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ourWorld 8.5 rate In ourWorld you can become any person you want, look the way you want from a huge range of custom options and then go out to meet people in one of the biggest and most fun virtual games anywhere. Create your own perfect world right here. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join the 75 million players in ourWorld, one of the hottest virtual world games around! The game features complete avatar customization, a huge cache of games from a variety of genres, lots of beautiful and cool-looking clothes, photo-taking, badges, contests, a sideshow theater and, of course, parties! You will also have your very own condo and can even form virtual relationships as well as get married in this game! There is a whole new world in there ripe for you to discover! Are you ready to step into ourWorld and experience it?


You start off by choosing one of the many preset characters – don’t worry, you can customize your character later. Then, you’ll need to choose a name, which can also be changed later as well! After you’ve done all that, your avatar will emerge into ourWorld as one of its latest residents! There will also be quests that act like tutorials to help you learn the game.

First things first, you’ll need to change your look and show the new you to the world! You are given a sizable amount of money so you can immediately hit the shops if you’d like to do so. The shops offer different ranges of fashion, all to cater to different personal dressing styles. Besides furniture and other home décor stuff, there are tops, pants, jackets, long and short dresses, boots and even accessories for your head, ears and wrists! You can even get tattoos in this game!

There is also a special shop that sells clothes in sets of themed outfits, like beach wear and sportswear, which is called GetUpz. Instead of being merely just ‘another store’, whenever you’ve purchased all the clothes, shoes and accessories for 1 set of outfit, you will generate a small amount of income per hour. If you managed to own all the outfits (3 of them) for, for instance, Stage 1 in GetUpz, you will even get a special award!

However, quite a number of these fabulous clothes, both in the normal stores and in GetUpz, can be rather expensive and are level-locked. Even if you’ve bought the items, you cannot wear or use them unless you reached the level requirement. Furthermore, being a free-to-play player, you will have a rather limited storage, as compared to members, to keep all your clothes. So, a quick advice - you should only buy clothes that you intent to wear.

That being said, you’ll probably be itching to try out those clothes you’ve bought! In ourWorld, you can mix and match clothes that you’ve bought and save it as an outfit for easy access. Free players get 3 outfit slots while members, or Residents, can get more. Once you are satisfied with how an outfit turns out, why not take a photo and share it with your friends? You can also keep those photos in your album in ourWorld.

Ran out of money? Well, it’s time to visit the arcade then! OurWorld provides a ridiculous number of games from a variety of genres for your entertainment! There are 5 categories of games, namely, puzzles, strategy, Match-3, arcade, and action. Each category have a long list of games under them. Some game examples for strategy includes zombie defense agency and ramen delight while for match-3, there are furball and dangerous adventure. Each of these games contains hours of fun and enjoyment. You’ll probably lose track of time while you’re playing at the arcade!

Nonetheless, you may notice that no matter which game you play, you didn’t earn any money. Why? Well, in ourWorld, you will earn flow points instead of earning money directly whenever you play a game. Once the flow meter fills up, you will get a flow. Flows are nifty things in ourWorld – it functions as the main way to actually gaining money as well as having the possibility of earning you some rare clothes! There are 2 ways for you to exchange your flows for cash or items – you can either spin the prize wheel or pop bubbles in the bubbler. In spinning the prize wheel, you just need to click on the ‘spin’ button and see what you’ll get. Each spin consumes 1 flow and it can get pretty tedious if you have a lot of flows… thus this bring us to the next method, the bubbler. Here, you are given a board filled with floating bubbles. The bigger the bubbles you pop, the better the prizes. However, it also means the more flows you’ll need to pop the bubbles.

However, as mentioned, clothes have level requirements and if you have an item that you can’t use from the bubbler or the prize wheel, you can either choose to keep it for the future or sell it at the trading center for players – the marketplace! Most of the items listed at the marketplace do not have a fixed price and you’ll need to send a price offer and negotiate with the seller if you would like to buy an item. However, some of the items, mostly the super rare ones, are listed along with their prices and you can buy them outright if you have sufficient money.

With the money you’ve gotten from spending your flows, it may be time to give your very own condo in ourWorld a makeover! You can easily access the furniture shop from the comforts of your home and purchase any furniture, lighting or electronics that strike your fancy. Though, you may notice that there are more choices for clothes than for home décor items and the items in the furniture shop are even more expensive than clothes.

Your condo also has many rooms, which will be unlocked as you level up. Besides having your personal garden, there are even rooms like garage, guest room or hobby room! Each room is fully customizable as well – you can change the floor, swap the wallpapers out for other wallpapers and, of course, add the new items you’ve just bought! Once everything is set up, you can also take a photo to show off your pad to your friends!

One of the most interesting parts in this game is the splatterbox. Here, you can draw ramps and paths, and place art tools, like spray cans, marker, bomb, a variety of brushes and even a whole can of paint, or functional items, like cannons to shoot it upwards, along the paths. You can select the colors you want for each of these tools as well. Once you click the ‘play’ button, a ball will be dropped and it’ll run the course you’ve created for it. Every time it runs over an art tool, it’ll will bring the tool along with it and paint some crazily brilliant abstract-type of art. However, bear in mind that physics will come into play for the ball in this game. So, you shouldn’t expect the ball to just start bouncing around the place. Anyway, after your splattered masterpiece is done, you can also take a photo and share it with your friends!

There are plenty of other features like badges that you can earn by completing challenges, contests that you can participate in and parties that you can attend! You can even form virtual relationships with fellow players and who knows? If you’ve found the Mr. or Ms. Right, it may lead to your first virtual wedding!

If you like the game, you can support it by paying for an ourWorld Resident membership. By being a Resident, you will earn 2 times more flow, can add more friends, have plenty more storage for all your stuff, daily free money and lots of other benefits. However, if you can’t afford a membership, there is also an option for you to earn gems (currency that can be bought with real money) for free by completing offers.


OurWorld boasts of having almost 75 million players in the game – that makes it one of the top virtual world games around! As a player, you can meet new friends in this game, especially via the in-game chatting system or by joining a crew. If not, you can head over to its Facebook fan page and meet new people there as well! If you liked the page, you may also get lucky and get the many freebies, including free gems, the page gives out monthly! Just keep checking the page so you won’t miss out anything!


The first thing that you’ll notice when you step into the game is probably the music! Unlike most virtual worlds, ourWorld broadcasts the most trending pop songs, like Cher Lloyd’s Want U Back and Nick Jonas’s Jealous. Playing a virtual world game while getting to hear all these songs are like listening to the radio while playing… except that there are absolutely no adverts or incessant chatting in between! Cool, isn’t it?

The 2.5D graphics in this game is somewhat cartoony in nature and are very colorful. The details in the graphics are astonishing as well! The animations, particularly for the character actions, are all very well-designed even though they may seem awkward sometimes.


In short, ourWorld is a fun virtual world for you to enjoy! You can easily meet new people in this game by joining a crew or just hanging out at the bar. You are also given the chance to fully customize your character from head to toe. There are also plenty of games that you can play to earn flow, which can be in turn exchanged for money or rare clothes. You can even have your own condo to decorate to your heart’s content! Form lasting relationships with fellow players and you can get married virtually in the game too! There is always something to do in ourWorld, but you may want to take some time off and just stand there and enjoy the music from time to time as well! Enter the wonderful world of ourWorld today!

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