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Northern Saga 8 rate Being a self-sufficient maiden, you will need to ensure your survival in these untamed lands by working off the land and make a good living for yourself. Grow and harvest crops, gather animal produce and collect crafting materials to produce advanced goods and tools via the many crafting buildings available. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What would a self-sufficient maiden, who was lost in some unknown land, do? Why, she will find a way to live off the land, of course! This is exactly what you’d do in this amazing farming simulation game, Northern Saga. With a friend’s (whom you’ve recently met) help, you’ll need to make do with whatever you have on hand to survive in these wildly-magical northern lands. Grow and harvest crops, gather animal produce and collect crafting materials to produce advanced goods and tools via the many crafting buildings available. Can you make a good living for yourself in Northern Saga? Find out now by playing the game!


After adding the game to your Facebook game library, you’ll be immediately brought into the world of the northern lands in Northern Saga. The game then introduces you to the basics via the in-game tutorial.

Basically, Northern Saga is very similar to some of city-building simulation games by having an energy system in place to regulate how many actions you can do within a certain period of time. The energy system is pretty straightforward – you’ll get a maximum of 15 energy points (the energy capacity will increase as you unlock more lands) and every energy point you consumed will be regenerated over time. You can also get free energy points daily from your quaint little hovel once you’ve restored it.

Energy points will be used up whenever you perform an action (most actions) in the game. For instance, gathering resources, namely stone, iron ore, and wood from stone and trees respectively, will take up an energy point. So do actions like watering and harvesting crops and feeding your animals. Interestingly, sometimes, you can get the energy point you’ve spent back in the form of bonuses as you carry out actions in Northern Saga. Other times, you may get collectibles that you can then turn in for some really nice boosters and bonuses as well. Naturally, different actions will drop collectibles from different sets of collections.

Being a farming simulation game, one of the main aspects in Northern Saga is growing and harvesting crops. There is a nice variety crops available, such as sunflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage, along with a plethora of fruit trees. To plant them, you will need to first place farming plots on your land at a price. You don’t even need to spend any energy points, just some cash to buy the seeds, when you plant the crops you want to grow. That being said, you will need to spend energy points to water your crops so they can start their growing process.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to cover the entirety of your land with plots as the game has a limit as to how many crops you can plant. This limit will of course increase as you expand the land you own and you can do so by buying up the surrounding lands. The crops that you’ve grown can be harvested once they are mature. You can then immediately sell them off for some quick cash. However, it’s best to keep them as they are for the moment and later send for processing to turn them into more valuable goods.

Like most farming simulation games, Northern Saga allows you to take care of a range of farm animals too. Some of the farm animals provided in this game include the common poultries, like chicken and goose, as well as other livestock such as goat, sheep, cow, pig, rabbit, and even peacock. The baby versions of the animals can be bought from the in-game shop, but you’ll need to feed them first to turn them into productive adults. Once they are mature, the adult animals will slowly gain more “experience” with every feeding. When they reached the experienced stage, they will be able to produce more animal produce and have a higher chance of producing rare produce like the golden eggs.

Have you been hoarding all the crops you’ve harvested and the animal produce you’ve collected? Good, it’s time to start using them all up! Northern Saga offers a robust crafting system, whereby all the craftable items in the game are very neatly organized into several groups. Each group of items can only be crafted if you have the respective crafting building constructed. For example, you can cook a range of delicious foodstuff at the kitchen while you can craft beautiful items at the studio. Naturally, the game has quite a range of crafting buildings. In addition to kitchen and studio, there’s the workshop, and the kitchen stove as well.

Not to mention, the crafting process is regulated, not by the energy system, but by a whole new system that utilizes fire points. Although the crafting process in Northern Saga is instantaneous, each crafted item will cost you fire points. Of course, once you run out of points, you won’t be able to craft any more items... at least until your fire points recharged themselves.

It’s not all work and no play at Northern Saga. So, kick back and relax from the sweat-inducing hard work at the farm by decorating your land! There are quite a lot of items that you can buy and place on your farm, such as plants, stones, scarecrow, fences, flowerbeds, hedges, and paths. Once you’ve invested enough time and in-game cash on your farm, your farm will definitely end up looking absolutely fabulous!

Northern Saga is also a very social game. This is because you can visit your neighbors to help them with some of their farm chores. With every helping hand you provide, you will earn bonus experience points in return. You can even spend some of the cash you earned on your character by buying her a new set of dress or by changing her hairstyle. There are achievements that you can acquire too.


The community in Northern Saga is not exactly small since the game boasts of having over 100 thousand active monthly players. However, there isn’t any way for you to meet your fellow virtual farmers. Due to this, you could take the initiative and set up a Facebook fan page for the game if you wish. Don’t forget to ask your friends to play this game so you could help each other out as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Northern Saga don’t only look good (enough), but the game also sports a rather unique art style. In terms of sound, the game offers a lively and catchy background music that rather uplifting. Although the game does loop its music like every other Facebook game, the music is long enough so it won’t sound at all annoying even after you’ve spent hours in this game.


All in all, Northern Saga is a decently-developed farming simulation game. Although it can feel a bit restricting especially when its rather limited energy system in place, the game is designed, purposely, in that way so that you can play it in between breaks instead of trying to rush through the game at one go. The game can be considered as a bit slow paced due to this. Let’s not forget that the game also provides a plethora of animals to rear, crops to grow and harvest, as well as goodies to craft. Northern Saga is a solid simulation game that will definitely appeal to virtual farmers (or soon-to-be virtual farmers) out there who enjoy a slower paced farming simulation game. If you happen to fall into this category of players, well, be sure to check out Northern Saga now!

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New Game Added: Northern Saga

by Aethyna Dec 7, 2015
Being a self-sufficient maiden, you will need to ensure your survival in these untamed lands by working off the land and make a good living for yourself. Grow and harvest crops, gather animal produce and collect crafting materials to produce advanced goods and tools via the many crafting buildings available. Kitchen in Northern Saga Northern Saga: Ready for harvest Happy farm in Northern Saga Read More

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Like The Game, But Lacks Updates

It seems that the makers of the game have abandoned it. There has only been one new decoration that you can buy with coins since the beginning of the game. The game could definitely use some improvem...Full Review
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