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Rush Team 9 rate Gear up for a fast-paced and gripping first-person shooter in Rush Team. Join matches against other players and eliminate enemies with your weapon of choice. Form epic teams and brilliant strategies to rise up the ranks. Get your shooting fix here in Rush Team today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join an epic battle of suburbian proportions and get ready for a great FPS game that’s sure to grant hours of wanton mayhem. In Rush Team, you can engage in close quarter combat and shoot up enemies with different weapons from hand grenades to rifles. Team up with the right players and level up to earn a place in the ranks.


Rush Team is a free-to-play MMO FPS that requires you to sign up with or without an email address. You need to play the game in Firefox, as it’s not supported in Google Chrome. You also need to download the Unity plug-in for the game to load in Firefox.

Once you’re in, you can click on Options to view the keyboard and mouse controls that are used by default to move your character. The usual W, A, S and D controls are used to move your character, while the left mouse button is used to shoot or deploy your weapon. The numbers 1-4 correspond to a certain weapon, and you can press any of these to change your weapon during the game. You can also press C to crouch, Spacebar to jump or assign the right mouse button to use your weapon’s sight. Each key can be changed by clicking on it and pressing the alternate key that you want to use.

To change your character and gear, you need to select Inventory found on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on the different tabs to see details about your weapons and character. You can change your character and weapons, but note that some weapons can be unlocked at a higher level or are available only for VIP players.

Once you’re ready to play, you can select Network at the same spot on the bottom left corner. On the left side, there’s a list of maps that you can choose from. The first map you can use is called Slums. You can click the right arrow button to view and select other maps. Once you select a map, you’ll get a list of rooms to the right. Select a room to join a match. Note that rooms with a lock icon means it’s password-protected. These rooms are user created, and as such there are different parameters for the match. For instance, room admins can set a timer for each round, limit the kind of weapons to use and select a specific map. All this information can be viewed from the Room List when starting the game.

During a match, you can hold down W and the Left Shift key to run, Spacebar to jump up on obstacles and roofs, or press E to walk slowly. Hold down the left mouse button and drag it in all directions to view your immediate surrounding. There’s also a map locator on the top right so you know where you are and if there are any approaching enemies. The white dot on the map represents you or your teammates, and a red dot indicates an enemy. Move along the map and click the left mouse button to shoot enemies. Press R to reload. If you get killed, you’ll respawn in a few seconds.

There are several weapons you can use to fight your enemies. You can press 1 to change your weapon to melee – you can choose from a Fire Axe, Wood Bat, Fist or Katana (available on Level 15). Press 2 to use a Grenade, 3 to use a Pistol, 4 to use a Rifle and 5 to use a Sniper Rifle. When using a Sniper Rifle, you can press the right mouse button to use the rifle’s scope, which will help you see enemies from a distance.

Since this game is fast-paced as most Close Quarter Battle (CQB) shooters are, this game requires certain familiarity and speed with keyboard controls. To avoid getting killed instantly, you need to constantly be on the move and be on the lookout. You can use alternate controls like W+Left Shift to run instead of walking, or Spacebar+W to jump and stand over objects like buildings and small fixtures.

Always take a look at the map locator on the top right to check for enemies approaching from all sides. If you’re not careful, you might not see them as they attack you from behind. Also, always aim for the head when shooting an enemy to ensure a proper kill. If you can spot a Health box anywhere, be sure to take it to gain more Health. In short though, if this is your first time playing an FPS game, then this game might prove a bit challenging for you.


Rush Team has a solid following of regular gamers, as indicated by the many user-made forums and a Facebook page of over 30,000 followers. The game has undergone a few versions, and as such has gathered a massive following of old and new players. If you have friends who play this genre, chances are they’re also playing Rush Team. You’ll also expect special matches with themes such as the most recent Survivor Event.


Graphics in this game is on par with other leading FPS games. Images are nice and vibrant with little pixilation in fast-action scenes. The resolution can be as high 1366 x 768, which will give you HD-quality graphics. If your computer hardware can’t keep up with high graphics demand, you do have the option to decrease the graphics quality to enjoy faster gameplay. Sound is also solid, albeit an iteration of the many FPS games that came before it.


Rush Team is just as challenging as it is highly addictive. If you’re a tenured FPS player, you’ll appreciate the game’s dedication to create a truly stunning first-person shooter that’s fee to play. For those new to the world of shooting games, this is a good environment to learn and grow skills in accuracy, strategy and movement. Rush Team can be a tricky shooting game, but that’s one more reason to definitely give it a try.

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New Game Added: Rush Team

by Kim May 27, 2016
Gear up for a fast-paced and gripping first-person shooter in Rush Team. Join matches against other players and eliminate enemies with your weapon of choice. Form epic teams and brilliant strategies to rise up the ranks. Get your shooting fix here in Rush Team today! rifle in Rush Team Rush Team: VIP rifle fire axe attack in Rush Team Read More
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