6’s. It is full of winter-themed skins. Like always, it costs 950 v-bucks (or $9.50). Obtaining it immediately gives you two progressive skins, the Zenith and Lynx. There are seven skins in total with Sgt Winter and the tier 100 Ice King. Of course, there are new emotes and a new pets like a hamster and an ice wolf puppy.

Other rewards include “Wraps” which are aesthetic changes to vehicles and weapons and toys like a hockey puck. The standard dances, gliders, emotes, and music tracks are also part of the rewards. So, get out there are start getting battle scars to earn those battle scars!

Creative Mode and The Block

People have always compared Fortnite with Minecraft. Although there are similarities, they are extremely different. However, with the addition of Creative Mode in version v7.0, both games’ building aspects are becoming alike. Players will have access to their own private island where they can create anything they want. They’ll have access to various construction pieces patterned after places an objects on the battle island. For example, you have access to eight preset obstacle courses, 25 buildings, and different galleries. You can create your own private resort or create a battlefield and play minigames with your friends.

Creative mode in Fortnite

Building is made easier due to a nifty copy and paste tool in your inventory. To add to that, you’ll also have unlimited resources. Friends can visit your island. However, set permissions so they won’t be able to edit anything. After all, there might be a few rotten eggs in a basket who might end up turning your masterpiece into rubble! You can stay on the island for up to four hours and it automatically saves your creations.

Meanwhile, The Block is a new addition to the battle royale map, taking the place of Risk Reels. This spot is reserved for the best and wackiest creations the community made in their private island. Yes, you can actually have your own creation featured in The Block for millions of players to see and play in. It is a great way to get the Fortnite community involved and is a great way to motivate players to get creative!

Other changes

Balloon stack sizes have been reduced from 20 to 10. Meanwhile, the scopes on both the thermal and scoped assault rifles have been updated. Several items have also been vaulted, like the Shadow Stones, Port-a-Fort, the Clinger, Chiller, Shockwave Grenade, and the ridiculously overpowered Double-Barrel Shotgun.

Season 7 looks promising, and the recent changes are exciting. There’s a lot to do and explore, like flying a plane, trying out all the ziplines, and building something awesome in your own private island. Players will something to do and celebrate in the holiday season

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