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Woozworld - rate With a cool and funky vibe, Woozworld has a huge amount of fun waiting for you to find. Customize your look and head out to the best bars, cafes and nightspots in town to meet your friends, and make a few new ones too. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Woozworld is a virtual world game that contains a variety of themed chat rooms. The game has games, shopping, parties, home décors and, of course, woozpets! You can earn achievements, change your woozen status and mood as well as maintain your wallz. There is even a Wooztube where you can check out the latest videos about celebs or nail art and share them to your friends! Despite the game’s tendency to add a ‘z’ to every important word in the game, this is a great game to make friends in! Check it out today!


To enter Woozworld, you’ll need a woozen first! So, select your woozen, create your account and you’re set to go!

With so many things to do in Woozworld, you may not know what to do next. Well, take your in-game guide’s advice and head to the shopz first. You’ll definitely need to get some new swag! There are so many different clothes, tattoos, accessories, shoes and hairstyles that you can choose from at the shopz. The fashion and theme of these clothes also vary to fit to different personal styles.

Most items are priced in both beex (the in-game currency) and wooz (the currency that can be bought using real money), though there are also items that are VIP-locked. These items are also preztige (a.k.a. level) dependant and if you don’t have the necessary preztige, you won’t be able to wear that piece of clothing. For items that you don’t have enough preztige for, you can decide to keep it for future use or trade it to other players at the marketplace! However, if you bought an item using wooz, the preztige restrictions are removed from the item and you can use it without any worries.

Furthermore, you can also adopt a woozpetz, such as catz, dogz and birdz, in this game if you have the wooz to pay for it. Getting a pet is a huge responsibility as you’ll need to feed it food timely. You can also teach your pet awesome tricks and dress your pet up in adorable outfits and adorn it with cute accessories!

After spending all your cash, you may need to earn some money at the Arcadz to buy some more. There is a total of 6 games in Woozworld, namely Gemaica, Candy Buff, Amazing Sheriff, Chop Chop Runner, Pomme Pomme and Go! Santa go! Of all these games, only a few of the games can be played since the games are all cropped off as they cannot fit the frame of the website. Among the few that can still be played, Candy Buff is perhaps one of the best games there!

Candy Buff is basically an endless running game that has a very nice game mechanism. As your character run in the game, you will need to eat whatever candies you can along the way by jumping or double jumping. If not, your character will die of exhaustion and the game will be over. However, as you eat more candy, you’ll notice that your character will start to run faster – which is pretty logical since you have more energy now after having eaten so much candy! There are also obstacles in Candy Buff that you’ll need to avoid. Your character may still accidentally hit them from time to time and they are usually not fatal… as long as you have enough candies in your belly to offset the energy deducted from hitting an obstacle. The cash you’ll earn depends on the score you get from the game, which is in turn determined by how far you’ve managed to run before you ran out of energy.

Did you know you have your own room, called a unitz, in Woozworld? No, well, let’s go check it out now then, shall we? There are several themes that you can choose for your unitz, such as gamer, technology or spa. You can then decorate it to your liking with the furniture you’ve purchased from the shopz! If you need more space, you can purchase new unitz and link them to your main unitz by placing a door.

You can also visit other players’ unitz to get an idea of how to decorate your room. Most players turned their unitz into a place for speed dating or games though, so you may choose to do so too in order to get visits from other players and, hopefully, votes. Voting for otbher people’s profile or unitz will cost you energy, though the energy will regenerate over time. You can even organize parties at your unitz to get your friends and other players to come over.

One of the most interesting features in Woozworld is its wallz. Wallz functions similarly to the wall on Facebook. You can post statuses or share stuff on your walls to your friends in the game. There’s also a Wooztube section in the game whereby you can watch videos about celebs and nail art, for example. You can also share these videos on your wallz for our friends to view them too! Don’t forget to update your profile by setting your woozen status and mood as well!

Woozworld has a very strong stance against cyber-bullying. It even has a chat room made for victims of cyber-bullying to support and share each other’s experiences. The game also severely punishes cyber bullies in this game, if there are any, with a ban. Furthermore, use of vulgar words, if reported and confirmed, may also drop a player’s rank as a ‘trusted player’ into the blacklist. More of his or her words in chat will be filtered and the particular blacklisted player will have more restrictions in regard to chatting.


The community at WoozWorld, consisting of mainly females, may not be as huge as, let’s say Second Life, but it has a respectable number of likes, around a hundred thousand of them, on its Facebook fan page. This shows that plenty of players are really enjoying the game and that speaks volumes about the overall quality of WoozWorld. The players here are all very friendly and polite too!


Although its 2.5D graphics are not exactly high definition, it is quite acceptable for a browser-based game and has some especially bright colors. The characters look cartoony and are adorable! It’s also great that the game allows you to zoom the screen in or out, so it’s easier to take closer-up shots as well as a wider angle photo of, for example, a gathering of friends. There is absolutely no music in Woozworld though. Without music, a social virtual world game, like Woozworld, may, unfortunately, seem a bit boring.


Despite having some parts in the game that it can improve on, Wooworld is an above average virtual world game to play and meet new people with. There is so much to do here! You can go shopping, dress up your character, decorate your unitz, trade with other players and even go to parties to have a good time with friends. There are games for you to play, although all of the games have a problem with fitting to the frame of the website. You can even try to obtain hard-to-earn achievements in the game. Woozworld also has a very strict no-cyber bullying policy and will severely punish players who are caught bullying other players in the game. This is an awesome game for players, particularly teens, to safely play in and make new friends with. Try it now!

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by Aethyna Jan 20, 2015
With a cool and funky vibe, Woozworld has a huge amount of fun waiting for you to find. Customize your look and head out to the best bars, cafes and nightspots in town to meet your friends, and make a few new ones too. Meet new friends in Woozworld Woozworld: School-themed room Wedding in Woozworld Read More
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