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RAID: Shadow Legends 10 rate RAID: Shadow Legends is a gacha-style, squad-based RPG where you’ll recruit heroes, level them up, give them the best gear and make sure they survive the grueling march across the map. Will you be able to help the world finally rid itself of the corrupting influences of Siroth’s Shadows? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The previous team of champions has fallen yet again to the might of the Lord of Darkness, Siroth, and now, it’s down to you to assemble a much stronger team and hopefully, Siroth would have finally met his match!

RAID: Shadow Legends is a gacha-style, squad-based RPG where you’ll recruit heroes, level them up, give them the best gear and make sure they survive the grueling march across the map. Will you be able to help the world finally rid itself of the corrupting influences of Siroth’s Shadows?


In a world that is slowly being choked out of its life by the ever-strengthening grip of the Siroth’s Shadows, the only thing that stands between total and complete chaos is you.

After the terrible defeat of the 4 champions at the hand of Siroth, the Arbiter managed to muster up enough energy to restore one fallen champion to life and with that champion, you’ll then need to a team of hand-picked heroes who are strong enough to traverse the troubled lands and brave enough to head-to-head with the Lord of Darkness himself!

The storytelling in RAID: Shadow Legends is definitely a lot more in-depth and well-structured than any other mobile RPGs that I’ve played before. The plot here will make all the grind, which frankly speaking, all F2P RPGs have to some extent, a lot more worth it.


To start playing, you’ll need to choose which champion you’d want the Arbiter to resurrect. All of these heroes are rare quality, rank 3 heroes so quality-wise, everyone would be getting the same thing. However, depending on the class - archer, mage, warrior or knight – you may end up getting different Affinities, either Magic, Spirit or Force.

What are Affinities you may wonder? Well, they are what most would call the “paper-scissors-stone system”. Depending on the affinity of your hero, you may have an advantage over another hero of a weaker affinity than yours, but in turn, your hero would be weaker to another affinity that is stronger than yours. There’s also another outlier in the Affinity system – the affinity called Void. It is the “neutral” affinity of the lot since it’s not weaker or stronger than any other affinities.

If you’ve played any game that uses this particular style of combat system, then you should already know that using the correct counters can help a lot in determining the outcome of a battle.

Thankfully, in this game, you aren’t restricted to only one champion. You can summon and recruit a host of heroes from the Portal as long as you’ve got the summoning material and the coins to grease its wheels. Hero summoning is very gacha-like here since there’s an insane number of heroes that you can recruit in this game.

Besides the different roles your heroes can have, each of them also comes in a variety of quality levels and ranks, but know that even if you don’t get a good hero right from the get-go, there’s still a chance for you to upgrade so that they can become powerful enough as well. For instance, you can fuse your hero cards to get a better hero; you can level them up; you can sacrifice duplicate cards to upgrade your heroes’ skills; you can merge hero cards of the same rank to upgrade your hero’s rank, and you can even use potions to unlock new skills and “Ascend” your hero.

Interestingly enough, each hero has a “player review” section where players can tell others whether or not a hero is worth keeping and nurturing. There are a couple of spammy reviews but some players do take reviewing their heroes very seriously. You might be able to find some tips here.

Your heroes can also be equipped with gear that the game dubbed “Artifacts”. Artifacts in this game have set effects and can be upgraded and enchanted. However, you should take note that there is such a thing as an “upgrade chance” here, lest you find yourself drained of cash and your item is still stuck at upgrade level 7.

You can swap out a weaker item with a better quality one as well, but annoyingly enough, you are forced to pay in-game cash to do so, which can be pretty costly if the item already equipped is of rare or above quality. Not every item will fit with the hero you want it to go to either, so this is another point that you should take note.

Now, RAID: Shadow Legends is a pretty PvE-oriented game and in this aspect, the game shines bright, enough to elevate it way above every other typical mobile RPGs currently on the market. Trust me, the campaign alone will make you go “Wow”! The campaign is split into different chapters. Within each chapter, there are multiple stages of enemies, and within each stage, there are several waves (usually 3) of enemies that you’ll need to defeat.

Since each stage may have some specific reward, such as a new hero, you want, it is kind of expected for you to return to previous stages and clear them again and again to farm for whatever that you need. Thankfully, the game makes it as easy as possible for you by offering multi-battle and auto-battle options. In addition to the tons of daily, weekly and monthly quests that you can complete, there are also plenty of dungeons, each offering a specific upgrade material or loot as reward, and Faction wars that, despite its name, is not a PvP activity.

For those of you who enjoy testing your mettle against other, human players, RAID: Shadow Legends comes with an arena where you can use tokens to participate in. There are basically two types of line-ups here – defensive and offensive. Your defensive line-up of heroes will help protect your PvP rank by automatically engaging any challenger you may have, while your offensive line-up what you’ll use to attack other defending players. Naturally, by climbing the arena tier, you’ll get better rewards.

RAID: Shadow Legends is also a very generous F2P game. When you first log in and play the game, you’ll quickly realize that there are many ways you can earn free rewards, sometimes even by simply doing stuff that you already need to be doing in order to level up. Plus, if you’ve got friends who would love to play the game with you, you can make use of its referral system as well. There are also usual playtime rewards and login rewards.

The only thing I didn’t like about this game is the sneaky way it forces you to download an additional 700MB (approximately) worth of content even before you get to play the game! If that’s the case, why didn’t the devs just be up-front about the total download required, which amounted to over 1.3GB by the way?

Not to mention, if you’re using mobile data, this little ambush download can end up being quite costly. You don’t even get a say in whether or not you want to do the download now or later. Once you boot up the game, it’ll automatically start the download – no prompts whatsoever.


RAID: Shadow Legends is a social game. There are Clans in this game that you can join and by being a member, you’ll then unlock access to a whole new host of features that may be very beneficial to you.

Graphics/ Sound

Right from the start, it’s obvious that RAID: Shadow Legends is an eye-candy of a game. Everything from the graphics, the 3D assets, and the animations are very well-done. Of course, the game has even gone one step further and providing some of the best quality voice-acting for a mobile RPG around!


So, to sum up, RAID: Shadow Legends is a truly fantastic gacha-style mobile RPG. Everything about the game, from the graphics to the storyline, just screams quality, and the gameplay itself can be very addictive as well. It’s even nominated as Google Play’s top games to play this year! Definitely a game worth downloading and sinking some time in, especially if you enjoy other games within the same genre!

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