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Twinity 9.5 rate Dress up your avatar and take her to dozens of real-world destinations in this exhilarating virtual world of Twinity. Travel in style to New York, Berlin and Ibiza and make friends along the way, or just hang out in your cool pad and chill with friends in this amazing virtual world game, Twinity. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter a virtual world where you can explore real-life cities like New York, Los Angeles and Berlin in Twinity, a simulation game powered by real life. Not only do you interact with real people online, you also get to visit tourist spots all over the world.


In Twinity’s virtual world, you are given several choices for your avatar and register an account online. After this, you need to install the Twinity client. Note that this game only supports Windows at the moment. Once the client is installed, it will load and ask for your email address and password that you used when you registered. Click the Login button and you are in!

You’ll be guided through the basic keyboard and mouse controls to move your avatar around the virtual world. Once the tutorial is done, you can start earning your first Globals (in-game currency) by completing simple actions such as sitting down on a chair, visiting places and adding friends. Most game controls will be on a toolbar on the bottom of the screen, and you can click on these to perform most actions.

To change your avatar’s appearance, click on the avatar icon on the control toolbar and another window opens with several buttons which you can choose. Here, you have two tabs for customizing your avatar: Body and Clothing. The body tab changes physical attributes like hair and eye color, face shape and other features. Clothing refers to your avatar’s outfit and accessories. Clothing is further divided into several categories like tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and beachwear. To choose an item, click on it and click on the “Dress” button below. Note that you will need Globals to purchase additional items that are not in your Inventory.

Be sure to keep completing tasks to earn more Globals. You can check the Tasks icon (a racing flag) on the toolbar to view all pending tasks and their corresponding rewards. These tasks not only grant you Globals but add to your XP, which is vital for you to level up.

Once you reach the required level, you will be given a starter apartment. You can buy furniture and decorations as you acquire more Globals. To add an object to your apartment, click on the Shop icon on the toolbar and go to Furnishings. Click on a category, such as Bedroom, Living Room and so on, and select an item to purchase. Click the Place button to place the item on your apartment. You may need to right-click on the item to move it into another position once it’s in your apartment.

From the toolbar, you can visit other places where you can meet other Twinizens and chat with them. Click on the globe icon on the toolbar and select “Meet People” to check out the places where you can meet and chat with other players. To chat, type your message on the text field found on the toolbar. You can right-click on other Twinizens to add them as a friend, start a private chat, send them a gift or visit their apartment. Some of these interactions will warrant a reward as long as it’s listed under your Tasks.

Twinity’s main feature is its replication of real-world cities and sights. Here, you can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Little Italy in New York, USA or Palmadora Island in Ibiza, Spain. To view these and more amazing sights, you can click on the globe icon in your toolbar and select “Sightseeing”. Viewing these places are great for interacting with people who are interested in the same location.
Even when no one is currently online, the view and nice things to see are worth the visit.

In addition to pre-made locations, Twinity also features user-generated content, including cities, rooms and entire worlds designed by users. Here, you usually see a theme for that specific area, like goth or fantasy. Some rooms also have items for sale, and these are mostly items that users made using a 3D-rendering software. If you have graphic design skills, you can do the same. The Twinity website has a page dedicated for basic tutorials on creating content for Twinity’s virtual world.

Another fun thing to do in Twinity is go to parties and dance. There are over 20 animations all for your avatar to do different dances. There are dances designed for every genre including hip-hop, disco, retro, ballet, jazz and even dances from the 60’s. Just click on the clapper icon on the toolbar and go to Dance Moves. What’s more fun is you can change your outfit to match each dance that you plan to do. Dancing grants you rewards and XP points, and you’ll see other Twinizens dancing even in places where it’s not necessary.

The key to leveling up in Twinity is really simple: follow and accomplish all tasks. You can also gain more friends by visiting other user’s apartments and rating it with 5 stars and leaving a message on their guestbook. Sooner or later, these players will return the favor and do the same for you. There won’t be a shortage of tasks, as new tasks are added each time you complete all pending tasks in the list.


Twinity has over 8,000 Facebook followers so you’re sure to meet lots of people in its virtual world as well as the real world. Like their Facebook page to be updated on new places to visit. You can also drop by the Twinity website and go to the Forums page for more tips and updates about the game.


Twinity graphics are made with state-of-the-art 3D mapping technology, so you can expect places and objects to look as close as they can to the real thing. Sound is also a winner in this game, and the good combination of appropriate sound effects and eclectic music choices make the game even more appealing.


With great locations to visit and even more being added, Twinity is a virtual world worth exploring. You’ll definitely feel like a tourist lounging on posh beach resorts, an explorer lost in a mysterious island or a historian visiting old buildings in each of the game’s stunning destinations. You’ll also find a home that will soon have awesome stuff, thanks to a reward system that makes it easy to shop for things you need.

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by Kim Apr 25, 2016
Dress up your avatar and take her to dozens of real-world destinations in this exhilarating virtual world of Twinity. Travel in style to New York, Berlin and Ibiza and make friends along the way, or just hang out in your cool pad and chill with friends in this amazing virtual world game, Twinity. Twinity avatars St. Paul's Cathedral in Twinity a starter apartment in Twinity Read More
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