5 Things You Need to Survive a Real-life Battle Royale

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With a billionaire proposing a real-life battle royale, what do you need to have (and do) to survive a real one? Let’s look at what you need to do: WWGDB - 5 Things You Need to Survive a Real-life Battle Royale

So, a billionaire wants to host a battle royale.. And no, it’s not actually about people taking each other’s lives. Instead, participants will be equipped with airsoft guns and clothes with detectors. In any case, it will be an extremely fun affair. After all, the concept of “last man standing” in a pool of a hundred players is highly intriguing and spawned many video games: most of which we play today.

To make it safe though, this means using extensive surveillance and precautionary measures. Yes, this also means having no vehicles because hey, the possibility of being run over by a dune buggy by a random participant is always a little high. In any case, surviving a battle royale isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if you’re equipped with basic concepts of survival (thanks to dozens of hours playing PUBG), it will still be tough. After all, real-life is far from the sheltered confines of video games.

With that said, let’s say 100 people from around the world from all walks of life, including you, will take part in this first ever battle royale. All of the participants have no military expertise, and you’re supposed to take each other out with airsoft guns. What do they - and you - need to survive?

Optimum fitness and a well-conditioned body

Knowing how to use guns will give you an advantage

Though we doubt the private island will be as large as Arkangel or even Sanhok, the place will still be sizable enough. This means there will be a great deal of running, moving around, and hiding. Moreover, participants will also have to crawl, swim, and find ways to move around harsh terrain. Plus, if they follow traditional rules, there will be a dwindling play area and safe zones. If you take this into consideration, there will be a lot of sprinting. And no, you won’t have the luxury of having vehicles around.

The chances of surviving a battle royale are minuscule if you have the lung capacity of an ant. You’ll have to be in good health and can deal with prolonged physical punishment.

Common knowledge of using weapons

You'll need to crawl and run as well

Though we’re sure the organizers will give you some sort of orientation on how to use the weapons, let’s assume you - and your opponents - won’t be given any. In turn, this adds to the overall drama: a battle royale with people who don’t know how to use guns will be hilarious for the viewers.

With that said, how in the world do you reload an airsoft gun? May it be an M-16, a shotgun, or even a simple pistol, figuring out how weapons work on the spot won’t be easy. Plus, even if you knew how to handle and fire them, how about actually hitting your targets?

So yes, having a little expertise and knowledge in using guns will give you a distinct advantage over your opponents.

Food and water

Assuming the entire battle will last for hours or even days, it will be a draining affair. You need food and lots of water to survive. Thing is, do you have to scavenge it from around the area? Do have to cook it? Scavenging food and water will expose you to enemy fire, more so if you have to build a campfire to cook something. In addition, this also means you’ll need to watch what you carry: bringing too much food and water may be too cumbersome, leaving you no room in your backpack for weapons.

Knowledge to survive environmental hazards

If need be, will you be able to swim to safety?

Sure, the island setting may be devoid of people, but it still has residents. Wild animals, both large and small, can pose a threat. These range from tiny mosquitoes, ants who’ll bite you when you crawl, and wild boars who may try to defend themselves. Worse, snakes and parasites like leeches in wet areas can shorten your part in the contest.

Apart from which, terrain issues can be tricky to deal with. These include bodies of water and elevated areas. In any case, these places will be major hazards unless if you have any experience with them.

Ironclad will and determination

Battle royale is an ultimate test of willpower. Spending hours outdoors while trying to deal with the mental and emotional burden of being in constant danger. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. Though it will definitely have no real physical danger, it can be a little traumatizing for those who don’t know the scale of what they’re going to get themselves into.

So, if a battle royale happens in the near future, would you want to take part? If it ends up happening, it will be widely anticipated and widely-viewed around the world. It is extremely intriguing and it wouldn’t be a surprise if thousands will try to sign up. In your case, what do you need to survive a battle royale?

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