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Sqwishland 8 rate Explore the fun and colorful world of Sqwishland! Explore the jungle, forest, farm and the city to meet new friends, play games and earn money. Dress up your avatar or spice up your home with items from the many shops around Sqwishland. Play today and start the adventure! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Sqwishland is a virtual world designed for kids to have a safe place to chat with friends and explore the many different places in this vibrant realm. Rendered in simple cartoon graphics, the game caters to young reading-age children who want to create their own avatar, design their home, play games and meet friends.


After signing up for a free account, you can start designing your avatar. After selecting a name from a list of words and numbers, you can choose a gender, with several designs for body and head to create your Sqwavatar (avatar). Once done, you are directed to your home. Your first task is to explore Sqwishland by clicking on the Map found on the top-right corner of the screen. Sqwishland has several places you can go on the Map: Jungle, Forest, Sea, Farm, City and Swamp.

To start playing games, you need to explore and discover where to find the games in each part of the Map. In the Jungle, you can click on the pail found in the Sqwungle to play the Fishing Time game. Fishing Time is a simple fishing game where you wait for the right time to click on the fish to catch it. The more fish you catch, the higher points you earn and the more Sqwash you earn. Sqwash is the currency in Sqwishland and it’s used to buy items. Clicking on the bird in the Sqwungle will let you play Sqwarking Sqwarrots, a flying game where you need to guide the bird by making it fly without hitting obstacles on its path.

There are many other games in each world in Sqwishland, and it’s up to you to explore and discover. Note that not all places are accessible to free members, and you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership to get full access to game locations and features. For instance, the Sqwishland Clubhouse is exclusive for paying members only. Some games also require that you be on a certain level.

When you’ve earned enough Swash, you can visit the many Sqwops in each region to buy clothes, furniture and even your very own pet. In the City, you can buy themed outfits like Police person, Winter, Doctor, Ballerina and Hiphop. You can also buy stuff for your home such as a coffee table, big screen TV, a comfy couch and a stereo. In other parts, such as the Farm, Jungle and Forest, you’ll find the same categories only with themes that suit each region.

The things you buy for your avatar will be store in your Inventory, which is the little drawer icon on the top right of the screen. Open your Inventory to see all your clothes and accessories. Click on an item to wear it. For other items not necessarily for your avatar like furniture, you can find it by clicking the Toggle Editing (couch) button on the bottom right corner. Click on Open Closet to see all the home items you own. Click on it to place it inside your home. You can drag an item around to reposition it. There’s also a Rotate button that you can use to change the orientation of the object.

When exploring Sqwishland, don’t forget to say hi to people you meet. There’s a chat box on the bottom of the screen that you can use any time to talk to others. To add another player, click on his avatar and select Add Buddy. You can also visit your buddy’s house or send him a post card.

In Sqwishland, you can take care of many pets called Sqwishlanders. Choose from rare or regular pets from each region. You can have a Sqwebra or Sqwelephant from the Jungle or a Sqwabbit from the Forest. You can even buy a Sqwatypus from the Swamp! You can buy as many pets as you want with your hard-earned Sqwash. Your pets will follow you wherever you go, so you’ll never be lonely.

Other than playing games, there are more things to do in Sqwishland. You can watch a movie in the City, or watch a comedy show in the Jungle. There are also Museums to visit, like the Barn Museum in the Farm and the Cave Museum in the Forest. Want to dive underwater to see some beautiful corals? Earn some Sqwash and buy scuba diving gear and go to the Coral Palace! Keep exploring different places to discover new things to do.

Sqwishland is free to play, but you need to pay for a membership to get access to all the game features and locations. As a kid-safe game, messaging is moderated and any inappropriate language or behavior are not tolerated.


The Sqwishland website has a detailed page about how to play the game and additional information for parents who want to guarantee a safe game environment for their child. The Sqwishland game is an extension of the Sqwishland toy series, which are sold in the US. As such, the Sqwishland community is a huge one, and you can always find discussions about the game online.


This game features simple but colorful graphics as well as themed background music for each region. Animations are kept to a minimum and images are well-drawn, although a bit outdated compared to other 3D-quality games. Still, these images are cute enough for kids and even for adults.


The wonderful world of Sqwishland is one virtual realm worth exploring, especially for kids. There are more than the usual customization options to choose from, so dressing up is never boring. There’s also lots of exciting games that are similar to other games that you or your child might already be familiar with. Everything in this virtual world is kid-safe, easy to play and always enjoyable.

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by Kim May 25, 2016
Explore the fun and colorful world of Sqwishland! Explore the jungle, forest, farm and the city to meet new friends, play games and earn money. Dress up your avatar or spice up your home with items from the many shops around Sqwishland. Play today and start the adventure! Sqwishland home beach disco in Sqwishland Sqwishland sqwiver Read More
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