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by Aethyna
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Rio: Match 3 Party 10 rate What better way to celebrate a returning hero than to organize a Rio-styled party in his honor? Lend Bia a hand as she tries to organize a party in honor of his father, Blu, by matching and collecting a variety of fruits in Plarium’s uniquely innovative match-3 puzzle game, Rio: Match 3 Party! Download it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What better way to celebrate a returning hero than to organize a party in his honor? Lend Bia a hand as she tries to organize a party in honor of his father, Blu, by collecting the fruits she needs. Match 3 or more of same-colored fruits together to collect them from the board, complete each level objectives and unlock more levels! With so many special rockets and other items to match up as well as a ton of unique game mechanics in play, you’ll definitely have a fun yet challenging time in Plarium’s Rio: Match 3 Party! Download it now and try it out!


Despite the unique game mechanics, the gameplay in Rio: Match 3 Party is very simple to grasp. Being a match-3 game, you’ll need to match up at least 3 same-colored fruits just so you can clear them from the board. That said, there are special items, mainly rockets, peeled fruits and bombs, which you can get by matching a specific number of fruits in the specific combination.

For instance, if you match 4 fruits together in a row or column, you’ll get colored rockets which, when matched, will clear entire rows or columns; while if you match 4 fruits in a square form, you’ll get another type of rocket... what I call “seeking missiles” because when matched, they will automatically seek out a fruit that, when cleared, will help you reach your level objective more easily.

There are special items that you can get by matching 5 fruits too. If you match 5 fruit linearly, you’ll get a colorful bunch of TNTs which will clear all fruit of the same color as the fruit you’ll need to swap it with. However, if you match 5 fruits in an either L or T form, you’ll get the peeled fruit bomb, that will blast all fruits within its vicinity into oblivion (no, not really – the fruits are collected instead) not once, but twice! Best yet, you can combine these special items together by swapping two of them with each other, resulting in a more magnificent special effect!

Similar to some of the match-3 puzzle games you may have played before, you will be given objectives to complete per level. The objective may range from collecting the correct type and number of fruits to tougher ones like boss battles or guiding the monkey to the gold watch. Please take note that these are merely some of the examples of level types that we’ve encountered during our review, and we’re certain that there are many more level types, possibly a timed mode, that you’ll eventually unlock as you advanced through the game.

There are also plenty of obstacles and challenges, such as grass patches, lily pads tiles, rattan and more, that are designed just to put your match-3 skills to the test and perhaps test your nerve. Some of them can be pretty tricky to circumvent, but as long as you carefully and strategically consider your every move, you should be able to solve these challenges at the end of the day.

That’s not all, you are given limited number of moves for every level, so it’s crucial that you make full use of them. If you managed to complete a level with leftover moves, then these moves will be used to convert the normal fruits on your board into special ones before activating them all. The resulting avalanche of fruit can be oddly satisfying to watch.

To make things even more interesting, Rio: Match 3 Party also has a unique game mechanic that allow the game to stand out among all the fruit-themed match-3 games saturating the mobile platform – the gridded board where the fruits are on can move of its own accord! That’s right – the game attempts to push you off-balance by making the very tiles your fruits rest on move either randomly or according to a certain pattern, which you may need to figure out. This unique innovation to the genre definitely elevates the fun factor of this game by spades.

Furthermore, each level in this game will have 3 stages for you to complete (except for the tutorial levels) as opposed to the usual 1 level with a 3 star-rating. Every stage in a level will be slightly tougher to complete, but you’ll be well-rewarded for your efforts. The first stage of every level will always award you with a gold ticket after you’ve passed through it, and these tickets are needed to unlock a new bunch of levels.

What if you can’t complete a level? Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll unfortunately lose a life. Players are given 5 lives at most, and the lives lost will be regenerated slowly over time. However, you could get more lives more quickly by collecting gifts from your friends.

Due to the game’s link to the new movie, Rio 2, you’ll be able to play as a variety of familiar characters from the movie. Each character has their own special abilities and to unlock a new character, you’ll need to collect all the jigsaw pieces before combining them. Fancy playing this game competitively? Well, you can do so by linking your game to your Facebook account so you can see how you fair among your friends.


Since Rio: Match 3 Party is not exactly a multiplayer game, there isn’t a lot of social options in this game aside from being able to connect your game to your Facebook account. Once connected, you’ll be able to compete with your friends on the leaderboard as well as gift lives to each other.

Graphics/ Sound

It’s not surprising that Rio: Match 3 Party has amazing graphics. Plarium’s pretty famous for focusing on the visuals for their games. In terms of sound, the game provides a rather catchy tune, nice sound effects and some voice acting which offers you encouragement, by saying things like “Lovely Plumage”, as you play.


In a nutshell, Rio: Match 3 Party is a uniquely innovative match-3 puzzle game that allows it to stand out from among the other fruit-themed games of the same genre, especially on the mobile platform. The game’s fun theme and challenges also managed to get extra points in the player experience category. So, if you’re eager to try a match-3 puzzle game that’s unique enough without being “too different”, Rio: Match 3 Party is a game you won’t want to miss out!

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New Game Added: Rio: Match 3 Party

by Aethyna Apr 5, 2017
What better way to celebrate a returning hero than to organize a Rio-styled party in his honor? Lend Bia a hand as she tries to organize a party in honor of his father, Blu, by matching and collecting a variety of fruits in Plarium’s uniquely innovative match-3 puzzle game, Rio: Match 3 Party! Download it now! Rio: Match 3 Party: Rockets Boss battle in Rio: Match 3 Party Rio: Match 3 Party: Seeking rockets and grasses Read More
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