A Beginner's Guide to Hero Wars

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Welcome to one of the most popular games available today, especially in the team battle genre. In this article we will be bringing you some tips to help you get a good foundation set up. WWGDB - A Beginner's Guide to Hero Wars

Once you get past the intro there is a lot for you do in this game, and it can be a bit overwhelming so here we are going to try and make it a bit easier for you. The main focus of the game is the battles, and the best way to win them is to have a top notch team. Not just 5 characters but around 10 or 12 properly leveled and equipped heroes.

The best way to achieve this is to ensure that you keep up with the level and skills of each character. Not every hero you pick up is one that you will want to use, if it is not a fit in your team, or an improvement do not spend the gold or skill points. Save them for your top 10 heroes, with a mix of healing, damage and tanking in there to make sure you can handle the different situations.

Though you are limited in skill points, we found it best to pick 1 character to keep maxed, and then work your way through the list as to which ones you spend your 20 skill points on. If you have the spare diamonds it can be worth getting the skill ranks maximised early. So that when you do make a new level you only have to spend 4 or 5 points, not all 20 in one go.

The next most important factor is the items on your heroes. As these items not only give you in game bonuses they are also how you improve them too. In this case it is actually more efficient for you to go back and farm the items to improve your characters as soon as possible. If you see a character is missing an item go and find it, though you have to fight the battle again it is well worth doing as it will increase your overall power dramatically.

There are also a lot of quests and events that can give you a lot of rewards. Try to aim to complete these as quickly as you can, some require you to be a certain level or have certain ranks, but many of them are easy to achieve as you play. Doing so will give you a huge amount of items and gold over time so they are well worth planning for too.

Titans in Hero Wars

As soon as you unlock the airship you want to be sending your teams out. These will reward you with your characters legendary weapons. These are a huge power boost for your characters. They have special skills that activate when you use your normal abilities and they add a huge amount of stats to your character. Boosting them up to higher levels is also a good idea, and you do this by collecting the materials in the expeditions.

Now that you have your team up and running, with some items and skills it is time to make the most out of your battles. The tanks go to the front, then damage and support in the back rows. This is where your real decision making comes into play. Do you want to have a strong front line to defend, and then a weaker back row of damage characters that make the games longer, but mean you win? Or do you go all out offence and just deal as much damage as possible.

The answer is not a simple one, but it really comes down to play each adventure, and if you find that you are dying fast, swap in another tank character, it is best to have 2 prepared and geared at all times, even if you do not use them often. Try to make sure you take at least 1 healer in every fight as you almost always need these to survive to the third wave. To get the most chance of winning a game it is often worth taking a character with some form of control, either silence or a stun. Stopping them acting for a few seconds can really make the difference in a battle.

We hope that you find some useful tips here, and if you feel a bit lost there are some help features built into Hero Wars. Though what we have here is a setup that can give you a great start and get you powering through your enemies quickly.

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