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Riders of Icarus 9 rate Team up with other players or go it alone to tame beasts, dragons, and a whole assortment of other creatures for whatever scenario you find yourself in. In any other MMO, the wildlife is just that: wild - but in Riders of Icarus, everything is at your disposle; whether you use that full potential is all up to you now. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Riders of Icarus is an action-MMORPG that has a heavy focus on its “pets system” which has you taming all sorts of different beasts and animals, all with their unique abilities to go along with this. Some are relatively useless at pretty much everything, whereas others are an almost unstoppable force that probably shouldn’t be allowed to be tamed in the first place. By any chance that you’re a fan that has always enjoyed the freedom of flying pretty much wherever you please on the back of a magnificent dragon nonetheless, then Riders of Icarus is definitely the game for you!


When it comes to the story it doesn’t get many points for originality, but there is technically a story going on behind the scenes on this one. You play a member of the “Dragon Knights” an order that is sworn to protect the princess who has been stolen right from under your very nose and now it’s your job to get her back. Other than that, that’s pretty much all there is to say about the story for this game!


Once you start up the game, you’re going to have to make a character using the creator that isn’t anything too special, unfortunately. While it definitely has some more options than other MMO’s, some of the selections are rather limited and it can make that desired character of yours a little difficult at times. From there you get to pick a class, a name, and then that character is thrust into the big-bad world of prison!

The tutorial takes place inside a dungeon where you a freed by some fellow named Crow – who just so happens to look like a crow. Stepping outside of the jail, you’re expected to pick up a weapon and prepare for a fight using one of two different control schemes, all depending on the one that you chose personally.

There’s a choice between the standard hot-bar MMO, where all that’s required is for the player to right click what they want dead and then press buttons on the keyboard to cast spells. However, if you’d prefer some more action-centric gameplay, the controls can be changed so you are required to aim at the opponent and left-click whenever you want to strike, along with using the hot-bar to cast spells. While it’s a rather small change, it is nice to be able to pick one over the other if you prefer that particular playstyle.

Eventually, everyone escapes the prison on a Pegasus (flying-horse) to a giant sky-whale, with it only to be shot down sometime later. Upon crash landing to the ground, there’s quests spread out all over the place to get you familiarized to what it is you’re expected to do. From what has been seen so far, the quest system isn’t very special; it tends to boil down to a loop of “kill this, collect that, rescue them” and then it will repeat from there.

Soon enough, you get to the more interesting part of the game: taming. To tame a creature, you use this skill that has a certain amount of uses before you need to recharge it. After using the skill, you have to jump onto the creature and take part in a small mini-game that effectively boils down to pressing the right button at the right time until their meter reaches 100%. Succeeding to do so will add that creature to your mount library of creatures, so you won’t be stuck with the same white horse forever, but you can always keep them for sentimental reasons.

As you go around leveling up, skills will upgrade of their own accord and get better with each impending level up that you acquire and the same can be said for the mount in question. Depending on what mount you’re using at the time, they will gain experience when you complete quests, explore, along with hunting enemies. These level ups allow the mount to get faster, stronger, and even learn new abilities for mounted combat.

Mounted combat isn’t something you can start off with, as it requires a weapon that you use solely for being on your mount, but once you’ve acquired it, you have access to one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game. Whether you’re on the ground or within the air, pushing your mount to its limits to combat whatever foe comes your way quickly becomes this game’s main highlight.


For Riders of Icarus, there are a couple of ways you can get into the community side of things, with the first one being through the use of online forums. You can even add in-game friends to keep you company throughout your travels or just go straight for a guild and get exactly what you would out of it like any other MMORPG. If you need a group or a raid, head straight to your guild and they’ll sort you out!

Graphics/ Sound

From a graphics standpoint, the game has a lot of highs when it comes to characters, animations, and so forth; even if the character creator is a little bit on the basic side. Environments, creature design, and especially the pets you can acquire are some of the best looking parts of the game and you can see that from the very moment you play the game.

The biggest issue I’ve found is with the audio and it doesn’t have anything to do with the epic, fantasy music or the sound of impact when your weapon lands a hit, but with the voice acting. Half of the time it’s not coherent on what your character is actually saying when they’re using an abiltity and the overall voice work just isn’t good. By the end of my first session of this game, I had to turn off voices, because listening to some random fellow try so hard to say “ignis” quickly becomes an awkward part of the game I could do without.


Overall, Riders of Icarus has a lot of interesting ideas put into it that make it a one of a kind MMORPG, but it does have a few issues here and there. Audio can be a bit hit and miss at times and the story is pretty darn weak in regards to other MMO’s, but the combat is fun and the whole system of being able to tame pretty much anything you can see proves to be both fun and unique, even when it gets a bit too difficult for comfort at times. At the end of the day, though, it’s hard to not recommend this game to anyone who enjoys MMORPGs.

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by Other Contributors Jun 4, 2017
Team up with other players or go it alone to tame beasts, dragons, and a whole assortment of other creatures for whatever scenario you find yourself in. In any other MMO, the wildlife is just that: wild - but in Riders of Icarus, everything is at your disposle; whether you use that full potential is all up to you now. Riders of Icarus: Combat Dragon mount in Riders of Icarus Riders of Icarus: Aerial combat Read More
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